22 September 2013

ZooooOoooo ^.^

HELLO~!!!! How's your week been!!! Mine's GREAT!!! Celebrated Josh birthday by going to the zoooooo!!! =DDD I LOVE THE ZOO! I have been there maybe only 10 times in my life. Lol.

Mandatory picture when i go to the zoo. I have a few versions of this picture haha.

Some animal picture spam follow! If you don't like Animal Planet then you can just scroll pass lah hahaha. But please see lah very cute one especially the meiyangyang xiyangyang hahaha.

First stop!!! Inuka the polar bear!!! I've always wanted to see him upclose like this cox every time i visit the zoo he's always far away in the pool enclosure.
But now that i see him like this i sort of wish i didn't. Cox he seem so restless and tired and bored and lonely = l Whole time damn inactive and looking like in a sad daze like this.
His pool was under maintenance that day, i'm not sure for how many days but he was doing this for 15 times at least. Going to the door that leads to the pool and then did the throwback neck movement.

Josh say he is probably letting out a loud grunt but we can't hear. I guess so too cox he don't look happy =( I kinda think it'd be super lonely to be there alone since his mum and dad passed..

I would think it'd be great if they can bring him a companion but then the enclosure is already too tiny for one bear. Last time i visit zoo i never think so much lah cox his mum was still with him. Nothing is too bad when you have a companion yeah.

I guess nothing can be done cox the zoo has been going forward and backward with their words (read the wikipedia for Inuka) and decision about Inuka and plans for him so i guess.. Till then.. At least we know Inuka is fed well and will get good medical treatment if he's not feeling well?

Sometimes i look at documentaries about wild life actually also very heartpain. You see all the animals got flies and whatnot partying around them one. And when they get injured nobody is there to treat them. And you just watch them wither and die.

So.. Right. Nothing is too bad and i guess everything works out fine in their own way!

Gorgeous white tigers..
Award-winning picture of the white tiger and its intense stare. Haha.
Josh and i on the tram ride ^.^
And then to the elephant show =D It's good that the trainers treat the elephants really gently by gently tapping the elephants' shoulders.

Cox when i was in Malacca zoo, the trainers keep hitting the elephants with like a wooden rod. Koh Samui was alright, the trainers only shout their commands and is a bit greedy with tips lolol. As me to give Cartoon (my elephant) tidbit money lolol. I bet it's his drinking money lor. But nevermind lah, Cartoon damn cute and sweet.

Why am i so anal about these you might think. Cox i just feel like mammal creatures are very smart with feelings and most importantly they can show it lah. You got see this documentary before?

Elephants are amazing mammals. I think they will make better human beings haha. They are damn 有情有意, 行侠仗义 and they 不离不弃 their babies and family *nods head* #notbad

Bought a $5 fruit basket as feeding token ^.^ Comes with lotsa carrots and banana and apples =DDD
The zebras. One of the zebras was shivering like mad under the sun i don't know why! And it keeps lifting up one of its hind leg while shivering. Maybe tickling him/ herself cox too bored O.O
This particular meerkat kept posing like a supermodel haha. Sometimes it'd turn its head back and pose hahaha. Very cute lah!!!
Giraffe ^.^ They look sooooo beautiful!!! And peaceful.
The lion who never fail to roar for me each time i visit!!! Hahaha! Very nice one! It's like bouts after bouts of super low loud roar! He looks much older and dirtier =X than the last time i saw him!
The super showy, most beautiful and sexy looking leopard. Omg. He / She kept walking to the window!!! And it's really damn pretty, her prints.
Came this close. Haha.
Chimpz chewing on gumjiak (sugarcane) like a hooligan haha.
A good shot of the pony after 10 shots maybe haha. It finally look up at me for like 1 second.

You know they got pony rides for kids!!!!!

But up to i think 12 yro only. I think that's a bad gauge lah. My niece and nephews at age 11 already more heavy than me. They should go by weight then fair! Lol.

MY FAVOURITE ENCLOSURE!!! They are all superrrrr cute and loved by the caretakers!!! You can really see the caretakers damn love them, will go and pat them and talk to them and feed them leaves =DDD And they have so many of them!!! From adults to teenagers to really young baby goats!!!
Happiest enclosure in the zoo haha.
You can pet / feed them for free haha. Me and Josh stayed there for a long time cox there's one black goat, you see at the corner, who's DAMN greedy!!! Hahaha. And kiasu!! Other goat come he will bump them away one! So cute!!! They are like our doggies like this, won't bite plus love attention plus damn loving and cute and silly ^.^
"Who you calling silly? Mehhh"
Went for the interactive Splash show. This sealion is damn smart!!! And showoff~!!! Hahaha. Will keep asking people to clap one haha.
Went to see the cheetahs too and they look so.. Gan jeong haha. Like whole time on patrol or something. Damn alert and fierce-looking! they are much bigger in size than the leopard i saw!
Pretty. But the leopard is handsdown prettier haha.
Ending the picture spam with one of me and the rhinos at the back.

Okay lah~ Leave you here.

Next week blogposts you will love one~!!! Be back soon ^.^ TTYL. I go snack. I have been binging on snack. Like i'd be at the cashier, and then i'd just grab two snickers bar. And i've done that for like.. 5 - 6 times already. In less than a month. Imagine how many snickers bars i downed in less than a month. Sigh. My arms, they waving when i wave. FTS.


Hanna Lei said...

I think that otter was actually a meerkat. Haha Animal Planet used to have a whole show about a family of them. -Hanna Marie

Ennie said...

That's a meerkat, not otter! xD You probably saw otters too though... if I remember correctly their enclosure there has a mini waterfall and they're ALWAYS squeaking (hopefully out of joy)

Cat said...

I think Hanna is right :p

QiuQiu I feel the same way about zoo animals :(

Only zoo that I ever went to where the animals looked happy was San Diego Zoo but given how much money San Diego Zoo makes... Worst Zoo was San Francisco Zoo :( it was like the animals were waiting around to die and the owners were also waiting for them to die :/

I hear Singapore Zoo was really good so I thought this post was super interesting :D

Glad you honest about it :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Qiuting! I just need to ask you, how do you extract blackheads after your nose job? Will squeezing cos the implant to go out of shape? Cos I want to do a nose job but my skin is very oily and prone to blackheads and I don't know how to take care of my skin after that.

Anonymous said...

Most captive white tigers in the world today are products of inbreeding (father to daughter, brother to sister, mother to son). Try to find out a bit more, the info will astound and sadden you about how these white tigers came about.

QiuQiu said...

Hahaha yeah everyone, sorry my bad, it is a meerkat.

Cat.. Omg now i hope one day i get to be there!! At San Diego zoo!!!

Anon, i use serum to soften the blackhead first, then i use a pore pack to pull them all out sqeaky clean =DDD You can google qiuiqu blackhead. I blogged about it.

Anon.. Omg.. I go google now.

Anonymous said...

You pregnant?

Alice Lee-Yang said...

Wheee~~~my son will love this post. Erm he's in school now, I will show it to him tonight, he loves the animals! Heehee...

Rain said...

last year i went there on my birthday, mostly all the animal were sleeping except the white tiger who were taking a swim, and the baby goat is super active + adorable!

but what i like most is free entry for birthday girl / boy with ice cream haha :)

Seoul In Love said...

Hi QiuQiu,

Thanks for the wonderful post! Have seen a lot of good reviews of the Singapore Zoo. Hopefully will be able to visit it in future! :)