31 July 2013


Do you know what you have? I have goals and i know i can definitely make them happen.
I also have wishes. Where i hope and wish the best for people i love.

Importantly i have dreams.

Dreams so big and seemingly unrealistic that it scares me sometimes. On good (most) days they motivate me. But other days they make me feel "Sigh. I can only keep dreaming"

But you know what, we either Make or Break. I realise it as i grow older, that there's nowhere to settle in-between. It's either we're good enough for ourselves, or we're not.

And only we know.

I definitely am not good enough for myself.

If i don't make my dreams come true, or if i give up trying to make them come true, then it'd be like i've never lived. Sometimes i think my dream is super easy what. It's just a house. Haha.

Big house hahaha. Okay that's a little tiny bit more hard but hey hey~ Since it's a dream, it might as well be a big one! I will keep pressing on!!! =DDD Push push push! I also want a cute baby girl but until now still don't have so it's okay for now i am quite happy enough with Baby Yurou and Dash Dash and soon Audrey's baby haha ^.^

Actually it's easy for me to do different things cox i actually like a lot of things!

I like cute doggies, cute babies, i love to eat. I love shopping, i like to buy bags, shoes, clothes, lotsa clothes, makeup and skincare etc. I feel like most part of my life is all about girly stuff.

So since i've decided to work on bringing in my own line of falsies, months ago, i have been thinking about a name! And then Josh was like "Maybe you can try something along the line of Girly (for example) with ....." And i was like "YEAH! Girly is very apt!!! I like it a lot!" Then he's like "No i mean that was for example" but i'm like "No no no, i like it! I like the whole idea about GIRLY" Hahaha. So there you go..

GIRLY with Lashes #GIRLYlash

I love them so much =))) The lashbones of all the different types are so soft and flexible!

My favourites are the brown ones cox it's either really dolly or really puppy-eyeish. Haha. The first few designs to be out will be really natural looking. I personally don't quite like the super dark thick and dense kind of falsies so i won't be launching those in the near future haha.

Show you guys more another time when it's all ready. It's now all in mock up packaging for test-sale at The Cathay (Space Invasion) soon. I am looking to have them carried by the drugstores ^.^ But we'd see! It'd be available online but not as soon as i'd release it in the shops.

And some people left me comments (i deleted sorry! =X) to ask about rarebits, it's still happening but now it's a hard time but we'd get through it =) rarebits is my baby and it'd be back with a bang! Haha.

Damn. You know i already work 9-5 on most days right. Haha. 9pm - 5am. I don't know how i am going to juggle with everything + the new QWeekly. But don't you worry cox i LOVE blogging! Haha.

Blogging is the only thing that i enjoy a lot a lot + earns me money lol. The rest i only enjoy doing a lot O.O You know what i mean. Yeah, they don't make me money and i even lose money when i do it but it's okay cox i loveeee doing it haha. And i think if you press on, you get on it.

Make or break. Just fucking make, no excuse.

Random day where i decided to be a bull lolol.
Outerwear from Lowrys Farm. I damn regret buying this. Cox it's nice but the longer version is muchhh nicer ='(((( but it's $10 more and i just can't bring myself to spend that extra $10 after spending $39.90 on a denim outerwear lol. And Sophie / Wendy is right, i already have like 3 other similar kind of denim top. Lol. But i love them all =D
Act emo.

One fine day i will remove them spongebob square jaws. Lol.

Alright~ Many things to look forward to, yes? =D I hope you fill your life with things that make you happy too. If you think it'd make you happy, just do it. You never know where it will bring you someday. Like when i started blogging. I did it cox it makes me happy. And today it still make me happy =))) Jiayou.


Hanna Lei said...

Congrats on having your own lash line! I feel like I'm very easily overwhelmed by the dreams I have. -Hanna Marie

Lilliana said...

Congrats girl! And I just wanted to say, and I hope this doesn't come across wrongly, that it doesn't matter if you have surgery or not because real beauty comes from the inside, and I really feel like you have an inner beauty that shines through. So if it makes you feel better, do it, but as a fan and avid reader I think you're awesome and supercool nontheless! (With and without surgery)

Anonymous said...

Just watched ur episode Clicknetwork . UR VOICE IS SO SWEET LEH. OMG. Cannot imagine you angry. Haha

Anonymous said...

I would buy the denim shirt if you would sell it!

skinnyrichbitch said...

Qiuqiu jia you!

DEEPA said...

PLZZ reconsider surgery.... you are realli pretty.... i love u for who you are... n dont want u to chnge it anymre.... im a fan who looks up to u.... its a suggestion... but wat the hell if u wan it sooo badly get it done.... but i dun c the prob u c with ur jaw...

Anonymous said...

I can't wait for your line of lashes to be out in store!! They're so pretty and wearable!!

Unknown said...

I like falsies! I love you QuiQui because you're honest and cheerful. I left a message to Budget Barbie and still not getting any reply. Do you manage the fb account of budget barbie? I will fly to SG on Sep and I'd like to visit you on set of Budget Barbie. Meet and greet you (wink!)

Please visit my blog : http://myimperfectfantasy.blogspot.com


Anonymous said...

Hi qiuqiu! I really admire your guts to publish your raw thoughts! By the way, I'm having the same spongebob jaws like you. Just curious on what's your plans to get rid of it. Its really bugGing me big time.


Jen said...

omg, super excited! plz launch online ASAP once you can release it in stores (im from nz) so I can buy them ^__^ they look good (from the mock designs u have shown), very cute and very you :D congrats on it too~~