24 March 2014

Taiwan Day 3


Last of my Taiwan trip!!! And then i'd update with my trip to Japan!!! =DDD

Omg like this i might as well be a travel blogger dee lol. Haha. I don't think you will mind right. I look chioer when i am overseas. Lol. Okay anyway~ Pictures of some of the things i bought!!!

I also got LOTSA Man Han Da Can instant noodles (with real chunks of meat one!!!) and EVEN more snacks but i bought them after i snapped these pictures so too bad hahaha.

Cool pants and Ronald Mcdonald's onesie for Xiao Pang Dash hahaha. Cat stuff for Sophie the meh cat lol! Clothes for my sister's doggy Chip and Dale. Toys for Tiffany. And hello me packing!
Barbeque pork crisps made to order on the spot!!! And then sealed freshed on the spot omg. From Shilin night market! And the plums Granny planted hahahahaha. And then some traditional Taiwanese snack you MUST buy, 铁蛋!!! I bought like 10 packets in spicy and non-spicy!!! Also, Sun Biscuits for family and people. And some tea for my brother-in-law and second sister =D Oh and these masks!!! Josh got one pack of black masks and i got 3 packs of pink =DDD They have them in printed cute designs also! Got Hello Kitty one also!!! Damn cheap some more!
Doraemon snacks for Yurou. She loved it the most when she was there in Taiwan! I have to find high and low wtf! Not all 7-11 have!!! When i found it i was like OMGGGG I FOUND GOLD!!!! Random Hello Kitty snacks from their convenient stores!!! Pineapple cootarts!
Some dresses for Yurou =DDD Each is only SGD 4 =OOO Can you believe!!! So cheap!!! I wish i can find adult dresses like that =DDD So that we can wear matchymatchy for her third birthday!!!
Totally over-bought snacks but still not giving up one Zi Jing Su. It's a yam pastry. Outside is flaky crust that melts in your mouth, with a nice and light cream in the center and most inner core is a soft and melty mochi WTFFFFF. IT IS SOOOO GOOD!!! I bought like 10 boxes. And filled one side of the luggage with it O.O I LOVE ZI JING SU!!!!
After i packed my luggage i requested.. For Josh to let me go eat Ah Zong Mee Sua again!!! =DDD So i ordered a big bowl this time and dump in lotsa garlic sauce cox earlier in the day i know i have to work so i didn't put in too much garlic hahaha. After this bowl go down i got no friends for 2 years.
After mee sua we went to shop a little bit and then go dabao supper!!! What do you mean mee sua is my supper?! I had mee sua at 9pm! Supper doesn't start until after 10! Lolol. Anyway~ This uncle damn zai one! He fry the egg machiam dancing at zouk like this. Action hen duo. Lolol.
Our ohr arh jian!!! Oyster omelette!
Hotel got no table we boh bian. Close Josh luggage and eat. He damn poor thing lah. Whole luggage is my things =X He didn't buy anything except the cap. Lol. I filled 2 luggages plus 2 duffle bags =X
Okay eat time!!!
Josh's minced pork noodle which was meh, ohr arh jian which was sweet =O I don't like it!!! Carrot cake which is major soft and melty but taste sweet also =O I also don't like it! Why ah! A bit weird one why their food is sweet one. But my lu rou fan is nice!!! =D
But of course favourite park of the dinner was this *HEART EYES* Pan-fried to perfection - Le Hor Bao Dan. Lolol. I just made the hor bao dan sound atas and french.
And after i shower and put on skincare.. I remember to complete the day with EZEE Beauty Collagen Drink!!! Last day today for you to try it at a HUGE discount on Groupon! After that you can buy them from Qoo at a discount or get them at Watsons / Guardian / Sasa =D
Guys can drink it too!!! So long as you want nice, glowy skin and faster metabolism rate for a shapely body, remember to drink it EZEE Beauty Collagen =D
Next day me and Josh went to explore the area and roam into small alleys. We love to do that overseas =))) Cox like that we can discover interesting places and sometimes if lucky, we find nice food!
Hop into a small and cozy shop for breakfast. Josh had gong yih 贡丸 which is some kind of meatball that is major huge lol, in clear soup base. It's really simple but i guess it's nice in a simple way =)
Noodle was quite tasteless so he had to add light soya sauce.
Another lu rou fan for me!!!! I love lu rou fan so much i cannot express!!! And each bowl is typically like what.. 80 cents? =OOOOOO I can have 3 bowls at one go!!!
A random corner i've never seen. I hope i get to explore more of Taiwan really! I haven't gone out further than within Taipei city!
Little Students going on field trip =DDD They look so cute!!!
And then it's time to head for the airport in our mini van! With the nice girls from Teeni =))) We shop a little more at the airport hahaha. Good job to us girls!!! ^.^V
On the way to the airport.. =) Taiwan is beautiful. Cannot wait to be back there again!

Okay i gotta go rest dee. Tomorrow i am going to Johor Bahru!!! For filming of Budget Barbie. Haha. It's gonna be MAJOR FUN!!! Okay bye bye ah. Lotsa exciting things coming up.

Life is happening =)


Hanna Lei said...

Those kids going on their field trip are so cute -Hanna Lei

Anonymous said...

hey there may i noe where can i buy zi jing shu from taiwan looks dem gd

QiuQiu said...

Hanna yes they are!! And they are very well-behaved also =D

ANon, zi jing su from.. Shit i don't know how to describe. It's behind my hotel i stayed in Wan Nian Jiu Dian.