18 September 2013

My Past - Poly daze

Hallo i sexy ma? O.O

*ownself go vomit first* Lololol. I was so totally carefree and crazy and fun i can't believe it. If i am me now and i look at a girl like me at 17 year old, i'd probably like her a lot.. Or not.

I mean i don't know haha. I was really fun-loving but i guess i was wayyy too loud for most people.

Think about me in my blog, 100% reflecting in my real life. Everything to me is "LOLOL HAHAHAH =DDDD !!!!!!! OMG!!!!! WTF!!!!!!! LOLOLOL ROFL!!!!!!! LMAO!!!!!"

Actually in many many ways i am still the same but i just don't show it too often to too many people now =X It's scary what people you don't know/ don't speak a lot to/ haven't even met before, can talk about you.

Like in that ridiculous song, you know, "I knew i love you before i met you~" by Savage Garden. That song has always sounded crazy to me. Like it's coming from a psychic. Yeah i was saying, people who don't know you always surprise you by talking about you like they do. Maybe they heard from a friend's friend. Maybe they just dislike you. Maybe it doesn't matter.

I guess i've learnt along the way to only be totally open to nice and kind people whom i've get to warm up to. Then again, last couple of years there were people who seemed nice that turn out to be freakbitches so..

One thing about life and human beings that you can know for sure is.. You never know. Lolol.

If you haven't seen my earlier posts and pictures in the "My Past" series, you can read about my Kiddo Time and Teenie time. I'm totally not ashamed of my past hahaha. In fact i feel quite proud of myself that i've become a much much better person inside / outside regardless what you think hahaha.

This was taken on a trip to the zoo with my poly buddies =DDD I love them so much!!! They are the only people in school who stood by me through the whole of my poly days i guess =)))

There they are~! Yong Ming was behind the camera.. For a good reason. Lololol. Here you have.. "We are da best" 06 cliq. Lolol. We named ourselves that and actually set up a Friendster account for it =XXX It was my idea. I always knew i was gonna be an internet famewhore. Lololol!!!

Uh huh.. You must agree i have good imitating skills..

Anyway in Year 1 i spent the first six months doing pretty well in class and all. But the last six months of my Year 1 was horrible. I got cheated on and dumped by my first boyfriend and have his actual girlfriend then confronted me (of course i was innocent cox i was two-timed unknowingly and only found out when she called me) everything just spiral down from there and i thought my life was over you know why..?

Cox i had to delete my Friendster account. I 辛辛苦苦 accumulate until 900 'friends' one you know!!! Lololol. Some is those by invite "Sg Babes and Hunks" or "Pretty Asian Girls" account. You think it's very to get invited as friend?!?!? Lololol. Kidding lah. It's not all these. It's just i had to close down my 6 month old blog of which i blogged maybe only 5 times DAILY.. And also delete my Friendster account, yes.

So whatever. I really didn't take it too well and i felt little and small and useless and thought that i was just not good enough that's why i got cheated on and was not chosen to be loved. Can't believe i was such a sucker for bastard-acts.

With that i was growing a lot of pimples and not going to classes. I mean i go to school a lot. Everyday. But i just don't feel like going to class =X I'd sit in the computer room alone to use the computer or read a self-help book in the library until We Are Da Best 06 cliq (LOL!!!) is released for lunch hahaha. Damn lifeless but even if i had go to class.. I'd probably just drift off in my head.

I also joined Mr and Miss Singapore Poly during year 1. And this is my partner in the competition, Leonard =D He's one of the funniest and kindest dude! We've been good friends since! Though we hardly meet up but i know if we do, together with Arjuna and the rest hopefully, we'd all be good!!!

What kind of fate brought me into this competition i don't know.. I was just walking to buy chicken rice at the school's foodcourt when i was approached. But when i look back at it today, i think everything happens for a reason. I do hope everyone from MMSP is doing okay.

Anyway this time i had a thing for this visor. I don't know why. I wear it everyday. I am guessing people would think i didn't wash it. They are right. Lololol. I wore it everyday for maybe a year O.O

About the black things on the teeth.. All i would say is.. Grass jelly drink is not the best drink for gross and boh liao people like myself hahahah. Same goes for Oreo as a snack.

One period of time Kristie lent me her digital cam for maybe a month? And i was like ALRIGHT BABEH CAMHO TIME EVERY DAY!!! Hahaha. So everyday i'd go home and camho in front of the electrical fan. Hahaha.

