16 March 2014

Venture : Adventure

To start this post off.. I'd just tell you i am major sian. Lol. Not with life or anything but i am just damn confused and angry that ALL THE PICTURES i snapped the last few days (which includes my outing with Dotty and Jia, then hangout with Yutaki, Wendy and Soapz and then pictures of my pator day with Josh and then Saturday with Yurou *RAGEEEEEE* I think there's something wrong with my SD card!!! I put it in my comp and then all the pictures just disappear T.T

So i don't have much to show you but i guess.. We can just talk? Haha. I LOVE TO WRITE HERE ^.^ I tell you my travel plans okay!!! I have been having wanderlust the past couple of weeks!!!

I never thought i'd catch this wanderlust bug but it's here to stay O.O Haha. Last time i see people travel here and there i'd always think they a bit waste money lah. Like why leh, cannot just stay put and be good at one place meh. Must spend a few hundreds or even a few thousands to get away.

But now i get it!!!

If and when you can.. You should travel as much you can. See as much of the world as you can. And this is a piece of advice i give myself too =) Cox traveling is not just about running away..

Not just about getting out and escaping..

It's about getting out there.. And really learn about other people.. People who are just like you in many ways but different in other ways.. And traveling to a place you love is really like being in a paradise one!!!!! I swear!!!! For example when i was in Japan.. Everything feels like magic =)))

Everything from the streets to the food to the cosmetics, to the toilet.. Everything!!! Everything in Japan has been dusted with magic and look and feel and taste extra good. Haha.

That's why this year i decided to fulfill my wish of seeing the sakura in Japan and bought tickets to head up end of this month with Josh, Sam and Sio! It was one of the wishes i have in my wishlist ^.^ Having wishes is really fun =D Especially fun when you can tick them off one by one and have new wishes as time goes!!!

So yeah.. If you can.. Please travel. Short getaway even. You'd come back a different (better!) person.

This is my perfect travel plan for 2014 if nothing goes wrong. But if there are more impromptu holiday / work trips i'd be happy!!! =DDD

- 19th March to 21st March JAPAN TOKYO

- 24th March JB to film Budget Barbie haha! Although it's across the border, it's also counted lah!

- 31st March to 4th April JAPAN TOKYO

- May to work hard to kick start an exciting venture with Josh =)))

- June hopefully to Australia for my birthday

- July continue to work hard~

- August work hard~

- September to Seoul

- October work hard

- November work hard

- December bring my parents to Hong Kong or Great Wall of China!

So far there's only 6 trips in 2014! That's not a lot at all! 2013 i made 14 trips (maybe 3 or 4 were into Malaysia only lah but still super happy when we go in!!!).

So i hope there will be more impromptu trips that will happen along the way!!! Or more people will slot me in for work overseas =DDD A happy person works better. Lol.

Anyway those that are "hopefully" are trips not confirmed but i will chuck them in my wishlist and try my best to make them happen =DDD And i can travel out provided i am not too swamped with work.

SO!!! If you're already traveling a lot, and you can afford to as you wish, travel to where you want, i'd just tell you I AM JEALOUS!!!! If you're not getting out there enough.. Or if you haven't go out there before.. Then just save up a little bit, go visit somewhere near.. Enjoy and save up more when you get back.. Travel a little further..

And so on and so forth. Soon enough you'd travel to everywhere you wanna be..

All you gotta start doing now is.. To do up a wishlist =D

And work hard! Cox afterall..

Venture : Adventure
Funding : Fuel


Hanna Lei said...

Sounds like your year will be great! -Hanna Lei

Anonymous said...

Err. Whats wrong with ur eyebrows?

Anonymous said...

Why did you separate your Japan trips? just curious :)

Emily said...

Australia!! Which part? :) Do you think you will be able to have a meet and greet there? :D

Anonymous said...

Omg qiu, I was still wondering if I should go Taiwan this year cus I have been spending too much. But after reading your post, I'm like HECK, just go!!! So yes, I decided to go!!!

ashley said...

I travel at least once a month for work but only in indonesia, never abroad. i wish i can go overseas more (preferably for holiday!). Albeit i enjoy visiting new places but sometimes i also think it's a waste of money :( You know, like there's a voice in my head saying "better use the money for invest/dream house's DP/pension fund/our not-yet-conceived child's college tuition/etc" :( but hey, #YOLO right! and since we don't have a baby yet, it's actually the perfect time to go, you know, cos your priorities shifts when the baby's out