30 August 2013


You know how important mood is?


Say one day i go buy meepok, if the auntie is in a good mood, she will give me extra deep fried pork lard as i requested. And then i'd be in a good mood. There will be bonus good mood for my mood bar that day. And then i will be more tolerant to nonsense and i probably will just laugh it off.


If somehow, somehow, i am in a bad mood, thanks to bad weather, thanks to long Q, thanks to whatever didn't go my way, the whole day would go differently.

Like today. I mean large part of it was good, after a long time, Dotty, Jialing and me finally could find time to meet up and they got me lotsa stuff from overseas as usual ^.^ And i had a really good time laughing and laughing with them ^.^

But then we had a foul-faced waitress at P.S Cafe Palais Renaissance, she whole time damn cb face spoil people's appetite, never mind. Gave me something that wasn't what i wanted (thou it did turn out tasting pretty alright) and when we ask for exchange she was like "LOOK, whatever you had at other outlets we don't always serve the same" blablabla and i was like "LOOK, i said i wanted crab cake cox i had that at Ann Siang, you said it's called the crab tart, but now i see it, it's not the crab cake i wanted that i described to you earlier. How would i know what name exactly you guys name the dishes"

So she gave a face like her cat just died (and that i possibly have killed it) and walk away with our orders and starting talking agitatedly to her colleagues. Eventually they didn't want to change the crab tart for us but gave it to us FOC though we declined and say we'd have the crab tart and pay for it.

But the crab tart only came back 15 mins later O.O Me and Dotty didn't really dare to eat much of it in case.. You know.. I just don't wanna take the risk.

And then when i get home i saw an email from a whothefuckhethinkheis asking me if i am keen to join him for a food invite cox the PR company who invited him, told him to bring another (actually i don't know what does another mean, does it mean he is one, i am the another other? Lol, you get what i mean) popular blogger who loves food to join him.

And that if i am keen to join him for the food-tasting invite i gotta text him at his cellphone number ASAP. Below were my first reactions..


"What makes him think i will wanna join him in the first place he is not even my friend and if i want to go to a food-tasting i still need him to invite me to tag along him meh what the fuck is this"


"Omg omg omg i am sooooo angry lah Darling!!! Like ERM HOW ABOUT NO AND YOU GO AND KILL YOURSELF ASAP" Josh was all like..

"Aiyah forget it lah just ignore him lor.."

I am like NO NO NO I AM VERY ANGRY. How can people just think they bo dai bo ji can "Text me ASAP" like who they think they are lah can just get my number! It's like those people who email me asking me to tell them where to buy this and that as seen on my blog, and to text them ASAP.

Like who they think bloggers are, some kind of call center? Ah boh they get bang by car that time or they want someone to go out for supper at 3am, they can email me ask me to call / text them ASAP also lor, since they think my number is so freely accessible like some kind of 1-800 toll free hotline.

Moral of the story, 不要跟我乱认亲 - Don't act all close with me.

I can tell when someone is a nice reader who have known my chao pattern for years, months or whatever. Like some readers can even tweet me / leave me comments to scold me jokingly or to dig fun at me, and i totally am fine with it. They know i am okay with it! You guys know who you are haha. Especially love you guys cox you guys can take a joke as it is and is supportive and sweet =)

But when someone is just "I'd try my luck with her and see if i can get something out of it" then you better save your energy. I don't do niceness for people who don't deserve it.

ESPECIALLY NOT WHEN I AM IN A BAD MOOD. Like. The other day last month my gfs were out with me and i told them jokingly "Eh 不要弄我 leh 我要来那个了" - Don't mess with me, my menses is coming. Lolol.

Then they ask me, "Is there any week in the month that you are in a good mood, can you tell us"

I started to count.. Two weeks before my menses come, i have PMS. That's when my temper is the worst, which is like NOW. Lol.

One week during my menses, i am irritable and moody but not so angry.

And i feel BEST when my mense is over so that's about one week in the month left.

Lololol. So they say next time wanna meet me have to set date during that one week. Lolol.

We call it the Golden Week. Hahaha.

So you see. Mood is very important. If i was in a good mood today and have nothing trigger me off to a point, there won't be this blogpost.

And there won't be a reminder to tell you how to get people to do things for you at the right time.

When you can master this art, you can achieve great success and possibly..

Avoid many wrath from your girlfriend and wife, if you are a man. Lolol.


Alice Lee-Yang said...

Sorry to say this ah but why is it so hilarious to read an angry post of yours ah?! It's not logical, or is it? lolol.... 你的痛苦,是我们的快乐。😂

Anonymous said...

When come to bad service, no other country can win us, attitude sucks big time, not to mention their service if they are the one who is in the wrong, I bet most came from other countries who came here to earn a living, I had bad experience when I called for delivery, they did not deliver my ice cream and yet I had to pay the full amount so I called back and the ice cream came in the end but you know what? It is all MELTED! And yes i did not eat it coz I scared they might spit on do something to my ice cream and I never called their delivery again. It applied to all kind of services not just in food. Well done, keep it up!

Hanna Lei said...

I can't believe you had such bad service. Shame on them. -Hanna Lei

Unknown said...

Had a similar bad experience at PS Cafe (Palais Rennaisance) in terms of food. :( Service was okay when I went though.

Anonymous said...

drama queen

Fion said...

Lolol ok I do admit there are many stupid people all around us, both in real life and on the internet, but don't forget your celebrity blogger status :x Still need ren yuan to a certain extent! This line is hard to tread haha jiayou man!

Anonymous said...


Unknown said...

i know what u mean.. i get extremely affected by poor cust service too. and anyway, my mood is naturally alr bad in the mornings because i hate mornings...