 Partner and i again! We met for dessert i think! Also cox i wanted to whine about ex bf shit lolol. I very selfish and self-centered one hahaha. Anyway this time i more or less thought it through and decided to get over the depressed mode so my skin got better~ OHSUM~

But i still didn't go back to class as often as i should =X Hahah. Instead, i stayed at the computer and make pictures of my friends and put it on my newly started blog then, to make them laugh hahaha. What did i say? I always knew i was meant to do this. Hahaha. SP only had Paint software at that time okay. So being able to do this was quite impressive. In case my editing skill was too awesome and you can't spot it, i placed Ming Zhou's head onto Ren Fu's (of 5566) face cox got Ren Fu was his idol and we sort of think he look like him. Lol.

And then we also think Pei Xi looks like Selina (of S.H.E) and sings like her even haha. So i did this.

And finally nobody said they look alike but Michael from SH!N was really big and fat so i replaced him with Yong Ming's face. It was also surprising to me why i even had friend back then. LOLOL!

Please relax ah, i am not a meanie. We all joke A LOT among ourselves and it's all rude sarcastic jokes but we're all cool with it. They always joke about me being dirty and smelly and flat-chested with fried hair i also okay!!! Cox.. It's true~ Hahahha.

Anyway one time Yong Ming went to have a haircut and it was one of those.. Slanted and skewed to one side asymmetrical shit hairstyle. It looks like it was done by an apprentice who happen to have multiple seizure attacks when he was cutting Yong Ming hair.

And we all (rest of us in the 06 Cliq) told him it was nice and stylo when he asked us how was it. Lololololol. That was the biggest lie i ever told. Hahahaha. I asked him one day on the MRT platform while waiting for the train.. I swear it was a genuine question..

"Yong Ming ah, i never ask you before hor, do you have a religion that you believe in ah?"

He was like "Yeah. Christianity"

So i was like "Ohh.. Good, good good.."

"Why you ask?"

"Oh nothing lah. I just think with a religion, you'd be able to get through everyday life easier"


We laughed so bad. Lolol. Even until today we still joke about that XDDD

Another thing about me is that i've always believe in makeup.

And i think our faces are like canvases..

You add colours to it..

And you draw on it..

Like for real. Lolol. I also really love drawing on makeup for my girlfriends on the computer. Lol. That's the best i can do on Paint! Zhen and Mich here, with digital makeover from me~

Since i was in Business Admin, majoring in Retail, in Year 2 we had a co-op shop with Bugis Street and my team and i were first to go~! And we were gonna put up pictures on the shop as wallpaper.

So we thought of doing it on our own. And guess who self-nominate to be model.

Lololol. My top was $3. Skirt was $3. Shoes were $5. I never really change have i.

And it got printed out and plastered onto the wall and Kah Wei loved it. HAHAHA. She did not. But i speak on her behalf.

Shiyu sent me this picture and say "我们十指相扣" hahaha!! So sweet hor my friends all =DDD

I love Shiyu and Kah Wei Coco a lot too~!!! I love all the good friends i made during Poly!!! ='D Cox they are all so kind and nice and supportive i can't ask for better friends to meet back then!!! Given that i was in such a deep slumb and that my jokes were so crude and rude =X Hahaha!

And.. I was so unhygienic.

You seen this before lah? Somewhere here i decided to get a perm O.O In Johor Bahru. This was already a few months after the perm. The original perm result was horrible like maggie mee hahah.

One day i went to Kah Wei's place, supposedly for school project. But look what we ended up doing.

Chio bo. Lol.

Flying kisses~ Catch ah! Hahaha.

So i was doing quite a fair bit of part-time modelling right, when i was 17 - 18.

This shit happened. Hahaha. DIVA is a great modelling company. I mean my pictures (from TFCD) are shit. I can't believe i thought those pictures were chio. Lolol. No wonder i never get proper assignments for modelling. Always those kucang kurak (small) ones.
 Some fashion show to showcase cheong sum. Can't believe the makeup artist can unintentionally successfully make a 17 year old look like 37. Lolol.
For a friend's final year project.
Anyway track back a bit, i've always had long hair except at 13 yro, i shaved it during school holiday cox my sister told me it'd grow out to be straight (i got curly roots lol) and smooth.

