28 July 2013

Baby Yurou is 2 ^.^

Hello! How's your week been!!! Good??? I hope so!!!

I had a really nice week and yesterday (Friday) was Baby Yurou's second birthday ^.^ She grew up so fast, hor? If you remember when i first blogged about her and her newborn pictures two years ago, she looked.. So bad lololol. Now it's better haha. But can be better lolol.

But it's okay cox when it's a kid you love, you find her cute anyway! =D

Me and Josh hid the doll house and then later while we were decorating the place she ownself found the gift and begged the adults to bring it out for her lol.
And then she sat down and started discussing with herself about the dollhouse lol.
Us all blowing up balloons and tying them with ribbons.
My sister ask me "Is this your plan?" I say yeah! She then tell everyone "Haiyah, i no budget to hire the professional and this is what i get" Lolol. Jiak sai.
We also were supposed to celebrate my sister's housewarming so here's one picture of her house lolol. Nobody cares. Most people came with angbao. gifts for Yurou. Hardly anything for her house LOL.
Erm.. Budget decorating lol.
And erm.. With the person behind the idea lol.
Food came at 3pm and we were all already hungry so we started to eat first =D
Grab one with my 3rd sister before she pig out.
And then at 5pm the dessert and decorator sponsors came!!!!!!! Look at this silkscreen printed Kitty table runner Creme Creative did for the decor!!! =DDD Yurou got so excited.

Creme Creative is sister company of Creme Berry!

They offer services like dessert / dood Styling, table styling and setting decorations. They also take up simple flora decor and does photography, graphic design and silkscreen printing for events. Like the hello kitty one they did for Yurou's ^.^ So if you need Creme Creative to make your event look good, just drop them an email addressing them, for consultation! =D

And then when Cremeberry brought out the cake, Baby Yurou got tooooo excited!!! She insist she wanna be carried higher to look at the two-tier cake!!!
As the people from Creme Berry bring out more and more desserts and cakes, and as Creme Creative arrange and decorate the table.. WE GET MORE AND MORE EXCITED!!! Look! Kitty macarons!
Comes in pink too!!! Inside got jam one i major love this one!!!!! So chewy and not too sweet ^.^
Nothing much, just cheesecake shots with the nicest crumble i ever had in my life.
And the Hello Kitty inspired two-tier cake from Cremeberry really is a striking centerpiece!!!

Before i continue i really wanna thank Cremeberry for sponsoring all the pretty looking desserts =)))

My whole family really very happy with it!!! Especially my sister and Baby Yurou. They both LOVE the Hello Kitty cake!!! And were so excited about the whole set up and decor so for that, thank you Creme Creatives! For putting in so much effort in the details while decorating the table setup!

And the guests were all very impressed with the desserts and the setup! So i think they were put together well by these two teams!!! =D So thank you!!! Before i forget and too carried away talking about myself and Baby Yurou lol.

Alright more dessert galore done by Creme Berry!
Mini red velevet cupcakes ^.^ They had many different flavours of cake to choose from but i picked the classics haha. But you should really check out their selection! Got interesting ones!
Meringe tart with raspberry sauce!!! =DDD This one is quite a shocker cox some people took it and were like "Oh no, it's so sour" but some people took it and took more servings after that cox they love that it's so sweet and so sour haha.
Salted caramel mini cupcakes ^.^ Notice the little menu cards Creme Creative did ^.^ Cute hor.
Half of the dessert table.. With homemade lemonade and their signature creme brulee!
All the pink stuff is ❤ ❤ ❤
Omg i crave the cheesecake shots so bad now ='(
This would bring a smile to anyone's face!!! I think Creme Creative and Creme Berry coordinated the whole dessert set up nicely!!! My instruction was "They love pink and Hello Kitty" lol!
Strawberry Marshmallow pops that Yurou love oh so much!
Hello, kitty kitty~ =DDD Yurou love you so much!!!
Erm.. That's me wearing similar outfit as Yurou =))))) O.O Hahaha. I know i am not her mother but i mean.. It's fun right? =DDD Hahaha. Okay okay, it's a bit gross lolol. I know cox that's what all my friends and family tell me ='( Lol.
"These all mine?"
"What, too close?" Poor girl so sway on her birthday she get mozzie bite on her eyelid hahaha. And forehead and the side of her face =__=" Lolol.
Someone from Cremeberry firing up churros live!!! Haha. EVERYONE LOVED IT SOOOOOO MUCH!!! They have cinnamon powder to go with or chocolate sauce!!! Stupid Gem ask me to go ask for four churros after she had one. Everyone was queuing for it how am i supposed to ask for 4 lah!
I still went to help her ask for 2 churros. And while i wait.. I decided to camho with the dessert table.
Okay lah one of the whole spread without me.
If you are looking to try Cremeberry's yummy dessert / cakes / cupcakes or want them to collaborate with Creme Creatives to work on a dessert table for your events, i've linked the site!
Pak and Gem passing their presents for Baby Yurou to her =D They got her three presents =_= Kiasu.
Quickly grab her for a picture lol cox i know she will remove the cap away after a while one.
And this is Gem attempting a kidnap. Lol. Baby Yurou look traumatised haha.
So this pair of uncle and auntie boh bian, they have to sneak behind Yurou when she was chilling with marshmallow pop lolol. Ke lian. Send so many presents but can't even snap picture with bbyr.
Camho shot.. Thought you might be keen O.O Haha.
Yurou and her daddy ^.^
Have to bluff her with the pop cox if not she won't look at the camera. Lol.
Then Gem come and 骗小孩子 with the pop also. Haha. Pop for hug.
Yurou with the balloon Pak and Gem got for her. She loved it sooooo much whole night she guarded it and don't allow other kids to play with it =_="
Gem whip out something from her NDP goodie bag and she earns another hug lolol.
These are not even half of the gifts Yurou got that night =OOO After that it got damn very crowded people hardly even have space to stand =X My sister too popular already lol.
Yurou and her real mummy lolol. I am the delusional one lolol.
Cake-cutting time!!! Yurou and my dad, one of her favourite person!!! She sleep / wake up all must find Yeye yeye yeye. Fan si ren lol. I didn't snap pictures of the crowded house cox there were a lot of people i don't know i don't wanna show their face i scared they don't like O.O
Yurou with Daddy, Yeye and Mummy ^.^
And her Ah Wu (Casper) gorgor and Ah Bong (Cyrus) gorgor!
When everyone sang birthday song and clap for her.. She is a lot of a showoff haha.
Cut cake~!

