16 April 2013

Day to Day Recovery (Nose Job / Fat Grafting Part 2)

5th March was the day of the surgery =) This post is gonna be of my day to day recovery before my splint is removed.. Will show you guys more pictures of my recovery after removal of the splint. But for now, you can see very good results on my face from the fat-grafting. Fat-grafting is da bomb, i swear.

Post 1 is here. Where you can see how sunken, old and tired i look before fat-grafting.

So i'm really doing it!

Thanks to DocDoc.com =))

Couldn't have happened so smoothly without them. Thankful for the coordinators at DocDoc for helping me settle everything with the doctor, consultants etc =)

Actually you can search for the doctors / email DocDoc to ask them to find a doctor to your specifications, like i search through their website and read about how REGEN Medical Group is one of the best (if not the best) in Seoul, that's why i was happy that REGEN is also the one that DocDoc recommended for my surgeries.

So if you have any specification of what kind of doctor you need / country / area you'd like to do your procedures in, you can either use the DocDoc website to search for it, or if you really have no better idea / lazy to read, you can just email to ask DocDoc lol.

Of course if you're in Singapore, you can just browse the DocDoc site to get information easily. But if you want more information about Medical Tourism in South Korea, you can read up HERE =)

The info there help better prepare myself for the trip also =D But most importantly is the DocDoc support team really offered me a lot of help while planning for the trip. So when i landed in Korea, and arrived at the clinic, there's nothing to worry about!!!

At the clinic.. Final few pictures of my old face haha. My skin was doing good lor!!! I wanna get it back into that condition again soon!!! =D

My nostrils is quite unbalanced from alarplasty done in Thailand haha. I deserve it lah. I was thinking "So cheap, don't care just do" Lol. But it's fine, i am okay with it cox not obvious in real life. And you can still see the scar lol. But it's also okay! Cox i have also come to terms with it dee. Lol.
With Michie =DDD This picture is our last picture together before i go fix my face haha.
After bloodtest i go for consultation with my doctor, Dr Lee Seok June. Hahahaha i look ridiculous here. The red markings are where i need fats. I agree. Haha.

Watch the video to see the whole process of the consultation with the doctor, bloodtest, and all.

If you're keen in doing the same procedures or any procedures, i hope the videos will prep you better for it. It's not the surgery that is worrying lor. It's the anticipation that is scary.

I cried a bit in the video what the heck. Can't say i'm touched thou that moment i really felt like "What am i doing! My dad thinks i am the most beautiful already do i really need to do this!"

But hey hey, now-now, that i'm recovered, i think i made the best choice ever to go ahead with it. Lolol. Really is look much awake and less sickly and less tired!!! And look kinda younger also =D

Right after the surgery. I actually don't remember when and where this shot was taken cox i was still pretty much in a daze from the sedation.

Actually the surgery would take like 2 to 3 hours max. But mine took about 5 hours plus in the end cox i don't have enough fats for them to draw lol. So they had to work around it but it got done in the end! =DDD And then becox the surgery time extended, i think they also added to the sedation effective time.. So people usually sleep for 1 hour after the surgery.. I think i slept for 3 hours hahaha.

Not sure if it's cox of the increased sedation or cox i was just really sleeping well. Lol.

I have to warn you a bit first. Better buff yourself up if you wanna do fat grafting lolol. You'd have a much easier time. Cox if they can get enough from either your abdomen (tummy lah lolol) or under butt (the line between butt and thigh, got lotsa loose fats there lolol), they don't have to take from your thigh. But i don't have much at the tummy for them to take so other than the under butt, they also had to draw fats from my back thigh.

Which.. Will end up looking like this, but it doesn't feel as bad as it looks, i promise lol. AND the good news is, your back thigh, are where the fats are MOST STUBBORN. And will therefore stay longer at your face for longer-lasting results!!! Fat-grafting results can last 3-5 years depending on individual.

There. If you notice, there's a small standalone dot, at the bottom, right? That's the point they draw the fats from underbutt. And it's very tiny one!!! Smaller than mosquito bites.

So if you have flabby asses that are very fatty.. As bad as it sounds.. It's great for withdrawal of fats for fat grafting to your face. Lololol. Then you no need to bruise your thighs mah! =D Haha.

