26 January 2014

Think of 10 things..

Hello!!! It's a Sunday and i'm working O.O It's really fulfilling and all but i just really, really, really wanna know.. And i wish someone would tell me..

Where did all my money go to?


Say real one.

Is it taxi? Is it food? Okay most likely both lol. Does this mean i gotta cab and eat lesser or does this mean i gotta work harder and earn more and fall sick and nurse myself back to health to abuse and work even harder. Sometimes you don't win it all in life, do you. Haha.

This simply means i gotta work smarter, i guess. Okay then i have a real problem. Lolol.

Anyway i was just browsing through latest issue of Vivi magazine that i have, and i saw sooooo many things i love! And it's not even Spring issue yet!!! I usually go crazy at the Spring issue cox it's filled with colours!!!! Last year was pastel colour, i almost cannot breathe when i browse the magazine.

Then for a while i feel quite motivated to lose weight and look frail like the Japanese girls and also to earn a lot more spare cash so that i can shop freely when i head to Japan in March ^.^

But then later after i close the magazine i calm my head down and i try to think about 10 things that i really want from the magazine.


Either i have very bad memory or i just don't really need to have those things.

I mean usually if i see something i really love i'd try to search for the price of pre-order online hahaha. But nowadays i just don't love anything THAT much anymore. I more gian time-off from work and more gian time to go see babies that i love ^.^V And more gian family time and nua-sai time. So actually this back pain (which is still very bad by the way =___=) is a great time for me to rest and have time away from the computer!!! =D

But then i have been working quite hard to cope with Little Thoughts Chinese New Year orders.

So please, tell me where's all my money. Lolol. I really don't know.

Okay since i have more time to think.. You know.. Of things..? Lolol. I was just wondering if there are 10 things that i really want / need. I KNOW, needs and wants are really different but if you keep thinking of your wants, it basically is a need already hahaha.

So imagine your life is a magazine. SOoooooo many tempting pretty cute things.

Shut it down and think of 10 physical things that you really want!!! Can you fill up the list with 10 things?

I'm not sure if i can!!! I try okay.

I can't. There's nothing physcial that i really want except maybe more cash hahahaha.

Okay but if i anyhow think, there are things that i don't mind having just to see if i'd love it or not.

- A bedside table that is not too small, not too big
- A seasalt caramel tart that is more salty than sweet
- An airfryer to make spam fries
- A pastel pink bicycle and hopefully reasons to cycle
- OMG CAN I WANT A HUGE LANDED HOUSE AND BE ABLE TO AFFORD IT? If yes then that's the only thing i want hahaha.

That's lah. I cannot think of anything else that i really want now and now. I already squeezed my brain dry trying to think of things i really thought of getting just to try see if i'd love it in my life or not hahaha. Oh oh oh, i also want a yonana!!! Just cox i love banana but i'm pretty sure i'd leave it at one side after 1 or 2 usage. Lol.

So my point to myself is..

Sometimes i just need to calm de heck down and stop feeling like there are too many things that i can't afford. Cox man.. I don't even really want it hahahah.

It sounds like i'm a sour grape but really.. All the things that i thought would be nice to have, i can do without. That..

Or the things that i want are not physical. For now it's only moving house and sending my parents overseas for a nice trip =D I hope i can move lah. Really had quite enough of Punggol taxi situation.

Okay now to get these done soonest.. I need to go find out.. Where my money is..

Maybe YOU think of 10 physical things that you REALLY, REALLY want. Hahaha.

I kinda don't think most people can actually think of 10. So maybe.. We can all be quite contented =D

Have a good Sunday! Sorry i'm doing more nonsense random wordy update now cox i can't sit too long at the computer. But you know i'd be back!!! ^.^ And tell me if you can think of 10 things! Was it easy or hard to come up with the list! Hahah.


Hanna Lei said...

I love the things you want! -Hanna Lei

T said...

I guess I just love everything else that I can't afford to buy, my 10 things list is just not enough and I seem to dream only for the impossibles:D

Anonymous said...

Your fat injections on your face seem to have diminished. If you need to touch up again, do you even have any mote fats to harvest from your body? Because you are so skinny!