14 April 2013

QWeekly - What have i done!

Hey! How's your week been?! I hope it's been good! Cox you know what they say.. Good is always good. Lololol. I say one lah. But it's true, good is always good.

On this week's QWeekly i got Cheesie and Audrey on the cover =DDD

LI HAI LEH!!! Not one but two of the top Malaysia's bloggers lololol.

Browse QWeekly now ^.^ This week onwards there will be a new column, i call it "NAIL IT!" Haha ^.^ It's DIY nailart from manicurists! Remember the awesome pretty nailart the manicurist team who were at my Hen's Night. The whole team is gonna contribute to this column! =D

That's Cheesie curling her fringe. I curled the rest of her hair with some three-prong hair curler.
Audrey looking pretty ^.^ AHEM i did her make up!!! *pats own shoulder* Good job! Lolol. Also pat Audrey's shoulder cox she very courageous let me do her makeup from scratch. Hahaha. Cheesie came with like foundation and blusher all. I only touch up a bit nee.

Supermodels on set. MODE mode-on. Haha.
 NOBODY LAUGH AT AUDREY AND HER TELEPHONE BOOKS AH *stifle laughter* Hahaha they very cute i think a lot of followers know their height and then got people comment on a picture i posted of them "Why same height? ; )" Hahahah. Wink somemore.
And then they did another set of a more cute and fun one also!!! I LOVE THIS SET OF PICTURES you guys gotta see!!! =DDD
And this is on set during the makeover that time! =D Shio doing his thang for Caren our makeover subject this week =D See her Before and After on QWeekly =D

Anyway ah if you are wondering how come don't have my own pictures, i am sorry!!! I have to bring lotsa barang and all to shoot most of the time and i am really more engrossed about the covergirl / makeover subjects look good than myself lah. Like very exciting to see them look pretty on cam ^.^

And then i also getting a bit worried cox doing these actually interest me a lot! Like every time before a shoot for other people i'd picture how pretty they'd look etc. And then don't have braincells to think of how pretty i wanna look lololol. EXCUSE. What if from 幕前 i become 幕后 =OOO Haha. Or maybe i very talented i can be 幕前幕后.

I was telling Josh i wanna learn how to style hair ^.^ What you all think ah! I don't wanna learn makeup becox all makeup school teach very stage / drama / wedding / cement-thick makeup one. Lol.

Or maybe i should learn clothes-making =DDD Last time i got want to sign up some basic clothes-making class at SPOTLIGHT one. But then in the end i never becox i remember how i do cross-stitch do until all ten fingers must wrap handyplast. Lolol. And then i also remember how i jam and spark off fire shoots from using the electronic sewing machine for Home-Econs class in secondary school.

After that my permanent Home-Econs partner became my Home-Econs teacher. That was also becox during practical lesson for cooking, i smoke up the pan with oil i don't even know how that happened.

So i don't think i am very good with appliances. So how?

Omg shit. If i learn how to style hair there's also a chance i will burn someone's hair with the hairdryer!!!!! =OOOOO

I better just stay home and kiao ka when i'm free.

That sound like the best idea.

Alright! Go browse QWeekly now! =D


damn said...

blogazine ! this is such a good idea ! u are much more potential to be marketing team ah qiuqiu!~ jin li hai leh!

Amanda said...

Hi qiuqiu, you can learn designing :) haha well it's just a suggestion. I feel u have a very good sense in fashion. Who knows u will become the next top designer! Then I will be the first to buy the clothes, dresses that you design :)

Oh p/s, you're gorgeous and so cute!


Dylla Fadzil said...

Audrey is always funny and hilarious liddat hahaha.


aestherlyienda said...

Aud looks so tall. <3

Alice said...

Wah my favorite issue thus far!!! And the makeover!!!!!...makes us bigger faces ppl really hopeful to look good lol. Really good advice on curling the hair & I'm seriously considering it! Thanks for this issue, love it love it!

And I know my comment is not going to be very helpful but I think whatever you learn, as long as you have time to practise, you can do very well in it, Qiuting! Jia you! ^.^

Love Jam said...

The makeovers would make a more interesting read, if you could list down the brands used or how you did the makeup

Hanna Lei said...

They both look so good. I think I like the new Qweekly -Hanna

Anonymous said...

Audrey looks so prettyyyyyyyyy!! <3