17 January 2014

They say..

Do you believe in what they call "they say"?

You probably do (i mean for instant, how many times have you caught yourself telling someone going to Japan about the radiation and the not being able to conceive after that whole lot of crap cox THEY SAY YOU HEAR).

That's why we lose ourselves in the midst of everything. Becox we hear ourselves lesser and lesser. Only very few lucky ones manage to stay sane and constantly remind themselves..

"Listen. Listen to me. Listen to me. I am you, listen to me"

Then again, if you have depression i don't suggest you listen to yourself. Or if you have a case of being a psychotic ex-girlfriend, then don't listen to yourself. No you should not call him again.

And no, he doesn't have a real reason to hurt you, he just have excuses to becox you'd find reasons for him to hurt you anyway.

Okay so we get this clear. If you're not clinically-depressed, and you're not a psycho ex-girlfriend, then okay yes, listen to yourself.

Sometimes the words that comes out of your mouth, the thoughts that you think.. Really need for you to listen. Is it okay? Is it right? Is it bad? Is it going to hurt someone for real..?

I haven't listened to myself for a long time. Been too busy. And that's where the problems come. If i don't have time to go for my IPL, and i don't have time to floss my teeth =X Then where do i find the time and mood to listen to myself.

I don't.

So here's where i just put my thoughts out there, which become words for people to read / hear and they give me their thoughts on it. And i listen.

That sounds right. I don't have that 10 minutes to hear myself out, people will do it for me and most people give me idea / suggestions / solution base on their own experiences.

So that's where "They say" happen.

"They say people come, people go"

"They say when god closes one door he opens another"

"They say people change"

"They say everything happens for a reason"

"They say nothing good ever lasts"

Some people are positive. Some people are negative.

So who do you listen to!

I kinda think that we should just listen to ourselves.

But sometimes we just can't becox even if we do, we'd find ourselves more annoyed and angry and upset than anything else by just listening to ourselves and trying to find out the "whys" to the "whats".

But sometimes there's just no why.

Becox remember what they say?

Everything happens for a reason. Until you find the reason, you'd never know.

You can believe but you'd never know.

But try not to believe in what they call "they say" if you're looking for facts, there's google. If you're looking for emotional support and opinion, there's always yourself here for you.

But for now i guess it's true. People come, people go.

But i also believe how "only some stay"

I guess i am the kind of person you come to for a negative evaluation of the situation but a positive outlook on life. Becox that's how you live to see what's next. Don't cry.


Hanna Lei said...

You have an interesting perspective. -Hanna Lei

Anonymous said...

They say ''to make her fall in love with you is to make her laugh, but everytime she laughs, you are the one falling deeper ''

its true, yet there are so many hidden premises within. what are those voices in your mind that trigger the thoughts? what made you think of that?
who is that person that you sub concicously allowed into your brain, into your life?