31 January 2014

Chinese New Year Eve

YO YO WAH JARP?! Lolol. You'd know what this means if you follow me on instagram. It's Yurou's lao-hong pronunciation of "Yo yo, what's up?" Lol.

It's Chinese New Year!!! I just wanna wish everyone who reads my blog, a very very blessed and lucky new year!!! I wish you all mai ma piao, zhong ma piao, mai toto, zhong toto. Hahaha.

Which is quite impossible cox if 8000 - 10000 of you all kena 4D / toto, Singapore Pools will have to run naked. Lolol. But i do wish all of you good health and positive mindset =)))

I have a good feeling about horse year =D I think that's half way to success already! Haha.

Here's some pictures i snapped with my camera! =DDD I try to bring my camera out as much as possible to snap pictures for the blog ^.^ But if you want random short updates you can of course follow me on instagram / Dayre (@qiuqiu)

Here's me and my family on a simple Chinese New Year eve =)))

Yurou giving me a kisskiss ^.^ She super loveeee to pose now. You just tell her what pose you want. She'd try her best hahaha. Angry, sad, happy, kiss kiss. Anything lah.
SHE LOVESS ANY CAMERA. Will keep telling you, "Lai, wo men lai pai zhao okay?" Lol.
If you're wondering why she's always doing this pose, it's becox this is her default "SMILE~" pose. Hahaha. Maybe she think very cute and chio. Hahaha.
My dad made bird's nest for us all ^.^V Becox i say "Papa, last year you got make bird's nest for everyone hor. Don't know this year still have or not hor...?" Lolol. Hinting obvious much?
Most people do steambboat on CNYE. We'd do that tomorrow on CNY day 1 onwards. But my dad and brother-in-law made all these =D
Me and my 3rd sister ^.^
My dad and i ^.^
And one more~
Me, ah Pearl and Niao Niao =DDD So annoying, CNYE show what cleavage. SHOW OFF!!!
You say, is it i most chio? Lolol.
My 2nd sister haven't come so we camho-ed without her. Lol.

More pictures soon if i bother to put on makeup the next few days of Chinese New Year ^.^

I am sooooo excited cox i've planned activities for my family and i.

A bit sad cox i didn't really get to shop at Chinatown this year =( I did shop for Budget Barbie at Chinatown but it's work so i didn't shop for myself. Only manage to get a cheongsum for Yurou hahaha. She'd look so cheena biang in it ^.^V

Also, a quick update about my back issue IN CASE you guys are worried about me haha.

I'd be going for my first physiotherapy session on 3rd Feb 8am T_T 8am. 8am. 8am. 8am.

Wo hao xiang si. Lolol. And the appointment to see the bone and spine doctor is on 19th Feb. I am so so so thankful my friend helped me get this appointment so fast!!! Also thank you guys for all the advice and suggestions to help my back pain =))) You guys are AWESOME!

Okay lah, GONG XI FA CAI!!!

I am super looking forward to spending time with my family and friends =)) You have a good time too okay!!! =DDD I'd update again real soon!


Hanna Lei said...

Your niece is so cute! -Hanna Lei

Anonymous said...

That little girl lit me up! She is honestly the cutest little girl i've ever seen.

Oreleona said...

Gong Xi Fa cai!

Anonymous said...

Your third sis look like ur mummy

Tysh said...

happy new chinese year! =D

Anonymous said...

Niao Niao so pretty already. What's her secret?