12 September 2013

Need more of.. What?!

Can't believe it's already halfway through September, three quarter through 2013.

I have been doing things in hope that when i finish them, i can work on things i planned to do but then when i finish one thing, two new things come up. Then i'm like "Walao eh" but then right after i'm like "Haiyah don't complain, work is money" haha.

So actually when i really sit down and look at my "To be done" list, i figure i either need more time, which will be nice but impossible lol, or i need more hands, which will be nice too but it'd be a little freaky, or i simply need more of me.

Yeah.. I know right.

I can't get enough of me too ; )

LOLOL. What am i doing. Here say no time, there waste time cracking jokes that are totally unfunny.

Anyway~ Tomorrow i am going to do crowning for this baby teeth i have =((( My dentist say it's quite rare adults have baby teeth for a (second) pre-molar. But this teeth is crazy small i don't know why. Then again, one of my wisdom tooth that was extracted was extra small and slim and it comes with a little hook, my dentist also say it's very rare.

Also, i am missing of one tooth, the second pre-molar on my upper left is missing, it just never grow out. It's strange right. And then i have only 3 wisdom tooth. Two extracted, one still there, til i am more courageous. Lol. But then now i have Dr Ronnie Yap (Orchard Scotts Dental, 6732 9939) as my dentist, i pretty much have nothing to fear.

So. My point is.. From all the weirdness in the growth of my teeth..

I figured that i am a mutant.

Don't mess with me. Lol.

Does crowning hurt? Don't tell me.

I hope it doesn't cox right after that i have a meeting. But i am super excited about the meeting cox it's for rosebullet!!! =DDD

Went to their store at Wheelock #B2 the other day to try on some clothes =D
If you're gonna be around Wheelock area this Saturday, 2.30pm - 6.30pm, please come and say hello to me lah =D I'd be doing make up and styling for two of my followers / readers and one walk-in, in rosebullet outfit =DDD And then Sio and the Cleo Hairmake team will be doing the hair for all bloggers and readers and customers participating that day =D I can't wait for that to happen! The winner with most likes on Facebook will win the whole outfit =DDD I hope my "model" win hahaha.
Alright, this Saturday, 2.30pm - 6.30pm, see you at Wheelock B2 if you're around the area ^.^

Some random snap shots i took the day i got my hair cut shorter haha. I had no makeup on but i quite like the subtle colours Shio did for me so i thought, heck, just put on some lippie and a pair of dark frame glasses off we go lol.

❤ ❤ ❤ CLEO Hair and Make ❤ ❤ ❤
Located at Millenia Walk, P2-09 (Level 2) PARCO Marina Bay
Tel: 6338 5250 Facebook Page

Can see the colours best under sunlight / white light! But generally it's dyed darker cox i told Shio i want a.. Innocent fun and young Disneyland kinda look lolol. Really is FHL.

Sometimes the instructions i give him, i also find it annoyingly vague and impossible. Like sometimes it's "I want to look like Lena Fujii" sometimes it's "I wanna look like a good wife cox i just got married", sometimes it's "I wanna look like Japanese mix Korean but more Japanese blood" Hahahaha. I am surprised he has never hit me with a broom.. Yet.

So i got a Dark mint ash top, middle Pistachio ash, bottom a dash of blackcurrant.
I loveeee the blackcurrant part!!! I wanna dye my whole head that colour next =X I haven't ask if i can yet but i want! =D Anyway my lip colour is from Too Cool for School.

Okay bye! If you wanna try out the hair salon services at Cleo Hairmake, they are currently having a promotion for their headspa! This promotion quite worth it lah!

For $100 (original price $120!), you get to enjoy:

A headspa treatment + shampoo + blowdry and styling to a style you want to leave the salon with haha. Very worth it hor!

PLUS you receive a can of their carbonate acid headspa in a canister!!!

This product, for FREE!

It's a product from Japan (retail price $50!!!) and it's great for relaxation, healthy scalp, promote healthy hair growth, improve blood circulation of the scalp and is even good for usage on your face =O It's now FREE when you book their headspa, you'd try it once during your headspa and be able to bring home the whole canister!

Promotion valid til end of Oct only!

Go pamper yourself a little~ =D For appointment, Cleo Hairmake: 6338 5250

Okay for real bye bye!!! I've been working everyday since a week before i leave for Hong Kong, and then working everyday since i come back from Hong Kong O.O Don't know is it i blog too slow, or i blog too much lolol. BYE BYE BYE!


Hanna Lei said...

Your impossible hair requests are so funny! -Hanna Marie

Unknown said...

You look so pretty !!! :) :)

Unknown said...

Love the way you express yourself in your entries!

Unknown said...

Love the way you express yourself in all your entries!

Cat said...

Lol! I love the comment on 'wanting to look like a good wife'.

Hairdressers are great at figuring out what we want.

Rain said...

some of your picture actually look like lee hyori <3

Jasmine said...

Hi Qiuqiu!

Crowning does not hurt a single bit at all. As least for me. Hahaha.

QiuQiu said...

Hanna hahaha! Funny hor i don't know why Sio haven't kick me out of the salon yet!

Jean, thank you!!!

Justina ^.^

Cat, really you know, i had a darker hair and straighter hair ends, symbolizes stability and demure-ness as a housewife hahahaha.

Rain, some people comment that also on my instagram! But i don't quite think so leh haha.

Jasmine, yeah i did it!!! Really don't hurt! But is it normal i feel like i suddenly have one extra tooth? Haha.