24 August 2013

You touch my heart

It's 6am and i am reading through the entries from DocDoc.com "Tell Your Story" contest.

Actually i am reading only 26 entries, painstakingly shortlisted by the team at DocDoc, from 1600 over entries.

I am happy to hear your stories. I really am.

And i thank you if you ever said you feel happy for me, for the changes i did to my face. Becox a kind heart and a kind wish from you to me, means a great deal.

Reading through the stories gave me really mixed feelings.

For one i feel happy that so many people wants to be better for themselves, for their family, for their spouse. Some of them write in in hope to win the $5000 for medical usage for their family members.

Another part of me feel really helpless cox you realise there is just one prize.

But most part, i feel thankful. Thankful that DocDoc made it happen for me. And is now making it happen for someone else. One very special person.

We don't know who yet. But i have a few in mind.

I was briefed to put into consideration the story behind each submission, and to factor in if $5000 would be sufficient to solve their concern.

But i feel that in life, no matter what you do, happiness should be the key.

So i am going to think about who would be happiest with that cash prize.

No matter what the outcome is.. I just wanna thank you for sharing with me your story.

I had the honor to read the top 26 stories.

And you guys really touch my heart. I truly wish for you, that your wishes will come true and i hope in good faith that you will not give up before it happens. Becox it will happen.

Remember, to hang on? =)

I had wanted a nose job when i was 13. I finally had one when i was 26. 13 years is not too long a wait for a good job done haha.

Thank you.. You.

Thank you, DocDoc.


Anonymous said...

hello qiuqiu! would you be sharing the top 26 entries, or maybe the top entry (keeping identify anonymous if required)?

Nur Diyanah said...

Awww. I'm so touched just by reading this. Thank you for spending your precious time reading our stories. It means a lot.

Nur Diyanah said...

Thank you so much qiuqiu. For reading our stories. It means a lot to me. :')

Hanna Lei said...

You'll make the right choice! Hanna Lei

Citronelle said...

I didn't know if the contest was open for outside Sg as well T_T

But I'm sure there's other ppl more deserving than me..

Few things that are wrong with me face are that I have NO nose bridge T_T

And no cheek bones T_T

Cat said...

My back is killing me :( I should of written for boob reduction *dies* going to be hunchback when old haha!

Anjo said...

I can't wait to see who the lucky winner.

Jean said...

glad u've achieved what u have been wanting for so long!! :) :)