09 March 2014

Putting it out there

Sunday's been awesome =) I went to my sister's place and had some fun time with Yurou and then spend some quality time with my family all.. And best of it.. Late dinner with my sisters =)))

Just a shiokanathan fishhead steamboat ^.^

Sisterly time is really rare cox we all have husbands / boyfriends and work and friends and what not. I just wish there's a monthly sisterly time haha. Last time when people tell me they are not close with their sisters i'd think they have a problem. Like what problem can be so big that you refuse to be close with your playmate since young. But then i guess when people are younger, forgiving someone was much easier to do. And when people are younger, there were less judgement being thrown around.

So anyway.. Ah Pearl say i like to talk a lot about my visions and dreams and she used to have a cocky and mean boss like that but that woman is nowhere near her dreams and visions after all these years and in fact, is doing worst. Lol.

You see, this is why i say be nice to people if you should. If not even when you made it, you don't really make it cox everyone's waiting for the day you fall or think you deserve to fall.

BUT WO LEI~~~ Jiu bu tong le. Hahahahaha. I have big dreams that involves all the people and doggies i love so i guess everyone should be rooting for me ba. Hahaha.

Plus i am quite lovable so i guess..........


Lolol. Anyway!!!

I feel that everyone should put their wishes and dreams and goals out there!!! For many reasons!

1) You never know when you might get an opportunity to come across someone who might be able to help you!!! And people don't go around shouting their profession and their expertise but if you say what you want, you might just be matched by fate to meet someone who can help you get it!

2) Putting your dreams and wishes out there reminds yourself and keep yourself focused.

3) When everyone around you hear enough of it, they also wish your dreams faster come true so that you can finally stop yakking hahaha.

4) People around you can help you achieve in your goals more effectively. Say if your goal is to lose weight, people around you will not tempt you with yummy food! Right? Unless your sister is an asshole like me who always tempt Pearl with food. Lololol. I even specially ask Samantha to dabao Arnold's to tempt Pearl. But plan fail. SHE DIDN'T TOUCH THE CHICKEN WTFFF.

She's invincible when it comes to discipline.

Now she just needs a slimming centre to help her out with all the treatment to fight cellulite and flabs.

So you see, she tell me i dream too much. But now i wanna help her realise her dream to be in shape again!!! After three kids.. I think it's time for her to be chio again haha!

Any slimming centre / clinic wanna sponsor her please contact her manager, watashi! Hahahahahha. Email me at qiutinger@gmail.com

No lah say real one, i'd support her by sharing about her weight-loss progress on my side and on her own (her Dayre) she has 4600 Dayre followers which is quite a good number i'd say haha.

She never ask me to ask lah but she does wish one day she can get back in shape and even with two weeks of exercising and dieting, the progress is slow. So.. If any slimming centre wanna take on this BIG challenge and sponsor her please contact me~ Haha. Big challenge did you get that? Lol.

5) Another reason of why putting your goals and dreams out there is good becox once you put it out there.. If you don't make it happen or stop believing in it.. Then it kinda suck for you.. Doesn't it? =)

SO PLEASE.. START TO FEEL GOOD AND BE PROUD ABOUT YOUR GOALS AND DREAMS AND BE PASSIONATE ABOUT THEM =DD Talk about them to people who still can take your blabbering haha. Or write it in your diary as much as you want!!! =DDD

But then if you have no passion or goals..

I don't know how to help you lah you just have to find something to love and to be passionate about.


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Hanna Lei said...

I never thought about sharing my goals out loud, but it seems like a great idea. -Hanna Lei