26 March 2014

CoolJapan 100Tokyo - Part 1 ^.^V

"OMG???? OMG?!?!!! OMG!!!!"

This was my reaction when i received the email of invitation to be an ambassador for Cool Japan!

It's an government-funded initiative by Japan Ministry of Economy, Trade, and Industry (METI) to share Japanese contents to the rest of the world! It's basically just to 发扬光大 about the overflowing awesomeness of Japan -WHICH I ALREADY EXPERIENCED AND LOVEEE!!! ^.^V

So METI work with this superbly nice bunch of people from Revamp and selected a group of key influencers from all over the world who love everything about Japanese =D

One of the main highlights for this trip is to attend a launch event for "100Tokyo" it's a collaboration between Google Japan and METI. If you love to look at Japan from different point of view, please feel free to check out 100Tokyo website! Lotsa cool pictures and stuff you'd never seen! =)

I'd get to share about that with you soon! =D Too many pictures cannot squeeze them in one post!

Soooo.. This year 2014 it is officially my duty to share with you just how AWESOME Japan is!!! Not like i haven't been doing that already lah. Hahaha.

Flew up on Japan Airline with Wendy =DDD
 This Wendy really very diu lian cox she only slept for 1hr before the flight so she slept during the plane ride and she snored and then later go take chartered van she also snore lolol. I tell her i secretly videoed all her sleeping episode and i will post up a instavideo. Collage of her snoozing. Lolol.
Reached Japan and had to wait for bloggers from The Philippines so our chaperon from revamp, Olivia got us to relax at a random cafe which also by chance serve nice cakes omg. It's like it's hard to find any shops in Japan that serves anything awful wth. Lol.
Test shot turn out nice.
Accidental flash turn out nice. Lolol. IS IT ME OR IS IT JAPAN THAT MAKES ME CHIOER.
Wendy and me. I cool not. Lol. Stole these pictures from Wendy's camera!
Small faces ^.^
Hahaha when in Japan camho lots!!!
Habitual phone users in action.
My milkshake is better than yours damn right it's better than yours. Cox it's made in Japan ^.^V
Never see cake before =OOO
Hahahaha. ROAR! You can probably guess we both super good mood cox just landed in Japan. Super hyped. Lol. RAHHHHH!!!
Ohm noms.
Wendy look chio here hor.
The team brought us to Ginza Sushikoh within Marunouchi Building (it's directly opposite Tokyo Station only!!!) and it's the BEST SUSHI i ever had!!! T.T Thank you Revamp for bringing us there!
One selfie at the restaurant ^.^
Bloggers from The Phillipines Camille, Laureen and Tricia with Olivia our best chaperon of the trip! There were also other awesome bloggers from Taiwan, China and i think was it Hong Kong..
And.. BLOGGER FROM MALAYSIA!!! Hahah! CHEESIE LAH! I missed her so much!!! Especially when she have this baby bump and this is the first time we can touch it!!!
WEI BABY?!?! WHAT DID YOU SAY?!?! =DDD Haha! Okay don't play dee! Food time!
This is everyone's first dish! Made fresh on the spot!!!
Our first sushi! CAN YOU PLEASE SEE HOW GINORMOUS THIS SCALLOP IS!!!! It's even thicker originally but it's been sliced down the middle and then it filled 3/4 my palm hahah!
Wendy and i asked for aburi (slightly torched) for all our sushi cox i can't take raw food and she tried the raw style the other time and loved it but wanna try how is it torched haha. So we had kinda of a different menu from the rest ^.^ The chefs were so dedicated they remember all the details of everyone's specification. Some say don't want onion, some don't want wasabi, some don't want alcohol, all these little details they will remember!!! I am very impressed!
Stella from Indonesia =) She's funny she drank a little bit and turned super red and happy hahaha!
UNI!!! Sea urchin! I was told not to try it outside of Japan cox it can taste horribly wrong like vomit =XXX So actually i damn skeptical but Wendy tried it at Sushi Koh and swears by it. So i tried!!!
AND I LOVE IT!!! It's chilled and taste kinda like sweet and is super creamy like this?!? But the texture is like a melty gummy bear i'd say!!! It burst into sweet cream in your mouth! It's so good that i really will never dare spoil the perfection of image and taste anywhere else but Japan haha.
Chef preparing our next dish =))) So focused!
SOOOOO GOOOOD!!!! The prawns omg. The abalone omggggg!!! I am hungry T.T
My super yummy prawn!!! Fresh and naturally sweet~
One of my favourite dish!!! Crab meat and fresh egg yolk i think! Just so flawless this combi!!!!
Chef preparing our fatty tuna *HEART EYES*
Hello you want some of these that melts in your mouth?
Fatty belly of a fish.. And i thought this was as melty as fish can get..
Until i tried this fish omgggggggg.... IT IS THE BEST I EVER HADDDD!!!! SO SUPER MELTY AND FAT AND OMGGG. Cheesie say if i ever try the best cut of beef.. It'd taste something like that.
A happy chef makes food that makes people happy =DDD Thank you!!!
Soup time~ And more awesome sushi..
I don't know their names but i know they are for sure yummy haha! The last dish was eggy cake!!! I LOVE ITTT!! Wendy gave me her share *HEART EYES* haha!
When you go visit Sushi Koh, don't worry if you don't know what to order. Just point to the picture menu and there's English description of the sushi!
Cheers to Cheesie being pregnant and to us being in Japan hahah.
Cao Wendy always hiam my camera say not dreamy enough, not bright enough lol. Photoshop lah!
Camho shot with hamsum boy in Cheesie's tummy =DDD
After dinner it was about 10pm and most of the shops are closed BUT.. Don Quixote is always open!!
So three of us damn havoc we went shopping!!!
Isn't Tokyo Tower beautiful.. I zoomed in quite a fair bit lah.
Don Quixote around Roppongi where Cheesie stays! Pregger look like she's trying to jump hahaha.
Wendy going TOTALLY BONKERS at the contact lens section!!! Hahaha. She must have swept like 20 pairs at least. Maybe more!!!