And then at 17, i did a hair show. Not sure if i shown you this. It was a hairshow for Kimage. For the show preparation, they did this to my hair.

They bleached it golden yellow lolol. I didn't think it was ugly-ugly. I just thought it made my hair look super fried. This picture was for the fitting for the Bugis Street co-op shop fashion show!

Anyway for the hair show they actually promised me to let me keep my hair length. But during the show it was all snipped off, left a tiny pigtail of my original hair length. Lolol. Life is hilarious.

Anyway this was my hair right next day following the hairshow. The family went on our yearly trip to Kusu Island. CAN YOU PLEASE LOOK AT AH BONG (CYRUS)!!! On the left of the picture!!! And his gorgor Ah Cas (Casper)!!!! They were so young and cute!!! Now all grown up already!
Anyway i managed to sacve money to buy DIY hair dye and dyed my hair darker. Lol. Golden yellow short hair just make me look like a cao beng. Look alike cao lian i still okay lol.
Me and Joo San on a day out with Yong Ming to snap pictures for our photography class ^.^ the project is not to snap pictures of us la. More of non-living artsy things.
But during our free time i asked Yong Ming to take pictures of me and i did this hahaha =.=" SORRY!!! I also don't know why i like this last time! Damn crazy and shameless! Hahaha!
We were at the Esplanade. So.... Anyway.... Draw me like one of your french girls? No? Okay.
Somewhere here i started dating Josh =))))
But i was still fun. Hahaha.
TRY to attend classes more.. But still not good enough cox.. Erm.. Cox you're supposed to attend ALL classes? Haha. And that's me and Shiyu and Kah Wei ^.^
Joined a singing competition in school. Sang a Stef Sun song cox i absolutely love her.
And then a person did this for me hahaha.
This is the original image. Haha.
And then it was time for the fashion show for the co-op shop at Bugis Street. I look so horrible the hairstylist didn't make it better. I have never left a hair salon absolutely happy until i went to 76Style in KL and then Cleo Hairmake here!!! I guess only Japanese fluffy kind of hair is good for my liking!
Other than blak stuff like oreo and grass jelly i also like to put marshmallow on my teeth. What. I was 18. I think it's forgivable.
Had to wear glasses cox i could barely see the stuff on the projector screen in lecture hall. Also maybe cox i always sit last row lol. Back then i'd put at least 4 layers of mascara before i leave house.
Totally disrespectful and fell in love with the whole feminine ong flowy skirt, bohemian beads necklace and prints style.
Almond longan jelly. I guess i was really lonely and had nothing better to do. Lolol.
Had my last presentation in school with 08 cliq.. We did fine. But i never go back to class again.
Maybe the last time i was in school! But it's alright! I met these wonderful friends and stayed friends with them till today =DDD

A lot of things and circumstances have changed and we might have learnt how to adapt to them changes.. But i guess we never really change who we are =)

I know my friends are still sweet and kind.. Funny and nice..

I know i am still me. Just stronger and better =D

And i definitely still dance and jump a lot in KTV especially. Haha =D

Alright~ I hope you had a good time looking at my old pictures. I'd love to see your old pictures if you blog about them!!! =DDD Just leave me a comment lah! So i can go see and read haha =)))

Talk again soon~~ =D


Unknown said...

OK, I'm going to do this! It might take a few days, but I will do this!

Anonymous said...

i really like the eyebrows you had back then

Hanna Lei said...

These photos are great! -Hanna Lei

rc said...

you're hilarious and really loving the whole warts and all approach you have with the blog and life in general. its nice to read a blog without all that super ego!

Unknown said...

you have naturally beautiful eyes and double eyelids! envious! :)

Cat said...

I like the perfectly shaped Caucasian style eyebrows you had back then haha!

I'm jealous! I want!

I do think your Korean style eyebrows suit you better though :)

I used to want thicker eyebrows but Korean eyebrows on a Caucasian look weird :(

I colored them straight to see and looked like Bert from Sesame Street :p Oh well!

I love seeing your old photos. It is interesting to see the changes.

I have the face of an eternal vampire lol seriously my face has not changed/aged since high school but my body has gotten fats ahaha.

Why face not age but body age so bad? >:(

You have always been beautiful but I do think you have gotten more refined and elegant with age <3

Keep up the good work! :D

Anonymous said...

