22 August 2013

Just hang on lah!

I want to ask you all something.

I've been asking people around me. And i always force / guilt trip them to giving me the answer i want. And i hope they will also choose that option IF that scenario ever happens. WHICH.. Is highly unlikely.


Okay. Think about ONE dish / food that you HATE.

Nothing gross like raw intestine / kangaroo balls. Nothing too Fear-Factor-ish okay.

Like example, i don't take beef for many many reasons (nothing religious) and i can almost say i hate it for the smell. And i also feel a  bit uneasy when i see the blood in it on people's plate. All i can think of is the documentary "Monsters Inside Me" O.O =X

My bestfriend Mich HATES all diary products. Especially the non-discrete kind like cheese, milk, butter and yogurt. Lol. But things like cookies (also got milk in the recipe right?) or like ice cream or like chocolate, the discrete kind she is neutral to it i guess? Like don't hate but don't love.

She can gag at cheese and milk stuff. For the smell, the texture, the whatever i can never understand i mean I LOVE MILK AND I LOVEEEE CHEESE!!! Okay.

And then my other gf Zhen, HATES almond jelly. Like maybe when younger she tried and puked, then she hated the smell of that and now she can't even really stand the sight of it.

And then my other gf Gem don't take pork and same thing lah, she can puke if she taste pork. Recently i had a realisation that.. She can't take Bakwa during CNY =OOOO So i'm like "OMG that's damn sad then what you eat?!" She say chicken bakwa. That's like eating chicken Bat Kut Teh. No kick. Lol.

So i ask them..

If you are stranded on an island.. And the purpose for keeping you on the island is purely to annoy you by cooking the food you hate most, for you, EVERYDAY, THREE MEALS A DAY, for 3 months, and to see if you would eat the food and survive.. Or just die?! Cox of starvation.

You will confirm guarantee chop be released back into your own home and life after 90 days.

The meals will be cooked nicely and it'd be of decent taste but it'd be of the dish you dislike. Example if you hate pork, it'd be like breakfast HAM (pork one ah don't say can turkey or not lolol) and scrambled eggs, lunch Bat Kut Teh, dinner Pork chop with mushroom sauce. Lolol.

You can't miss a single meal and you must finish it. Lolol.

All my friends say they would rather die.

I ask Josh (he hates cheese) the same question and he's by far the only one who say he will eat cox boh bian. VERY GOOD. I think i marry the right man cox if my husband tell me he'd rather die than to eat a food that he dislike, and forsake coming home to see me in 90 days, i don't think he's sensible enough lah hahaha. Like what a wimp!

So i somehow manage to pressurize Gem and Zhen to choose survival over choice of food cox somehow you'd get used to it no matter how yucky it taste and smell at first.

Also, YOU CAN LIVE after that!!! And just go back to your own life, and see the people you love.. And everything will be good. So why not just suck it up!! Lol.

I tell them "WHAT?!?! You'd rather die?! I mean why would you choose to die!!! You so damn weak omg. If you live on you can eat all your favourite food after 3 months!!! And what about your bf? You don't want to meet him ever again? Huh? What about your family? You'd rather die?! Omg you're so ungrateful to the gift of Life"

Lololol. So they're like "AH OKAY LAH OKAY LAH I EAT I EAT" lolol.

Very good.

But i can't convince Mich to eat cheese and drink milk to survive =((( She say she'd rather die cox she just really can't. I think she say say only lah. I mean if the island organiser give her HL milk (which in my opinion is the best milk ever lolol) and Brie (my favourite cheese) with fruits everyday, she don't want meh?!?!?! I want! Lol.

So i ask myself.. Would i survive if i am on that island and i have to eat beef dishes everyday and i'm like.. BRING IT ON!!! I'd probably try to be on good terms with the chefs and ask them to make my beef totally fully confirm guarantee well done instead of rare / medium rare / medium well.

But i mean if this is non-negotiable it's also okay lah, no matter what death is not an option.

I mean if you're dead then there's nothing to fight and look forward to anymore. Totally game over. You know what i mean. But so long as you're still alive..

Who knows?! You can plot against people on the annoying island who fed you your most hated food for 3 months. Lolol. You can

1) Capture all the organisers of the annoying island and put them in your annoying island and serve them food they hate

2) Set up a more annoying and more challenging island with more annoying programs like 90 days with someone you hate most, doing the most romantic stuff hahaha.

Imagine that. Maybe then, there's a chance you'd like that person. Just like how annoying island is trying to make you be okay with the food you are fussy / picky over.

Oh my god. Let's capture all the kids who don't take their vegetables and throw them on the annoying island!!! And force them to have vegetables!!! Yeah that's a great idea!!!

If i am the president i would set up an annoying camp. No eat the food you dislike, no leave camp. Lolol.

Actually my point is.. No matter what hardship / problem you face.. You should just hang on!!!

Cox better days is always ahead =D

Okay i hope you have fun finding out who are the people who treat life lightly *rage face* around you! Lolol. And have fun asking yourself the same question and have fun trying to persuade people to make the same choice as you.. To live or to die! Lolol.

Okay enough about hanging on. I rambled a lot but i think this is my strategy to encourage my friends to choose.. LIFE~ Hahaha. I can't believe so many of them are quitters *rage face* YOU ALL ARE NOT FIT TO BE MY FRIEND! Lololol. But okay lah, after a lot of pressurizing from me, i think all of them will choose to live lol.