I bought mostly makeup! Like eyebrow concealer and build-on lip gloss all! Those that i can only find at a good price in Japan!!! =DDD I love Japanese cosmetics cox all the packaging also damn cute haha. Not just that, they suit Asians a lot!!! =DDD And nothing too black and harsh =X I got lotsa brown eyebrow pencil and eyebrow concealers!!! And some milky pink lipstick ^.^

Okay lah! That's about it for part 1! Next few post even more exciting! Look out for them~ For now, to check out more interesting sides of Japan, please go visit 100 Tokyo!!!

Part 2 HERE
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Anonymous said...

Hi may I ask where did you bought your mint iPhone casing from ?

Ayu Adiras said...

wendy's looks really nice with platinum blonde hair like that. why are you girls soooo cute <3 love this adorable post!


QiuQiu said...

Anon, got it from Cineleisure orchard! First floor, near escalator~

Thank you Cornelia!

Hanna Lei said...

All that food looks fantastic! -Hanna Lei

Unknown said...

You guys are so cutee aha c:!
Look at all those delicious food!!!

Anonymous said...

hi, what app or what program you used to edit the photos? really love the color. thanks <3

Nana said...

Wendy, Cheesie and you look so Chio! And you are such an efficient blogger. Already posted this. :-)

Sheryn Hartland said...

You and Wendy look so beautiful ah, super jealous, wish to go to Japan someday. Can't get enough of your cute pictures :"D

Sheryn Hartland said...

You and Wendy look so beautiful ah, super jealous, wish to go to Japan someday. Can't get enough of your cute pictures :"D

Sheryn Hartland said...

You and Wendy look so beautiful ah, so jealous, wish to go to Japan someday. I cannot wait for more cool pictures in Japan :"D

Anonymous said...

Where's the contact lenses place? ^^

Anonymous said...

Your lip color is so pretty!!! May I know from which brand and the color?

Anonymous said...

Your lip color is so pretty!! May I know u got it from which brand and the color?

Elly said...

I'm loving your hair !

Churi said...

If I was at that make-up section I would go crazy too! :O It's so sad there is almost no Asian cosmetics here in Europe, especially not in Norway :(

Churi said...

If I was at that make-up section I would go crazy too! :O It's so sad there is almost no Asian cosmetics here in Europe, especially not in Norway :(