175cm?? NOT

Anonymous said...

Hello QiuQiu,
How heavy are you in the past? You look slightly meaty than now? Hope you are not offended haha but there is a difference! Anyway when is girlylash launching????!!!!?????? I have been waiting for you to tweet the date!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hehehe thank you for your time ~

Yuxing said...

Lovely post!!!

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for this wonderful post.
I am 16 and in my first year of poly and I was really depressed since my bf got stolen by a year 3 girl. But your post made me realise that I still have friends who care about me and made me look forward to the rest of poly life (: thank you

QiuQiu said...

Pei Ton, yes please! I look forward to seeing it! =D

Anon, it's nice cox i trim them everyday ahaha. But i guess i prefer the brows now cox look younger.

rc which blogs have super ego! Show me! Hahaha.

Jean, thank you!!!

Cat hahaha you do! I don't! I used to love them cox my idol Sammi Cheng has them so i copy O.O Haha.

QiuQiu said...

Anon, i might just be 175 for real cox Sophie is 173, if i don't slouch i am taller than her, she say one. Okay. Why you so sour. If you wanna have something to NOT at, my chest wasn't 32, it's 29 back then. Happy? Crazy.

Anon, i was maybe 49? Max 50. But i had baby fats on face!

Anonymous said...

I always salute you for being brave to put this up. I never would. Yes, I am ashamed and insecure about myself and it's bad. I am just glad you're so happy,grateful and confident of being yourself. there'll never be a blogger as real as you.Love ya! I don't like pretentious bloggers no matter how pretty, fabulous they are. Everyone takes pictures with crazy poses and it's just normal and human.To just post pictures of yourself being beautiful always that's fake. It's great when you expose yourself and we get to see how much you've grown.

I am a fan. :) I like your honesty.

Anonymous said...

What about girlylash??

Anonymous said...

Is that leonard tan jin?

Cat said...

Don't be hating in QiuQiu about her height *cough* jealous *cough*

As someone who is also 175cm tall (but has more fats) I think I can say with certainty that QiuQiu is also 175cm tall. If not she is damn close.

You can tell because she is always hunched over and bent down to fit in the photo frame with her much shorter friends.

Oh the fun of being a tall person, we are forever crouching and slouching and kneeling or bending down to be shorter :(

My Korean friend Sarah is also 175cm tall and she gets so much hate about her height mostly from other Korean girls. Oh well!

pony said...

your pictures are hilarious!! especially the golden yellow hair one.... i think your prettiest pic of all is the unhygienic one haha

Rain said...

your life so exciting , i only remember it's was depressing for me during 15 - 20 , there was 2 years without stepping out the house and i gained alot of weight back then .

really love to read your blog !
Singapore so small yet i've never met you in person once before , hope to see you one day :D

Sii Tin said...

yay qiuqiu i have blogged mine :D http://effeyier.blogspot.sg/2013/09/grow-up-with-me-d.html

Alice Lee-Yang said...

Ok I want to confess that I read this post two days ago and was stuck writing comment halfway bcos it was a bit hard for me to 'digest' esp describing my feelings upon seeing the first two pics wtf hahahahah.

Ahem I do have something nice to say though: actually I find the "flying kisses" picture really cute and pleasant out of the whole lot lolol. ��

Anonymous said...

Idgi aren't make up artists supposed to make u look nicer/younger? I think you'd make a fantastic one hahah.

u look lovely back then . Now also :) ^^

QiuQiu said...

Anon, yeah it's Leonard!

Cat, ikr.. She's all like "YEAH CAUGHT YOU IN A LIE" mad. I don't need to lie about my height. It's not like 173 is a bad height lol.

Pony hahaha, we can be bestfriends.

Raine, it's great you're out and become so beautiful now~!!!

Sii Tin, i LOL at your first pic!!! Cox your banner pic looks damn chio and then the first pic in the blogpost hahahahaha but yeah really enjoyed reading it!!! Thank you!

CHAO ALICE. Hahaha. Why cannot digest.

Anon, i also think i can go be makeup artist! Haha.

Wongy said...

Ahaha your past is pretty interesting and made me laugh :') Your eyebrows looked nice back then when you had a slight arch going but yeah you know what, your current eyebrows really suit you too. Keep doing these kind of real blog posts, it's always nice to read something down to earth.