29 September 2013

QWeekly - NUYOU Photoshoot and how i kena snook repeatedly this week


My week's been pretty....

Yeah that's what i meant. My week's been pretty! Haha. Started off with a photoshoot and interview for NUYOU magazine. It's for their November issue ^.^

Yeah, one more magazine conquered. Lol. Remember i was saying i wanna appear in all the magazines at least once right haha. So this is one more down the list! =D Haha.

Always happy when i can go bare face and let people do the job cox that means i can have more sleep O.O But always skeptical and anxious cox don't know who will be doing the makeup and hair.
When i got to the studio i was happy to know it's Lolent for my makeup =DDD And Sean for the hair, first time but i guess he'd be good cox Lolent say they work together quite a few times!
All ready~ =D
You can't tell i have double eyelid sticker tape on right. So happy to learn a trick from Lolent, next time i will try to hide my eyelid tape better also hahaha. I have been a disaster of conventional eyelid tapes for the longest time. Unless i use double sided kind then it'd be better lah. But double-sided / fibre ones are very precious to me cox it's more expensive haha so i only use it for special occasions!
One more of me =)))
And makeup artist i can trust~ Haha.
The team for the day, lacking Pei Mei the writer and Pauline!!! =O
And this happened weeks ago but i thought i look quite happy here so.. Haha. Radio interview at 933fm! Happy to be there that night cox it's like answering questions live from readers / listeners =D

Really quite thankful to have all these little features here and there =) I think all little things make big things ^.^ And you gotta be happy and thankful and excited for the little things to get yourself in the swing for big things =D

Anyway i was saying this week i kena snooked a lot right. First, i helped someone who proved that he doesn't deserve help that much at all until i told him i feel he don't deserve help, then only he try to prove otherwise. But you know, help given is help given. It's not like i can take it back. So whatever, he's not getting help from me again, at least that i learnt. End of story for this.

Then i found out how people can pretend to be nice to you when they meet you and then behind you they behave and speak differently of you. Insinuating you don't deserve all the good shit you got.

Yeah really? Is that how "Jealousy" is described in dictionaries? =DDD Haha. I don't deserve then who deserve? You ah? Pff don't make me laugh. As hard as you may try..

I'm still me and you're still you. What am i gonna do? Keep rocking? =X Hahaha. Can't believe i was speaking nice stuff of her. Urgh. Why are people gross sometimes =( Do you get that?

People that somehow think it's okay to pretend to be nice, like aggressively actively pretending to be nice to you when they in fact dislike you, really have to rethink their life.

It'd be perfectly fine for them to just ignore you or even just give you death stare if they are more gutsy right?

I mean. Do they not feel cheap and ashamed of themselves and their dignity when they have to pretend to act super nice to someone they actually dislike and look down upon thinking that they are better than me and yet not getting the credit they deserve? That's really quite sad =X Jiayou ba.

Work on being a better you instead of trying to outdo others. I feel people who constantly try to outdo others will never feel good enough, plus people like this can hardly share other people's joy.

And then i was at Baby Yurou's place and she dropped her dudu (pacifier) and someone pick it up for her and pass it to her. She snatch it back without saying thanks so i said "Yurou ah!!! Cannot like this ah!!!" She make funny faces and boo me and then got her face closer and closer to me.

Last time baby time we always play kok-tao (head bump) with each other and i thought she was gonna do it again so i got my face close to her also and when we touching foreheads, i smile and say "Kok Tao~~" then she slap me in the face =__________="""

Turn out she was still angry i tell her cannot be rude earlier hahaha. Then her mummy scold her right. Then she say sorry reluctantly. Ran away to get her crocodile toytoy..

AND PLACE IT RIGHT UNDER MY CHAIR!!! Hahahahah. It's her attempt to scare and punish me. Thinking i won't dare to put my feet down. Then she look at me and pat the crocodile twice, as if saying "Watch her" And then she gave me gangsta stare as she walk away =_="

I don't know to laugh or to cry!!!

After that i patch things up with her already right. She was drinking her night time milk and then i ask her..

"阿姨可以唱一首歌给你听吗 很好听的 okay?"
"Can ah yi sing a song for you? Very nice one okay?"


"When you wish upon a star~ Makes no difference who...."

*take out the milk bottle from the mouth.. Look at me for a bit..*

And then she finally say the words..

"不好听 你走开"
"It doesn't sound nice, you go away"

不好听就不好听啦 要叫我走开的 meh!!!!!! 也是你讲 okay 要听的 *rage face* Hahaha.

