06 May 2013

Blue and Green ^.^

Hello hello. As you're reading this i am overseas (Malaysia only lah) filming for Budget Barbie thanks to Air Asia ^.^ And then i'd be back on Tuesday from this filming trip.

 And then fly off on Wednesday for my own trip with Mich.

And be back on Friday. So.. Yeah.. Just in case you care? *awkward silence* Lolol.

Anyway~ I went to have my bazi look at by fortune teller before. And the date and time of our birth would sort of determine what elements we're born with. And then i lack water. SO.

Blue and green are supposedly my lucky colour haha. But strangely, i already love blue and green before i know about this lucky colour thing. Of course pink is always in the list. But blue for sure is always my favourite. Last time i write autograph book i'd always write favourite colour as sky blue, white and baby pink. Hahaha. I miss it so much =(( The whole writing autograph book thing.

Anyway~ Headed for Cleo to do hair treatment. Their hair treatment is THE BEST. It's call Carbonate Acid water SPA treatment, i tried it last year July, for the first time and i loved it ever since. It's a treatment that not only help soften your hair, but also cleanse your scalp!

Read my post about it HERE ^.^ In that post i look quite chio lolol.

❤ ❤ ❤ CLEO Hair and Make ❤ ❤ ❤
Located at Millenia Walk, P2-09 (Level 2) PARCO Marina Bay
Tel: 6338 5250 Facebook Page

Shio my hairstylist. Erm.. A quick shout out for him hahaha. He is a Japanese and he's funny and single. So please feel free, ladies. Lolol. He really is looking for a gf lah. Like it's his life goal. Lol. After that i decided to do spot streaks of colour as Shio suggested.. And it turned out GREAT!!!
TA DANG~~ Shio did a dark blue, turquoise and green one for me!!! WO HEN LOVE!!!!!
I also hen love the side view of my nose tip now, no photoshop on the nose tip in this picture =DDD
Okay attention back to my hair. I am very very very tempted to dye my hair all blue!!! What do you think =X But i can't do green anymore cox filming of Budget Barbie would be affected. Okay last one of my blue / green hair.

❤ ❤ ❤ CLEO Hair and Make ❤ ❤ ❤
Located at Millenia Walk, P2-09 (Level 2) PARCO Marina Bay
Tel: 6338 5250 Facebook Page

I shall leave you here. May is gonna be a crazy month but i am loving it so far!!! =D Lotsa new things to do and learn and new places to visit. I just wish i have more time.

You know how stupid it sounded to me when people say they wish to have more time.

Very stupid. Like, you siao? Jiang Fei Hua. Every day is standard one mah, 24 hours nee. Lol.

But now i really understand the meaning of wishing for more time. Between QWeekly, rarebits, Budget Barbie filming and maintaining this blog of mine, i try to steal time off to see Baby Yurou, Baby Dash, my dad and sisters, hang out with my good friends.. And spend quality time with Josh; time that i am not seen at the computer/ on my phone.

And then with all the things that i do, i realise i really do need more time. More time on everything, everyone. But i guess we'd just have to learn to go with the flow.

And isn't it really really lucky that i am doing everything that makes me happy?

What the heck is this, must be the pre-flight jitters i sprout so much nonsense.

I get nervous each time i visit a new place i already told you this haven't i. I did.

And it's extra hard when i'm not travelling with friends / family / Josh.

But then again this time it's with the Budget Barbie crew and i work with them for quite some time dee hahah. So i am not TOO nervous. Just nervous. Or maybe i am just really stressed that i have to get ready to leave the house at 3am and i am still in the clothes i woke up in today, haven't shower.

Lolol. Okay i shall go shower and head for the airport. OMG AIRPLANE FOOD ❤ ❤ ❤

Did i say the previous picture was the last? I did. I said last one of my green and blue hair.
BUT HEY HEY~!!! I went back a few days later to get purple spot streaks cox i loveeee how it looked on Samantha (Cleo Hair Make de translator cox all the hairstylists are Japanese)! 拜! 我漂走.


Anonymous said...

Hello. And Bye.

Anonymous said...

omg you look super super pretty now...younger and prettier. (Y)

Alice said...

The way you start this entry is so epic, like some old dramas "当你看到这封信时,我已经去了一个很远的地方。。。". LOL i think there are some other entries you wrote like this but this time i thought of those epic dramas, haha quite funny.

And i think the blue & green hair highlights really suit you!

Anyway, take care & be safe! :D

Unknown said...

You're beautiful.
I like you. :D


Charmaine said...

Such a successful procedure! Overall results are so so so gorgeous :))loving the younger and more feminine look

Anonymous said...

You should totally try to dye it all blue!
& how is it that Shio still doesn't have a girlfriend? He's cute! Can he speak English though? Maybe language is a barrier?

I don't have anything important to say but I'll pretend like i do zzz. said...

What lip colour are you wearing in pic #1!!

Anonymous said...

Which fengshui/fortune teller did you go to?

Anonymous said...

You are looking more like yourself now compared to your post surgery photos. Except that now is a more perfect version. :)

Anonymous said...

Are these pictures suppose to look hot? Or are they like 'haha, I'm trying to be funny by captioning how hot I am while taking really bad pictures?' =O

i don't get sarcasm.

Cherrie said...

You are so beautiful now, just can't resist to leave the comment here..

Anonymous said...

did the doctor use any cartilagw on your nose tip? its gorgeoussss.. congrats

Anonymous said...

Does sio says what time he prefer? And does he date his customer? :X maybe language is the barrier?
He likes Singapore girls?

Lyn said...

Agree with Josh. But I can't help being sulky when I see my friend like another pic but skip mine lol. But cannot complain lah cos I do the same. I don't like my friend's pic until I think it's really artsy one lol.

Lyn said...

Wait I comment on wrong post wtf.

Unknown said...

Hey .. do you think the fortune teller that you went is accurate? ?
If yes , may I know where is it and how is the cost like ?

Anonymous said...

Haha filming of budget barbie would be affected. If only they have more colours other than just using a greenscreen. It's a pity how sometimes technology could be limited x)

Anonymous said...

Hi Qiu, put on eye make properly to cover up the veins around your eyes and temple... It makes you look tired and sickly when your make is light around eye area.