02 January 2014

Cleo A/W Hair Makeover

HEY HEY~ HOW IS YOUR NEW YEAR SO FAR??? Second day eh. Soon before we realise, we'd be half way into it already =O Today Baby Yurou goes to school for the first time.

I mean when was the time you saw her pictures fresh from the hospital?

Just two years plus ago but it feels like yesterday to me O.O

Do you guys feel like you know me? I mean if you've been reading me for 2 years at least, you should know me, i hope? Haha! Some of you have been reading me for way longer. Please tell me if one day you think i have reached an age where i have to type like an adult and not go LOLOLOL and !!!!!!

Hahaha! And =DDDD I am kidding. Don't tell me how to type *stern face* Lolol.

Anyway! Lotsa pretty girls pictures spam below cox i was one of the judges for Cleo Hair A/W makeover by the stylists!!! Along with the bloggers Cleo Hair is sponsoring! ^.^

Me and my plus one Mich reached early! And here's one with Sam! Mich was so kind to let me put on fake eyelash for her hahaha. She's using GIRLYLash No.4 WOOHOO~!!! Hahah!
Event was held at Sansui @ Fullerton! The place had awesome ambiance and they serve Japanese cuisine. If you're looking to have a neat meal where freshest ingredients are used, please try! They have very affordable set menus! I wanna go back =DDD
My bff Mich and i ^.^
Pictures of the models before their hair makeover! And then i went "backstage" to peek at the models and to steal a picture.. I WAS LIKE =OOOOOOO WHAAAAAAAT!!!
YOU ARE KIDDING ME. All look like models in Japanese magazines!!!! Their outfits are all from rosebullet and *ahem* lashes are from GIRLYMake ^.^
In each of our envelops.. Very pro ah!!! Hahaha! Good job Samantha!!!
All the bloggers (lacking Genevieve!) sponsored by Cleo Hair - Joey, Ben, Rachell, Lena Fujii, Peishi and Randy! Lololol.
As the event was about to start.. More and more invited guest arrive~ A lot of very serious Japanese businessmen =X Quite intimidating. But then also a lot of very fun and crazy Japanese guests haha!
And the walk begin! I know the focus is supposed to be the hair but man.. I want to rip her clothes off!!! O.O I mean i really like the tutu skirt!!!!!! rosebullet has the chioest Jappy clothes T_T
Cameraman and videographer at work. Haha.
Omg i want ALL their clothes!!! The furry ones and the checked shawl!!! AND THEIR HAIR!!! So ashy and niceeee!!! I think this is really why you go to Japan, you feel different. Everybody you see has nice hair! And you know i was told Japanese girls do their hair in salon once a month AT LEAST.

This is soooo different from most of us Singaporean girls =X Last time before i get hair sponsor, i do my hair once every 6 months =XXXXX

And then i get hair sponsor already i do my hair once every 1 - 2 months.

And then when i started with Cleo about 1.5 years ago.. I do my hair at least twice a month hahaha. Cox if not my hair will be like Hunger Game 2 - Catching Fire O.O Is this joke at least a bit funny?

You see, i've been working on being more funny. Cox as life goes.. You cannot afford to be more serious. Nor take yourself too seriously. Becox if not..

If not you suck. Okay. Lol.

One with all the Lena Fujiis and Namie Amuros!!! ALL OF THEM ARE SO PRETTY AND CUTE AFTER THE MAKEOVER LAH!!! ^.^ I can't wait for Cleo Hair to have another soon!!!
Yes they are saying Cleo Hair is the best salon in the whole of Singapore ^.^V Hahaha. The hair colours they are using are all sponsored by Mucota!
FYI, Sansui is located here. Can you just look at the view! Quite amazing yes! Try their food if you might! Remember to make reservation though!
One with the stylists, models and bloggers!

