10 January 2014


Lolol. Yup this post is just filled with camho pictures of myself at photoshoot ^.^


The modification of my princess bed!!! I am happy i get a lot of positive feedback on the princess bed ^.^ But then i wasn't gonna stop there! Hahaha. I posted a picture of it on my Dayre but hey, my blog deserves better pictures taken with the camera.

To see it you'd have to scroll past my camho pics. I think it'd be worth it. Lol.

Cox my bed is uh uh uh~ Lol. I don't even know what that means. But whatever~ ^.^

 Wearing GIRLY Lash No.2 (Get it on GIRLYMake.com) and all my hairstyles are done by Sio ^.^ This hairstyle is still in the making. You'd see how it turns out!!!

❤ ❤ ❤ CLEO Hair and Make ❤ ❤ ❤
Located at Millenia Walk, P2-09 (Level 2) PARCO Marina Bay
Tel: 6338 5250 Facebook Page

Looks like i have ultra big eyes that day, with the makeup and the hair all. And the lips! I tried to conceal my upper lips for the first time that day! Quite love it!!!! ^.^
Of course i photoshopped my face shape a lot =( I wanna get surgery done to reduce my zygoma and to get V-Line!!! =XXX
With the dream team. Hahaha. Samantha to make me laugh and Sio to make me laugh harder lolol. Wtf Sio look like Ah Can that day.
Sorry i am not getting sick of this look!!! Lolol. So sharp and chio i cannot take it myself lolol.
Okay lah last few okay!!!
The lip concealing, and then shape it later, is working out good hor?!?! =D
I LOVE THE FRINGE!!!!! =DDD I asked for something vintage! Sio delivers ^.^ Okay ah better book your CNY hairdo NOW if you need!!! Cox even i also need to book 2 weeks ago T.T
And for GIRLYMake photoshoot! All the pictures you see on my website is done by Josh ^.^
Wearing GIRLY Lash No.1 ^.^ Oh gosh i miss my brown hair.
Test shot.
Shooting for No.5 lash!
For No.4 Puppy Eyes ^.^
Acting like i don't know Sam is taking a picture of me haha.

Four of us (Josh, Sam, Sio and myself!!!) are heading up to Japan in end March!!! For photo-taking and holiday!!! ^.^ I AM SOOOO EXCITED!!!!!!!!!

I missed out a lot of chances to head up Japan last year =( THIS YEAR IMMA MAKE UP FOR IT! I hope i can make so much i can go to Japan twice hahaha. Once a year at least yes!!! =DDD

You know actually i surprise myself. Like HOW THE HECK i can still blog so much when everyday i am flooded with blog-work. Like advertorials. And on top of all that..

Still find time to do up my bed hahahaha.

I guess i just really need an outlet to talk to. AND YOU GUYS BE MY LISTENERS / READERS!!! So thank you!!! ^.^ Let's be internet friends forever! Haha!

Okay so you ready for my modified bed?!?!?!

The last time where i left it (you may refer to the post before this), Josh say it looks like how we've always seen Malay taxi aunties decorate their taxi. I boxed him but..

I kinda agree =((( I've seen like at least 5 Malay taxi aunties put lace curtain at their window lol. So he's not wrong! SO!!! I decided i need to make it a little bit more dreamy / whimsical! Haha.

And i wanted those mini white lightbulbs!!! But Josh say they are no good cox i am so kiasi i confirm damn scared kena electrocuted one. Which.. He's right again. Lolol.

But then i happen to see this at Typo!!!!!

Artificial flower all around the mini lightbulbs!!! It will never electrocute me!!! Hahaha.
Quite nice hor!!!
I bought two!!! ^.^
Couldn't get my camera to the right light-settings so it ended up a little blur. Oh as you can see i also got a super luxurious fluffy soft blanket!!! ^.^
From far it does look like it's on fire hahaha.
But the closer up is okay one ^.^
Okay i think that's it~ I won' buy more stuff to add on it anymore. Josh say it looks like one of those neon flashing Trishaw in Malacca =___= I boxed him again for that.

But he's probably right, i should stop here before i start hanging all sorts of weird things on my bed. Lolol. Things like dollar bill, salted eggs and dried chili lol.

Oh. I need soft toys and cushion!!! SO EXCITED.


I said i wouldn't buy more things to HANG on the bed. Didn't say i wouldn't buy more things to PUT on the bed ^.^

SPEND ALL THE MONEY~~!!! Hahaha. Kidding.


Soon i'd be able to sit straight and work on the computer T.T THANK GOD. This working on laptop thing is really bad for my back!!! Okay don't say dee lah~! I need to go edit video.

Bye bye!!! HAVE A GREAT WEEKEND AH!!! ^.^


Hanna Lei said...

Those lights are fantastic! -Hanna Lei

Anonymous said...

Your double eyelid almost looks like nothing. You went thru all the pain and plastic surgery to look like this?

missxxx said...

Nice bed you have there. The lighting makes it look like a hotel room.

Celine said...

@Anon - I don't think Qiu had surgery on her eyelids :/ She had fat grafting and rhinoplasty

In any event Qiu can answer that, and theres no need for you to be rude

ms.bulat said...

At first I wanna sleep dy cus I am so tired from baking cny cookies the whole day, then I saw josh how he comments on your bed. Hahahahaha so funny! Omg! Now I cannot sleep.