And then after eating up the cake, people slowly make their move / chill in the bedroom with their friends / colleagues / family. There were just SOOOO many people. And different family member entertain different groups haha. It's a happy night =)) And then when most people really left..

I notice the two person from Cremeberry who stayed to help clear up, just quietly doing their job. I feel quite bad lah! Whole night they working non-stop. Making churros, passing out churros, stand stand stand non-stop and then clean clean clean all night =XXX Raquel even shun bian help my sisters wash the dishes as she was washing up her tools. What the heck service so good but make people feel guilty! Lolol.

I was so guilty i told Raquel "Oh no you shouldn't have!!! Later you free you help my sister wash her toilet okay" Lololol. After that my sister also asked her to wash toilet. We are horrible haha.

They are really very very nice people lah. My mum periodically got go and bug them and as usual, talk about boh liao stuff to them and they were still very polite and entertain her all the time =.=

I can't even do that for more than 5 seconds =X

Thank you for working so hard for this party, Cremeberry!!!

If you wanna look for a dessert table contact, please find them ah! =D Guarantee yummy dessert and best service. And they will work with Creme Creatives for the decor and set up styling!

Creme Berry churns desserts from an f&b licensed / NEA approved kitchen =)

Thank you Leslie and Raquel =)))
While i was snapping a picture with Leslie and Raquel, this uncle and auntie ask for a picture with me. THEN, scold me erxin cox i am not even the star of the night why i stand there snap picture with people like i am the star. Shen jing bing lolol. Ask for picture one is also her, scold me one also her. Thank you two for coming!!! And for the gifts for Baby Yurou!!! She loved it =DDD

Congrats to my sister and her husband for owning a beautiful house together =))))

Okay lah! It's almost 6am now and i have to go shower and sleep dee. You know i just read an article it says that people who sleep late and wake up late are smarter and more successful ; ) Lolol.

I am gonna meet the Santorini honeymoon planners when i wake up =D They wanted to send me and Josh last year but we thought we were gonna going elsewhere for a honeymoon then so we said no to that so until today me and Josh still haven't go on a honeymoon =(

So after i intro them to Cheesie and then Cheesie went and i was like DEEYAM. I hope i can go visit also lah =D

So far in just this year i've slipped through many trips that came to enquire with me, like to China (didn't nego through), to Australia (didn't nego through), to Phuket (i didn't want at that time), to Taiwan (I didn't want to go alone but they can only send me and i have to attend events on most days so even if we pay for Josh to go it's still like work work work), to Japan (i was too busy to go).

=((( Really is quite sian. Lol. So i hope this trip can be fixed! BUT GOOD NEWS IS..

I am flying off to Bangkok next week ^.^ With my parents and Josh. Paying but it's all holiday no work =DDD I might still blog about it though cox blogging is not work for me lol.

Yuppp~ Hope your week's been good!!! Bye bye! ^.^


Hanna Lei said...

The desserts look so good! I think they more than make up for your low budget decorating. Hanna Marie

Anonymous said...

Hi qiu qiu! Cannot sleep so late! You should adjust your biological clock else you will get hormonal disfunction ( this what I'm experiencing and lotsa pimples popped all over my face now T.T) you are my favorite blogger so you must always stay pretty to inspire me haha >< btw baby yurou is so cute!! Hope to pinch her knuckle cheeks so much haha. Have a nice day qiu qiu :)

Celyx Lim said...

And all these while I thought Baby Yurou was your daughter.... :O

Celyx Lim

Anonymous said...

Seems like you're ready to be a mom. :)

Anonymous said...

Hi, may i know where you bought your top from? Veri nice!

Anonymous said...

Hi, may i know where you bought your top from? Veri nice!

Anjo said...

Baby Yurou is so adorable in that pink tutu.

Anonymous said...

Leslie & Raquel are actually the founders and owners of Cremeberry! :) I am getting my wedding dessert table from them.

Anonymous said...

hi qiu this is so random but i wanna say that u're so inspiring and generous. i wanna learn to have BIG heart like yours, just like how let cheesie have the sweetest wedding in santorini. i admire u even more!

Anonymous said...

hi qiu this is so random but i wanna say that u're so inspiring and generous. i wanna learn to have BIG heart like yours, just like how u let cheesie have the sweetest wedding in santorini. i admire u even more!