Here are some pictures of me hanging out with some of my favourite good people! ^.^

With Wendy and Cheesie ^.^ Cheesie came to Singapore the other day =D And then we had some shopping (but she never ever contribute to Singapore economy one this one lolol) and then dinner and then before we head back to Wendy's place to see Baby Dash, we camhoed in the toilet lolol.
And at the elevator lol.
And another day with Zhen (L) and Mich (R) before Mm flies off =D This was quite long ago! Japan is sure a nice place to be but I can't wait for her to come back fast =(
Gem and i! ^.^
And this was on another day after Furby event! Me and Yutaki ^.^
And with everyone at dinner!!! Miyake, Rykiel, Wendy, Shuyin, Sophie and Yutaki =D
When we were in the car we were joking about how if the car crash, Singapore will lose a lot of great bloggers at one shot. Lololol. Ahem.

Okay lah don't say dee. I shall go think about what will make me give up life.

Actually have leh. Like if the question was harder, like, "Eat shit for 90 days or die" then i really rather die lah. That's why i damn cannot understand why anyone would choose to die when i got say that the meals will be cooked nicely and won't be gross like raw / bloody.

Hahaha. I am not sorry if this sounds damn boh liao to you cox it means a lot to me haha. Like i enjoy talking people out of suicide in the imaginary scenario i created for them.

You see, this is passion for life. Lolol.



Hanna Lei said...

I would so eat the food instead of die. Crazy people only pick the other way. -Hanna Lei

Alice Lee-Yang said...

Wah I like this post. That's the Bongqiuqiu I like! Die die also cannot die!! I'll also rather force myself to eat yucky food than die lor. I think those who say rather die will eventually end up eating those food they dislike if they are starving so bad in the given situation. That's human nature actually. :)

Cat said...

For me it is pork.

I can't stand it at all and the taste of it makes me gag :(

Also I learnt that pork is the closest in taste to human flesh! And cannibals have all said the same too, it cooks and tastes like pork :(

So pork tastes like peoples! >_<

If I was on an island I might be able to survive if it were minced and served as Bolognaise, but it it wasn't I would starve for the full 90 days and... NOT DIE! :p

Since I am fats it will take me longer to starve to death, so I drink lots of water everyday and live.

Skinny people with no food would die first :p

Body needs water before food and I come home alive and very skinny! :p

So I would choose to not eat pork, starve and live! :p

Fion said...

Hahaha sometimes I wonder about such stuff as well. I think it's the mark of a CREATIVE BRAIN. Lol. High five!! Positive thinking is good :x

Alena said...

Hi Qiu Qiu,

Its always so encouraging to see you blog about how we should always hang on to our life be it rain or shine. And seeing you as a role model has been a great motivation. You're reallyyyy strong and mature! Thankssss for your awesome post. Jia youuuuu!

Anonymous said...

I'm like your fren Mich ! no dairy ! hated cheese, milk, yogurt n etc... it's the taste... I puke whenever i taste dairy.. so... i think i will die of puking even if i want to eat it and live ! =X

vickytheng ♥ said...

I hate dairy products a lot but I'll force myself to have them although I feel damn yucky lah. I've no reason to die lol.

Anonymous said...

If someone sponsor you write a book, would you? And what book will you write? Motivational book?

Anonymous said...

lol. i can't bring myself to eat steak tartare but if i'm hungry enough, i think i'll just go crazy and eat it anyway.

Kurako said...

So rarely do I ever find other people who HATES cheese (and milk - my mom said that I refused to drink plain milk as an infant) as much as I do.

A hint of the smell of cheese is enough to make me gag. There was once when I was busy and distracted and my friend covered my nose and popped a cheese snack into my mouth. I vomited immediately - the reflex is quite like when you're trying to swallow a nasty tasting pill and flushing it down with water but it just won't go down and the taste and the powdery texture of the pill spreads in your mouth.

To me, cheese is on par with shit.
Actually, I'd rather eat shit LOL
so I'm sorry to say that I would reeaaaallllllly choose to die instead of eating cheese. Or maybe kill the person/people who are forcing me to eat cheese.

Anonymous said...

I thought I was the only one who hates Almond Jelly. Like your friend, I can't stand the smell at all and it smells like rotten food to me. Since I hate almond jelly, I can only eat the original flavours for all the cold tauhuey!!!

jEnn said...

This post made me smile, a lot, and I admire you, for your passion of life! Thanks for inspiring the rest of us! You rock, and always will!!

And I really like your first suggestion, the revenge LOL super cool!! YOU ROCK QIUQIU! ^_^

Citronelle said...

For me it's liver.. all kind of liver..

chicken liver, pork, cow, fish, duck.. all yuck

I'd choke and puke and die eventually cox I can't swallow them T_T

Anjo said...

Beef tasted good medium rare. I love it how juicy it is.

I can not drink milk alone, gotta have with cereal, can't stand the smell and I will definitely puke if I drink it, the same for cheese I just gotta have it with something like a sandwich or omelette.

I can't stand soups that look like baby poop. Food that doesn't look appealing to me I will not dare to put it in my body no matter how good the foods is. If someone offer me a million dollars to eat the foods I hate; I will definitely do it or at lease try.