Cold chawanmushi! WO HEN LOVE! Inside got a lot of liao omg. and it's quite unique cox it's cold!
Sashimi platter that i didn't eat but everyone loved. All these and more skewers etc!!! Thank you Sansui for the hospitality!!! =)
And erm.. Cleo cuppies that Samantha ordered from don't know where. Haha. The other box was orange. I'm like vomit.
Me and Mich helping ourselves. They all super major love that pot of miso soup!
AND OMG SNOW CRABBBBBBB!!!! SO SUPER FRESH AND YUMMY ON ITS OWN!!!!! I very paiseh to take one more plate so i ate my first plate really slowly hahaha. BUT THEN..
Super nice and fun dude (the one waving wearing polo tee) was kind enough to bring me another plate OMG I WAS LIKE YES. He thought i didn't try it yet, in my heart i'm like "TAN DIO!" Lolol.
Josh was also there and he's very nice cox he help me peel the meat off the shell ^.^ And erm, also help Peishi peel the miserable shreds of meat left off her crab shell hahahaha wth.
Our cocktails! I DRANK THAT DAY. Haha i think my tolerance level for alcohol is getting higher and higher! The pink one is mine, green one is Josh i didn't try! My pink one was soooooo yums!!! It's call Sakura something. Sweet and refreshing one!
Well-fed bloggers = Happy bloggers hahah.
Me and Mich got the same drinks~ ^.^ Both loved it~ If you're at Sansui and you're into alcohol, you gotta try out all their unique drinks and mixer! I saw they even have potato sake o.O
Josh and meee ^.^
Me and my Sio onni chan! Hahaha!
Me with Nikki from rosebullet!!! I LOVE HER STYLE SO MUCH!!! So cute but super stylish. And omg her hair?! LOVE IT.
Pardon me i was werking the sick-look that day. Lol. Now i have reflected upon my life and decided that i have to move on cox everyone makes mistakes and have bad judgement of what is chio from time to time. So... Yup. I no longer do that look anymore. Lolol.
One with Peishi!
One with Rachell!
And one with Ben and Randy (BenRanaway! haha!) the brother duo! Actually more see they more look alike hor. Initially i didn't think they look alike.
One collage of Vivian Hsu and myself. I am sorry if you can't figure out who is who! I won't tell you!


And the winning stylist for the hair makeover is Takuya! Haha! He did a really good job with a drastic change for his model! From ultra long hair to mega short hair! And from black to blonde with streaks of pop colour. That's Masashi san (boss of Cleo Hair) giving out his prize haha!
So that marks the end of the makeover! I think all the stylists at Cleo did a GREAT JOB!!! Really super look forward to the next makeover!

Okay some shameless own-brand-plugging! Lol. Here are some pictures of the models wearing GIRLYLash and looking cute!
Hitomi's model wearing GIRLY Lash No.2 Flirty Flare! Looks great with the thick black liner!!!
Takuya's model wearing GIRLY Lash No.4 Puppy Eyes! Goes perfectly well with brown liner and natural look even!
Sio's model wearing No.4 Puppy Eyes also! ^.^


Alright!!! Thanks for the great event Cleo Hair!!! =DDD I had lotsa eyecandy looking at the models and great food from Sansui!!! Now if you wanna give yourself a hair makeover for the new year..

❤ ❤ ❤ CLEO Hair and Make ❤ ❤ ❤
Located at Millenia Walk, P2-09 (Level 2) PARCO Marina Bay
Tel: 6338 5250 Facebook Page


Cat said...

Oooooo! I love the puppy eye lashes! Super cute!

Hanna Lei said...

This event looks so cool! -Hanna Marie

Cat said...

My favourite is the girl in the fluffy white sweater with the blonde hair she looks Eurasian with her new hair and super delicate and sweet. Love!

Unknown said...

Hi Qiu Qiu, love your recent look, very young & korean, but i think u will look more chio if u put double eyelid tape that is half thick of ur current one, or perhaps u don't need at all, just like ur bff Mich (is hers 内双眼皮?).. I think u just need long falsie :) I always think thick double eyelids actually make a girl look worn out. Try.. try..

Unknown said...

Hi Qiu Qiu, love your recent look, very young & korean, but i think u will look more chio if u put double eyelid tape that is half thick of ur current one, or perhaps u don't need at all, just like ur bff Mich (is hers 内双眼皮?).. I think u just need long falsie :) I always think thick double eyelids actually make a girl look worn out. Try.. try..

Jaelyn said...

Hi Qiuqiu,

Been reading your blog since 14! Going to be 18 this year alr!Really glad to see your life going well! Do blog more random stuff about your life and baby yurou,they are the blogposts I like to read best! Cheers to a new year! ^^