05 May 2013

QWeekly - I more and more pro lol.

I've been doing up QWeekly with the help of good people from Cleo Hair make and with Josh's help on the photography and with the free labour i get if and when i manage to exploit Mich lol.

So far it's been pretty enjoyable!!! Every week there are people contributing to NAIL IT! and 007D and it makes me happy!!! That people are keen to share on QWeekly even when i don't pay them =X

And everyday there are still people writing in for makeover on QWeekly ^.^ Thank you guys.

So i think my luck for doing QWeekly has been pretty decent! Other than good contributors, hairstylist and photographer, i somehow manage to mix and match everything random together!

Like the other day i had to shoot Peishi quite last-minutely cox i just came back from filming overseas right, for Budget Barbie. That's why no time to arrange and prepare for shoot earlier.

BUT!!! I went to Bugis Street and sift out a lot of clothes and accessories for the shoot!! =DDD

Look at Peishi!
This week's QWeekly you must see becox the NAIL IT! DIY nailart tutorial is really one of the nicest i've seen and it's really easy to do =DDD And i also think i did quite a good job styling Peishi hahaha.
In another set. Make a guess how much i bought this top for. Or head over to QWeekly to find out lah. Hahaha. I think it's quite a easy guess lah! ^.^

I think i can be a stylist liao! Haha.
All the clothes i got that day! See see see, i more and more professional right. Lolol. Got a whole row of wardrobe prepared for the shoot. Okay lah browse QWeekly for more pictures of Pei Shi!


Anonymous said...

The foundation like too light for the model's face. Next time use fairer model or buy more shades for powder and foundation.

Anonymous said...

Hmm, you do the same makeup looks for all your models. Maybe you could try other looks too? Smokey eyes? Bold colourful looks? or simple Pin-up looks? You're doing a great job! This blogazine is an amazing idea!

Anonymous said...

Hi your hairclips are nice!! where to buy the 3 for $5 hair clips? Thanks

Anonymous said...

wow.. love the makeover you have done for Qweekly. Love reading it. Keep it up!

The Expat Chick said...

How to win the makeover page on qweekly? I want! I want!