03 August 2013

In Bangkok!

Hello! When you see this, i'm still in Bangkok with my parents and Josh =D This trip i decided not to bring my laptop cox i think having to watch out for my mum who always wanders off on her own to shop (lol, she's quite a shopaholic too) plus having to do touristy stuff would be quite enough!

So i don't think i'd have energy / time to blog at night also cox Josh thinks that if on a holiday, it's only sensible to wake up at like 8 / 9am cox if want to sleep can sleep in Singapore lol.

You know asking me to wake up at 8 / 9am is like asking me to cut off a piece of flesh off myself like this. Lolol. Difficult. SO~ Since i have to do it to be a team player, haha, i have to sleep by 2am.

And if we're gonna end the day typically at 12am. I get back to the hotel i need to nuasai for at least 1 hour.. And then i have to shower and all.. So my point is..

Time is never enough for people who love to nuasai haha.

Okay! So.. Yeah! We'd talk again?! Haha. For those who emailed qweeklyonline@gmail.com your blog links to be contributors for lifestyle / beauty / food invites and events, someone will contact you guys soon!!! Already got a few food-tasting events in mid August!

Alright~ Just gonna continue go have fun now~!!! =DDD

Be back Monday evening! You won't miss me too much cox i'd be still active on Twitter and Instagram! ^.^ Social media slave, i am. Lolol.


Anonymous said...

Just curious, what is nuasai?

Cat said...

Josh is so mean ha!

Especially on holiday, no-one will get me up that early.

2pm is best time of day for me! :D Except everything closes at like 5pm where I am in Australia :( so I am forced to be up.

But on holidays I sleep all day! Bangkok is open ALL NIGHT! :p Next time Josh should let you sleep :p