22 October 2012

My newly set up blogstore ^.^

So i'm back. Last year December i started Strawbirdy. Thank you so much for supporting if you did! =D Most of the things got sold out but then i didn't do a second collection becox i realise i couldn't do it alone! Mailing is the biggest problem i had haha. Replying all the emails was quite a task too.

The only thing i enjoy doing is the sourcing, purchasing (shopping lol) and photoshoot part ^.^ It makes me happy when i can find pretty things!!! =DDD

And you know i'd try my best to bring them to you at the most affordable price!

So this time, i decided to loop in my gfs Michelle and Yuzhen to do with me ^.^ Yeah you guessed it. They do the dirty job LOLOL. No lah kidding. We all get to shop and buy, i do the vain stuff, they do the numbers and mailing etc.

After months of working it with the designers, then stock-buying and photoshoot etc..

Our online store is launching NOW! ^.^

I present to you...

You can find and follow rarebits on instagram (@rarebitsonline), Twitter and Facebook.

Thank you first lah! =D

Eh.. A bit on why it's call rarebits. Haha. Firstly, Josh came up with the name (anyhowly) and we LOVE it. Cox i told Josh i want something along the line of 1987 (cox three of us are born in 1987, the year of rabbit) so yeah lor. And rarebits = rare bits = sound like rabbits also.

Most of the colourful stuff are chosen by me ^.^ There are some less colourful ones..... You can guess who chose it lah. Not me. Lolol. Some of the designs for our first collection!

This one leh is my ultimate favourite cox it's so colourful and cute ^.^
Comes in 3 different colour. Check them out here.
It's a two piece matching leopard prints set ^.^

Selling bags also!!! =DDD

And ahem!! Shit just got real, we also got a model!!! =DDD So it's not just my face my face and my face lah. Haha. Thank goodness this model is damn easy to shoot and work with =D

Tonnes of accessories as well. I LOVE THE LIP BANGLES!!! =DDD And if you like quirky headbands there are plenty. Some of them will be great for Halloween! Please have a looksee =D

Now the most important part..

The pricing. Guarantee no accessory will be more than $10 =D And no clothes will be more than $20.

Price range for accessory - $7.90 - $8.90 mostly
Price range for clothes - $15.90 - $16.90 mostly

So if you are a frequent online shopper, you'd notice that we are already pricing our products at a much lower price compared to most of the blogstores out there..



5 days only!!! You can find accessory for as low as $6.40. Bags, tops and bottoms for $13.90!!! The leopard prints 2pc set you see above this post is going for $17.90!!!

Get your stuff now now now! FIVE DAYS ONLY! After that it'd all be back to original prices.

Trying to win your heart here if you can't already tell!!! Hahahah ^.^

So please share with your friend and support lah thank you, thank you, thank you

❤ rarebits


Thank you guys, those who have help share with their friends/ followers! Especially those who have bought something becox god knows, we were having a hard time trying to cater to the traffic yesterday. It was a rocky start yesterday but we managed to rough it out and is in the midst of migrating to a more stable host.

Sorry again for the site being lag and more than half the time, not being able to logon at all. rarebits will add in 5 new items shortly, also at opening special price, just a gesture for the ones who couldn't get the cat hears/ bags/ tops they wanted to get, becox of the server problem.

Will tweet when the site is running full-force again!!! It should be by tomorrow! ^.^

Thank you guys. Thank you..

Also on a personal note, Thank You, friends who offer to tweet about rarebits =) And Thank You, Huiwen for hooking me up with a pro to solve the problem ASA.

Thank you Mich and Zhen for doing this together =D Thank you Josh.

Thank you guys, reading this! It will only get better from here =D


Anonymous said...

Happy Happy Happy that your blogshop is up and running!!!!!!!!!!
And may it continue to prosper!!!!

Anonymous said...

My phone won't load the site! Does it ship overseas?

Anonymous said...

Hi Qiu Qiu

I can't seem to access the link!!!


Anonymous said...

hi qq, cant access ur rarebits website.. there's error msg..

May Thinn said...

cannot log in hor ! O.o

ASH said...

Ahhh that spike headband so damn nice!! ♡ Also to those that are complaining about site error, it's most probably due to heavy traffic. Refresh, refresh, refresh! :P

Anonymous said...

the website cant be access?

Wing Y. said...

Omg! First of all, Congrats on your accomplishment Qiu Qiu!

Second of all, I am actually looking at rarebits right now, and I see stuff that I like already! =)

Good Luck with everything! I hope your blogshop goes well, and that the business continues growing! Thank you for finding such nice and affordable finds for us Qiu Qiu!

Hanna Lei said...

I love the name. So cute! My blog

Carlyn said...

I'm very happy for you, cute clothes.

Anonymous said...

Do you ship internationally?

lynn said...

Hi qiu qiu!

are you still selling the cat ears hairband? did not see it on your shop. ):

FiSh said...

oh bunny blogshop? :D i like!


Alice said...

Big Congratulations! Managed to grab two lovely tops! Thanks for bringing in affordable yet pretty pieces. Keep it up, Qiuting! ^.^

Alice said...

Oh yeah BTW the site is awesome, so pro!! Love it!

Anonymous said...

hi! will there be other forms of payment methods?

Anonymous said...

Please bring in dresses!

Anonymous said...

Qiu Qiu we should thank you instead. I dislike online shopping because the prices have really been jacked up quite abit so thank you for your blogshop and it's great prices!!

Anonymous said...

Congrats!! super super excited!!!! can't wait for more wonderful things!!!!! yes it will get better everyday!!!!!!!!

Yoong Sin said...

hey qiu, i like ll the clothes!!
do rarebit ship to m'sia??

Anonymous said...

I want to buy from your store, but I live in the US. Will you ship internationally eventually?

summer Gal said...

Hi Qiu Qiu ,

I am interested in the cat ear hair band is it still available?

summer Gal said...

Hi Qiu Qiu is the cat ear hair band still available?

GLITZ said...

hello. if possible....can u insert a "view all items" button on ur blogshop..... it's a hassle to view page by page. thanks...

Anonymous said...

you are soo ugly

Unknown said...

Hi Qiu Qiu!! I am a big FAN of yours!! I hope you doing fine and hope your baby is healthy after labour-ing! Stay strong Qiu Qiu������