20 August 2013

I love myself

Sup~ This is a very self-involved blogpost and serves no meaning in making mankind any better.

But i just wanna tell you I AM IN LOVE WITH MYSELF AND MY LIFE RIGHT NOW!!!

Tomorrow i'd be having a meeting with my favourite beauty store buyer about GIRLYlash =DDD

If i can have my products at their store(s), i'd be over the moon!

And my schedule for the rest of this month is more or less fixed. It's mostly work work work, but i think it's all good cox next month i am heading for Hong Kong Disneyland thanks to Nuffnang!! =D

On a roll~!

Below is nothing but my self shots. And a singing video. So you may go now. Lolol.

Using one of my favourite lip product - Revlon Lip Butter + Shu Uemura lip gloss. I have it in like 6 or 7 shades O.O Bought them in Bangkok cox they have newer + more shades and is much cheaper!

Don't know how to caption my self shots and "Omg i look here" is a bit too much hahaha. Kidding lah. And "kidding lah" doesn't make it less buay paiseh.. So..

Don't caption better. Lol.

This is my cover of 天黑黑 a song by Stefanie Sun =) The front part i really went off tune hahaha.

Subscribe to my Youtube channel lah, i'd be planning a big giveaway video when i hit 15,000 subscribers! =D Next up will be my skincare routine video! =D

Alright~ Anyway, quick update about the DocDoc Tell Your Story contest, the winner is going to be announced on the 24th of August!!! =OOO This Saturday!!! I am excited also!!!

Okay don't say liao! Bye bye.


Sundaescribbles said...

HI qiuqiu, which ktv app do you use?

QiuQiu said...

Tian lan zhi ge!

Ying said...

Looking forward to see girlylash in stores :) I love how it looks! And looking great in this post, QiuQiu! :D

Anonymous said...

Omg I didn't know your voice was so nice! Haha don't understand why your husband would complain about your singing!

Steffy said...

Love your lipgloss I desperately need to find a new too ;-;
Remember to post pics from Disney land! I've never been to one myself yet so i'd really love to read your posts about it :3


Hanna Lei said...

I'm happy for you that everything is going so well. You work hard, and deserve it! -Hanna Lei

Alice Lee-Yang said...

Your products ah!!! Congrats & will support for sure! Jiayou!!! Heheheh

Anonymous said...

So pretty! Especially 3rd pic from the top.

Cat said...

Thanks for listing the products you had on your lips in this post :)

Fion said...

Lolol I like the first line, very realistic hahaha. "This is a very self-absorbed blog post and serves no meaning in making mankind any better." But I don't think it's wrong la actually. It's pretty much true for most people anyway and there's no point in hiding the truth. Anyway, being happy with your life and having things to look forward is definitely much much better than being negative, depressed and cynical about everything. So good for you! It's nice to see that you're happy doing what you're doing! :D