Sigh. Very very hurt. Hahaha.

Then on this bright Sunday morning i set my alarm for 5.30am, it's a HL Milk event for mass yoga. I advance booked a cab the night before cox i scared Punggol got no cab at that time. That's $8.

Then i woke up at 3.24 cox i was too anxious about waking up (early) for something i never did before. And then didn't succeed at going back to sleep. Lol. So i changed out, put on makeup..

And hop onto the cab. It was raining heavily..

And then 5 minutes into the cab ride, i was told the event was cancelled due to bad weather. Lol. In the end my two girlfriend also all made up. So i dabao McDees breakfast for everyone and meet at Gem's place hahah. Thank you ah Gem and Zhen for waking up so freaking early for me!!!

Okay, i told everyone this before..

I don't do so good with morning. I always knew it. Lol.

So this is how i kena snook time and time again this week.

Next week better be ten times better haha. Also.. I am sooooo tempted to book a trip to Japan for December =XXX Should i!!!!! I SHOULD TOTALLY RIGHT??!! Urgh.. I miss Japan so much!!!


Ayu Adiras said...

Hi i watch your youtube video for breast augmentation and nose job.
when the doctor said you look older than your age actually, yes you look mature but you dont look that old. i think its kinda mean for people to say that to make you feel bad and feel the need of his surgery.
your 'before' face actually look nice too with strong jawline. so many caucasian model want that kind of jawline. but i dunno maybe 'puffy cute' face seems more popular in asia. well this post is getting too long but all iam saying is your 'before' face is pretty! and your 'after' face is even prettier and also your body. congratulation you did a great choice.


Anonymous said...

I think i know how you feel when Yurou slapped you :/ There was once when my neighbour's cousin (who was still really young at that time prolly around Yurou's age) came over to my house to play. While we were playing he actually spat his saliva all over my face for no reason and then he kept on laughing because he thought it was fun T_T

elderflowertea said...

Kids are really =.= sometimes!

elderflowertea said...

Kids are really =.= sometimes!

Hanna Lei said...

You look so pretty here. -Hanna Marie

Madeleine said...

Aahhhh baby yurou so mischievous now! Feel so sad when she never kok tao with you. D:

Alice Lee-Yang said...

Yes!!! Japan in Dec would be so cool (literally & really) wtf. Haha, pls take care la make sure bring enough clothes don't catch a cold ah must enjoy to the max.

Aiyo this Yurou ah, I think the kids this age are all like that, my son also start to become naughty and mischievous recently, ask him turn left he will turn right, ask him sit he will stand. Buay tahan. Can only be patient and reason out with them hoping they can learn. Not learn now but everything we adult do they are watching so it's still important that we must lead a pleasant example. Ok I better stop here, talking about kids is endless. Wait when next time you have kids, we talk more. Heheh.

Alice Lee-Yang said...

Uh oh I'm not implying that the adults never lead a good example. My previous message a bit misleading. Aiyo anyway the kids this age are really not easy to understand. Anyway, just want to clarify because I read my own comment I feel a bit weird like something wrong. Lol that's all ya. Have a nice day. ^.^

Anonymous said...

i will feel very very sad if a kid do this to me!! that's why i never ever spoil my kid, if they did something wrong i will give them consequences(no playground/fav food/tv/etc) so that they can remember not to do it again. Consistently whenever they did something wrong, punish them, they will be a good kid. but if the naughty kids r not my own children/student, it is hard to have the right to punish them...

i think when Yurou grow up, she will be a clever girl and also super love u. kids sometimes dont really know what they r doing

QiuQiu said...

Anon, hahaha sorry ah yours i find you very ke lian O.O And unhygenic. Mine kena slap only lah i find it quite funny =X

Madel, yeah more smart and notti now! But i still love her a lot and she is still very super happy when she sees me! She will jump for joy like for real one ^.^

Alice hahaha okay next time if you see Pearl you can discuss with her okay! Maybe when Little Thoughts is on-going with web running all you'd see her soon!!! =DDD

Anon, haha i don't really feel sad lah. I just feel WHAAAT hahahaha! More hilarious than sad.

Alice Lee-Yang said...

Hohoho that sounds like a perfect plan ^.<

Cat said...

What does 'snook' mean? :( I only know some Singaporean words, unless it's an English word in which case I am just old >_<

Anonymous said...

would you mind sharing the trick to hiding the eyelid tape? : ) I've recently been using the black ones, but I can tell yours are the nude ones