Night of Surgery Day
Lolol. Don't know why i look sad here i wasn't. I just really woke up from the daze. When i was previewing this picture i was like "Wah i look so bouncy" Lolol. Don't even know what that means.
Be prepared for lotsa face shots. Haha. Like this you can follow through my day to day recovery ma.
This time there was cotton bud in my nose.

So ah, the whole night you have to breath through your mouth. It was winter time then, weather is really cold and dry. So even in the hotel room, your mouth will feel very dry and.. You might not believe, but your tongue will become crispy one. Lolol. Really. So remember to drink a lot of water.

I am surprised i didn't get a sore throat! I constantly wake up to sip a bit of water. Sometimes i sleep too long i'd wake up to crispy tongue. Haha. So have to keep the water in my mouth until my tongue soften again. Lolol. Kinda like.. Fish maw. Hahaha.

But other than that, you have no pain on the nose job one.

Day 1 of recovery after surgery
Room service breakfast before i head off to REGEN to remove the cotton buds and clean up the wound a bit! =D
After removal of the cotton bud =DDD
Quite excited to see my nose soon!!! Cox i think the tip will be really.. Tippy? Lolol. On the 7th day i'd be able to see it ^.^ Oh if you notice like little clear plaster on my face.. Those are the point where they inject the fats into. It'd recover in less than two weeks and wil disappear. Kinda like pimple.

. . . . .

. . . .

. . .

. .


So the opening is at the columella. And then they insert the implant after they file off the hump on my nose bridge. Before all that, they'd shave all your nostril hair off. It's awesome. I mean the part about shaving all my nostril hair haha. My nostrils look clean for quite a few days lol.
Pumpkin juice that's great for deswelling ^.^ Also medicines that they pack into morning, noon and night for their patients ^.^

I didn't want to tell the doctor of my allergy to antibiotics becox i don't know which kind i am allergic to and i always just try and then see how it turns out =X I know it's bad!!! But it has never kill me.

Lolol. Out of the many times i took antibiotics, only one time i ended up in the hospital cox throat got swollen also and it became hard to breathe. But other times it's just swollen eyes. Like this. LOL.

So!!! I decided to try it anyway haha. And turns out.......

Day 2 of Recovery
Really got swollen eyes O.O But but but..

You won't believe it but i didn't think that the swelling of the eyes was actually.. Swelling from the allergy O.O I didn't make the link. I thought it was just oh, my face is swollen from fat-grafting.. So i guess maybe some fats from the forehead got to my eyes.

I know, i am hopeless. They didn't operate on my brain, how did i manage to become more stupid after the surgery lolol. So for like the next 2 or 3 more days, i happily took the antibiotics still O.o

Josh went out to get me pumpkin porridge ^.^ It was freaking cold outside that day. Like maybe 2 or -2 degree Celsius i can't remember. He really took good care of me =') Thank you.. =))
Inside got like riceball, and some kind of wheat.. And lotsa pumpkin and porridge ah. I am sure it's very nutritious.. But it's sweet porridge O.O I don't know how to appreciate. Lol.

Day 3 of recovery
Can slowly see the shape of my face and I AM LOVING IT ALREADY!!!!!!!! =DDD Especially the forehead!!! And the chin!!! AND MY CHEEKS!!! All filled up!!! No more sunken hollow parts!
Shit man. If i never take the antibiotics, my recovery pictures will look slightly chioer lol. Without swollen eyes. But nevermind lah, the swollen eyes don't look very obvious, people will just think i am generally bloated lol.

Day 4 of recovery
Ahem.. I feel quite chio on day 4 lololol. Like the shape of the face really looking love!!! BUT..... This is also when people started saying i look like Michelle...... =____=" Lolol.
No offense.. But people do surgery usually want to look like celebrities / models. Nobody wanna look like their bff one okay. Lolol. Oh by the way, i stop taking the antibiotics at night.
Michelle say my doctor might have spotted her on the day of surgery and thought to himself "Oh what a perfect face, i am very inspired! I shall make my patient look like her!" That, or she say the translator might mistook when i say "This is my bestfriend" as "I wanna look like her" Lolol.

Day 5 of recovery
Day 5 i look like Baby Yurou what the heck. Lolol. Not that it's bad to look like a baby but Baby Yurou also not pretty hahahaha. She's the cutest to me but.. You know.
How, really got a bit look like Baby Yurou right. Lolol. Or more like Michelle =( Lolol.

Day 6 of recovery
Face not so swollen anymore =D

Plus i can smile a bit more liao haha.

