21 July 2013

QWeekly - Be very very busy

SUP! I'd be really busy the next couple of weeks with the filming of the micro-movie (with some Taiwanese crew and cast. It's quite fun!) and gonna be filming the Silkygirl makeover for one reader ^.^ I ask for them to hashtag #SILKYGIRLMakeover on their picture on Instagram.

One girl will get a video makeover ^.^ So you guys can see exactly how i do it for the rest of the girls most of the time during makeover! =D See, i do keep your suggestions in mind. Lol.

And then i am organising Baby Yurou's 2nd Birthday Party ^.^ Cremeberry is sponsoring her dessert table and i am very excited about it!!! Our whole family is damn excited about it lol.

After that i'd be off to bring my parents to Bangkok ^.^ If any of you know about how to book tickets for Thai Boxing live show that is accessible, please let me know okay! Thank you! I try to find online but the websites all look very dodgey i don't dare to use my debit card to make payment =X

And also, just a quick reminder that the DocDoc "Tell Your Story" contest is ending soon. 31st July will be the last day they accept entries for you to win..

$5000 cash prize to do any healthcare / beauty / medical procedure.. Please share your story HERE. All you have to do is to say why you wanna do what in 500 words!

Like example "I'd like to get invisalign cox i have never been able to smile confidently..." or "I would like to have a boob job cox i don't feel complete nor confident...." Share sincerely, and you might be the one chosen. So far there are really touching entries.. So keep them coming. One lucky winner will walk away with $5000 cash and a dream come true =D

Afterall, DocDoc granted my wish come true! You can read about my journey for fat-grafting and nose job in Korea with DocDoc PART 1. Part 2 and 3 are all linked at the bottom of Part 1.

So anyway~ This is me now ^.^ And i have to thank DocDoc for it~!!!

If you're wondering where i got this FREE bag from hahaha. It's from Bakerzin de mooncakes lah!!!!

Josh shoots for them and they are so damn nice they sent Josh and me lotsa mooncakes =DDD

And you know i've always love their free bags right =X Their logcake bags i also damn loveee!!! I used it a lot previously until there was blue ink all over it i boh bian have to give it up =(

Omg my hubby is very talented he shot all these nice pictures hahaha. This is their SUPER FAMOUS DURIAN SNOWSKIN MOONCAKE. THE DURIAN MEAT IS SOLID AWESOME.

It's like biting into cold durian @.@ Ahhhhh. Love it so much.

So i am extra happy they passed me and Josh all these mooncakes, WITH the bags!!! Haha. Where got free bags so nice one you tell me. Really good presentation if you're thinking of getting them as gifts for your clients / parents / colleagues! =D

You don't say please, i every year also buy mooncakes from them one. It's about time i get some free ones from them hahahaha. Kidding lah. But real one, yearly we will buy from them to send to people.

This green bag i major love! =D If you're wondering how's the quality of the bags..
Answer is, IT SHOULDN'T BE FREE. Goddamit. It's sooooo pretty and classy and expensive-looking lah! And the quality is good one not flimsy recycled bags kind.
Mine! ^.^
And these!!! ARE MY FAVOURITE!!! Snowskin mooncakes with Liquor Truffles!!! Got congnac, rum and raisin, champagne etc!!! I love them so much i remember once, i bought 2 boxes of these for myself and Josh and he'd eat one a day, my record was 5 a day =XXX Don't do that. Lolol.
And the inside of the box. Two tier stack ^.^
Inside the yummy soft chewy liquor-y snowskin ❤ ❤ ❤
They also have other special creation like Sweet Pleasure (one of Bakerzin's signaure cake) red bean, seasame, matcha etc! When they are in stores you check them out for yourself lah =D I intend to buy at least 10 boxes! 2 for my parents, 4 for Josh's family and then 4 others for his or my client =DDD
AND THEIR EGG YOLK MOONCAKE IS ALSO MY FAVOURITE. Omg it feels so damn good to be blogging about a brand i already love =DDD These are the traditional mooncakes from Bakerzin! Most suitable for AhGongs AhMas Daddies Mummies and me. Thank you. Lolol.

How true is it they say young adults all prefer snowskin and innovative flavours than the traditional one? I mean i guess it's true cox the traditional ones look really boring =X But it taste so good!!! Quite cute also what Bakerzin one haha. Got rabbits one ^.^

You can order online on Bakerzin website when it's publish but it is not yet lol. I stole these pictures from Josh but with permission from Bakerzin lah. They say no need to share they just wanna pass some to me to try. But it's so good i gotta share it! =D

And i also gotta say JOSH IS DAMN GOOD AT WHAT HE DOES!!! Lolol. He's been shooting for them for many years and this series i think is the next chioest following the makeup set one!!! You remember?! Bakerzin had their mooncakes in makeup set-up one year. My Josh do one.


Okay bye time to pig out. What.


Anjo said...

Those bags are cute and the moon cakes look yummy although I never had one before; I saw Asian grocery sell them but I never pick up one. Maybe I'll try one tomorrow on My trip to the farmer market.

Anonymous said...

omg i always thought bakerzin photos and brochures are the CHIO-est amongst all the mooncake brochures. especially the make up one that year. the concept and photography was so good! idk your husband personally but suddenly i'm very proud of him too!!! :D :D

Anonymous said...

Arrrrgh I'm so jealous! Here in the US, the only mooncakes we get are the traditional ones that sit in supermarkets for like a month. =__= And we only get them once a year. Eat lots of the mooncakes for your US reader!!! T_T

Anonymous said...

For Thai boxing tix, I went to my hotel concierge and asked them to book for us. Shd cost abt SGD70-80 per pax.

QiuQiu said...

Anon, hahah thank you for feeling proud of my ah lao!!! Hahaha.

Anon, a month is alright! When i was in Hong Kong, i bought mooncakes that were 1 year old for SGD4 AND IT WAS YUMMY. Hahaha.

Anon, thank you so much!!! I think i'd ask them first moment i reach =DDD

Anonymous said...

Can international people from the US enter the contest?

ms.bulat said...

omg. your hubby makes the mooncakes look unreal O_O it's too pretty dy!

Anonymous said...

I read the t&c of the contest hor...it stated that

"The Grand Prize Winner will be issued a tax form for the ARV of the prize." means i dont fully get $5000sgd or what?? Since i gotta pay tax...so does the tax is being minus from the 5k or??

Ina said...

so much prettiness! makes me have a sweet tooth ^^ hmm just a question regarding the contest on their page it says "about 500" so i guess it's ok if the number exceeds just by alittle little bit? and how do i know if i entered succesfully is it only by the message thank you we have received your submission?( or watever it said i'm totally making the words up now haha)

Anonymous said...

SO CUTE, you gotten prettier.