05 October 2012

Taiwan Day 1

Wendy, Cheesie, Audrey and me on Eva Air thanks to Expedia ^.^

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Alright now that you know where you can find the best deals for travelling..

Hello from Taiwan!!! =DDD

I am having a good time here! =D Love the street food and the shopping! =D The company also very fun lah! Cox all also dress up! I everyday try to wake up a bit earlier just to do my hair and makeup.

Yohoo~ Comfortable and spacious seats! =D
Hello! My hair is done at Cleo Hair and Make! Call  if you're keen okay! =D
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On the airplane! I LOVE plane food!!! =DDD

Watched like two movies on the plane haha. First was No Strings attached and then Moulin Rouge.

Reached the hotel and first thing we did is of course.. CAMHO!!! =D Lol.

Stayed in amba hotel which is located in the MOST awesome place, Xi Men Ding!!! =OOO Everything is there lah. Like fooood, lots and lots of food!!! My favourite are the street food lah! And shopping (but these are more of the departmental store kind of shopping).

Wendy checking out the view haha.

The room very simple and nice and cozy lah.

Walk out of the hotel is right where the happening is already ah. Ximending! =DDD

Out to explore! Actually just for dinner lah haha.


At some beef noodle shop for dinner.

I don't take beef so i ordered black sesame noodle! Quite unique lah. Really like Sesame paste (the dessert kind) and then add handmade noodle. I added more salt and pepper to it cox i was a bit confused to whether this one is dessert or food haha.

Every other pushcart you'd see skewers! Braised mostly! =D Also got deep fried one!

Me and my black pepper pastry!!! Inside is like.. Our meat bao but much more peppery!

There! ^.^

到处都是机车! I feel like anytime they could be filming a MTV!!! Hahaha. Hen lang man de. Lol.

Wendy buying Min Jin Kueh. The kind that our Mr Bean sells but much yummier i feel!

Look at these colourful crystal balls!!!!! =DDD Fen Yuan with different flavours!

The making of Fen Yuan.

The girls all running around for the street food.

Giant corn dog and deep fried assorted mushroom. Really got a lot a lot more different street snacks but i can't show all! Cox i also need to walk around and eat ah. Lol.

Them in a Hello Kitty shop. Can you believe, all these are just around our hotel amba!!!

OMG my ultimate weakness in Taiwan so far. FRESH CUT FRUITS!!!! CANNOT RESIST ONE! All look so juicy and fresh and yums. I bought fruits so many times!!! Really sweet!!!

Ah Ma selling quail eggs. My next weakness after fresh fruits would be these!!! So simple one, with just salt and pepper and it's super yums already.

Happy ^.^

Cheesie and me!!

OMG. Another weakness of Wendy and mine. Lolol. Yuan Zhu Ming sausages. Which Wendy call "Amei xiang chang" Hahahaha. Amei is Yuan Zhu Ming ma.

You'd sometimes see street performances around Xi Men Ding one. Got magic show also.

Went for a good massage around the hotel after one whole day! The staff all quite friendly and all!

Dah, the super nice and conveniently located hotel we are staying in! =DDD We met like a few Singaporeans in Taiwan already!!! Heading off to Tokyo tomorrow! =DDD Can't wait!!!

Will share more about Taiwan Day 2 and 3 soon!!! Please don't forget me! Thank you!!!!

Check out Expedia if you're gonna travel!!!


cherrydoll said...

looks like you are having an amazing time! I also love airplane food but wowwwww street food looks so delicious!

Adele Di Fior said...

Feeling very hungry after reading it!!

Anonymous said...

The falsies on yr eyes are hideous, just be natural, dont try too hard.

Anonymous said...

The falsies on yr eyes are hideous, just be natural, dont try too hard.

Missymiyen said...

Wah... looks really fun leh. I wished I had a group of fun female blogger friends who all like to dress up nicely. Gah! I want T__T

But from the pictures, looks like you're the only blogger taking self pictures leh! The rest like damn focused on walking nia. Haha :P

Carlyn said...

I'm glad that you and your friends are having a lovely time. I love your new hairdo and Wendy's too! I really want to try all that street food, looks very yummy. Enjoy your trip.

Kim said...

Jealous already.

Unknown said...

Oh wow! Gotta love Taiwan\(^_^)/ You know, I smoke my bong everyday because I'm reminded of your blog name... ILY!❤

Anonymous said...

You teeth r nt clean, there r leftover foods on them...

Anonymous said...

I agree with the first anon that ur falsies are hideous- it's too distracting! I love your pics but I get kinda irritated looking at those falsies especially when you smile, it tends to stick out like spider legs out of your eye corner-If I can put my hand thru the screen and grab them off I would!

Don't get mad, I'm a fan of yours- just not your falsies.

FiSh said...

yay! a very nice trip on the go, and i am looking forward to see more FOOD in the next post. hahahah enjoy!

Latest: Fine Dining with #Oktoberfest

joanne said...

All your hairstyles are so pretty! I remember seeing a tweet by xiaxue that she doesn't really like her new hair colour though :( In case she's thinking of changing, can you show her this picture of hair color? It's very nice and I think it will suit her very much, kind of like ashy pink.

Unknown said...

I think there is nothing wrong with your falsies, and don't see any food in your teeth wtf haters. Trip looks amazingggg Jealous as fuh

fufu said...

wow u so beautiful im so mesmerized by ur beauty! qiu qiu rocks!!

Anonymous said...

Qiu Qiu, you're very chio but whenever you stick your eyelashes like that, it's too much to handle. You look much better with your normal make up. Honest opinion not being a hater, i'm a fan :/

elderflowertea said...

Have fun!!

Janet said...

Your lashes.. I think it's too long for your eyes.. cut it :)

Unknown said...

You have beautifull hair and nice outfit :) greetings from Poland :)

Fionism said...

omg qiu qiu...after reading this post, i feel like crying. i miss taiwan soooo incredibly much and the cheap food and cheap shopping!!!

Anonymous said...

I don't see any leftover food- I guess that's her natural teeth. As for the lashes-they need to get burned-LOL! those eyelashes look to fake and un-chio, please don't wear those again. Though I love your blog and your show, I unfollowed you on instagram because for a time I thought u were getting kinda obsessed with your face and flooding instagram with the same picture but different filters or just ur face from am to pm-even xiaxue got less pictures. I'm not a hater-just saying.

Anonymous said...

ya agree with most of them , ur falsies is way too obvious !

mindy said...

I think what some of ya think was food bits on her teeth are actually hooks for her invisalign! LOL!!

Anonymous said...

你知道台北夜市的水果是泡过糖水的吗? 所以它并不是真的自然甜哦!多吃没益。(我曾在台北住过,也认识水果摊的啊麻 所以我知道)

Renee said...

Can I know which airline did you guys take? The seats looks super spacious and the plane food looks delicious! Have been looking for this kind since long ago!

Anonymous said...

any discount for your readers for booking amba thru expedia?

Dreamer said...

any discount for booking amba hotel thru expedia?