Day 7 of recovery (Stitch removal day)
Breakfast at the hotel before i go have my stitches removed! =D I LOVEEEEE the salmon!!! Got like deep-fried garlic on top one omg. It was heavenly. I had like 4 big pieces.
Then Mich came to find me to accompany me to remove stitches and for my final consultation with the doctor to make sure everything's okay =D
And this is how i look on day 7. Really super love my face shape now!!!! Sooooo much better than previously, which was all like uneven and angular. Now it's filled and soft! =D
It also soften my cheekbone and jawline a bit i feel!!! =D Look less manly. Will show you before and after pictures soon!!! Stay tuned!!! Cox..

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For now if you wanna find out more about medical tourism, you can check out THIS PAGE.

Especially useful if you're keen to get more information about doing anything related to medical healthcare in South Korea =)) Some of the questions you might wanna ask yourself..

1) Is this the right doctor for me? Afterall it's your health, your face, your body, you wanna find someone who knows what you want and can deliver it! Just like how i manage to find Dr Lee Seok June through DocDoc's advice and recommendation.

2) Is the doctor experienced and accredited?

3) How available is the physician for questions? Does the doctor do skype consultation before you fly over? Or do they only do day-before-surgery consultation? Or do they only do on the day itself consultation? Every clinic have a different practice. So do find out before you set on something!

4) What is the doctor's success rate? If it's me i wanna know which celebrities / models they have worked on and i wanna see lotsa before and after pictures lah! Haha.

5) What accommodations are available for me and my companions? Where do you wanna stay? Near the clinic? How much? What are your options? DocDoc can help you settle all these fuss if you let them!

6) What will it cost and what payment options are available? Can you pay by installment? Do you have to pay a fee up front? Similarly, every clinic have their own SOP (standard operation procedure)!

Don't get too stressed up over it! If you need healthcare / medical attention, the last thing you wanna worry about are these stuff. Let DocDoc.com take care of it and you just focus on your own mental preparation, feel good, get set, enjoy the process, take it as a holiday if you want to, and most importantly, recover well =)))

To get more information and answers on all the questions stated above and to understand more about medical tourism, CHECK OUT THIS PAGE!!!

It can answer most of your queries and doubts about travelling for medical / healthcare purposes. They also have a hotline to call, where you can get help and advice from!

Alright! Good luck to you!!!

Links for your convenience:


Monkey, Mich, myself and Josh flying back to Singapore after my final consultation!

Thank you, once again, to DocDoc.com!!! For this whole trip, and for helping me liaising everything nicely! =D It has been a wonderful trip becox there's nothing to worry other than recovering well by eating well, sleeping and doing lotsa shopping haha. Thank you!!!

Part 1 of my nose job / fat-grafting : BEFORE surgery pictures.

Part 3 of my nose job / fat-grafting : RESULTS + Before and After pictures


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Manon said...

Wow... Qiu Qiu you're really brave to post these pictures up! Wish you a speedy recovery :)

(and p.s. baby Yorou is cute - not just to you!)

Michelle Jeanette Thian said...

excuse me, why did you say "baby yurou ALSO not pretty..." then still go on to say "or more like Michelle. =(" very rude please! Lololol. you should be thankful you got a decent looking bff lol. AND SHE TAKES SUCH GOOD CARE OF YOU!!! Lolol

Anonymous said...

You are beautiful as you are .

Unknown said...

how much did everything cost?

Anonymous said...

Was it painful?

Unknown said...

oh you brave brave girl...

messyhessy said...

Just like to ask, did your dimples became less obvious after the fat grafting?

QiuQiu said...

Manon, yeah BBYR is the cutest to me ^.^

Michsweets.. HAHAHHAHAHA. Eat shit lah you.

Zoe, different doctors would differ. You may consult DocDoc on where, who, what to check the rough cost!

Anon, not painful for the nose and fat graft, the only place that hurt was the bruising on the back thigh. Like how you feel when you knock on something lor. Will be good within 2 weeks =D

messy, A bit hard to smile when just did surgery but now it's back again =DDD

Anonymous said...

Just asking, did your dark eye circle is less obvious after the fat grating or still the same as before because so far we only see your make up face but not without make up face? Maybe you have post your without make up face before and I had missed it so yeah :) thanks

Anonymous said...

LOL @ your bouncy face comment! :)

What the fat grafting did was inserting youth into your face by making it seem like you have baby fat but only on your face. But you think its a weird contrast to your rather gaunt and angular body?

SophieHealyت said...

How much did it cost for everything?

Anonymous said...

Omg like some people really don't read the older comments & your reply before posting the same questions over and over again >.>

Janet said...

How much does the procedure cost, if it weren't sponsored? Did the admin staff not tell you about the supposed cost at all?

justinaalissaw said...

wow i salute you, you're so brave to going through the surgery, must be painful right? but i think it's worth it hehe. anyway, just wanna ask you about the giveaway with docdoc, is it open worldwide or just for singaporean only? thanks in advance :)

justinaalissaw said...

salute to your braveness to going through the surgery, but i think it's worth the pain right?
anyway, wanna ask you about the giveaway, is it for Singaporean only or open for worldwide? thanks in advance :)

Anonymous said...

michelle has a really pretty chin! is it natural?

Anonymous said...

Omg. Tried to write in my 'story' but damn sad, haven't type finish at all but accidentally press submit T.T die die lor. Haha. Anyway! You're so pretty!! So brave of you! Can't wait to see more pictures of you! <3

Taehreh said...

Have a speedy recovery QiuQiu :) and good luck to anyone entering the contest.

Anonymous said...

For 18 and above... :( Really need to fix the teeth of mine ohmygod. Lose a chance man. !

chichicho said...

wow! really admire how brave you ar.
I have thought of doing this but it's just too scary and i am scared of the pain.
You look so much younger after surgery. Not that you looked old before. but u just look a lot younger!
after seeing how you said only a tiny hole is need to extract fat....makes me wanna take out a gallon of fat from my thighs and arms

乐基儿 said...

So f****** ugly! Oh boy, look at the huge and big dark circles you've got! You can be China's national treasure already, the panda... ALL fakes, even your attitudes and characteristics're also "plastic" too! 😁

乐基儿 said...

So f****** ugly! Oh boy, look at the huge and big dark circles you've got! You can be China's national treasure already, the panda... ALL fakes, even your attitudes and characteristics're also "plastic" too! 😁

Anonymous said...

Michelle's face is very cute with baby fat in the right places n a dainty chin... if you have her face shape also not bad already

Anonymous said...

Hi, if I post my story will it be kept confidential?

Pinkoolaid said...

wow this post is so inspiring! i find absolutely nothing wrong with people who want to better themselves. it doesn't mean you don't love yourself enough as what some people tend to say with regards to plastic surgery. I think you just love yourself so much to know that you deserve better/the best ;)

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Odesha said...

Hi Qiu Qiu,

I not sure how to submit it?

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it look a bit confusing. because it didnt say anything after i clicked on them.

Odesha said...

Hi Qiu Qiu,

A bit confusing here.
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Send or Enter Now?

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so i not sure u guys can receive them?

Stacy said...

I accidentally hit send in the middle of my submission and it got sent off QQ I wasn't anywhere near done, I was in the middle of a sentence! Omg now what

Amelia said...

This is cool!

Anonymous said...

Hi ! I've done watching your videos. You look more younger after surgery and more pretty. It must be painful. :( you're really brave to post these pictures up!

Jessy Richard said...

I look your pics and videos it really awesome. Your nose get more pretty and natural look. Really Hands-off to your courage.

Unknown said...

Nice Journey !!!
I must say your posts will very helpful for those people who are planning for nose surgery that not to worry about surgery. Be Happy & confident.
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Rhinoplasty Thailand said...

You're so brave to going through the surgery and your nose look natural. Nose is the most prominent feature of the face; therefore, it is very important to have a proportionate nose for the overall attractiveness.

Unknown said...

All this vanity about YOUR LOOKS??? what about your BRAIN?? looks are fleeting and these young girls spend every waking moment obsessing over their stupid looks...stupid, real stupid! get a life. By the way fat graphs WILL absorb eventually that is DEFINITE! but good luck with your beauty adventures anyway.

Sonali Sanekar said...

This very painful experience . Thanks for sharing and showing improvement HairTransplantationinIndore

Cherub said...

thanks qiuqiu to write out your personal life experience.
i think it is unfair for those hates to scold people for what they like to do on themselves. if u don't like it, go away!
for those who has done in singapore, such as Rhinoplasty nose enhancement in singapore any more feedbacks?