06 March 2014

Just another simple day

A day that i appreciate so very much!

As you probably can tell from my blog / dayre..

When i am not working, i mostly either visit Yurou or Dash O.O Or i spend time with Josh in the house, ordering food.. Watching TV.. Buy groceries with him if i am not too lazy haha.

Or i spend time with my friends ^.^

So the other weekend i had time with my family at Pearl's place. And i was playing with my PENTAXQ7 (Click here to see how you can win one for yourself with a OOTD picture!) so here's all the random pictures i snapped with the prime lens!

Haha quite fun lah to try out the different lens. Imma bring it overseas and play with it somemore! =D

Yurou playing with some old school fishing toy which is MAJOR NOISY!!! It goes LA LA LA LA LA LA LA LA DA DI! LA LA LA LA LA LA LA LA DA DI" I wanna crush it with my fist. Lolol.

Then this Josh go and disturb her fishing game so this is Yurou complaining to her mum.. 妈咪 你看 "一蛋" LOLOLOL. Is it all the kids cannot pronounce "Z" and "S" one???

So she got angry with Josh for a bit but then Josh pass her some Hello Kitty chocolate stick..

Immediate forgiveness. Lolol. Totally like Josh again.
She eat one by one slowly right. But then we jokingly ask her to save two sticks (out of like 15 sticks!!!) for yeye and her brother. She started to gobble two sticks at a time hahaha. Major giam siap.
好吃!!! Hahahah. 小妹妹好陶醉喔!!!
Josh gave her one more..
And she politely ask "你给我两个啦?" Greedy max!!!
Play time.. =)))
Wtf Chinese New Year that time a lot of shops closed. So the dad bought like whatever diapers he could find. So he found some SUPER EXTRA LARGE diapers and bought like 4 big bags of it cox he scared not enough to last until CNY finish. Now CNY long over dee but the diapers still got a lot! Lol. So everyday she wear oversized diapers =__="
Act chio de xiao mei mei ^.^

So yeah~ Nothing much~ Just another simple day where i had the camera with me haha. Past few days i super duper happy becox i get to spend time with all my favourite people =)))

And i FINALLY FINALLY clear all my overdue blog adverts!!!

Now only got leftover social media ads and lotsa things to do for Little Thoughts and new products to launch for GIRLYMake ^.^ But i am enjoying every bit of it lah cox actually quite lucky!

Everything good that happened or didn't happen.. All happened or didn't happen at the right time.

I am a strong believer that whatever wish you have, or dreams you have.. That is truly good for you.. And IF YOU ARE DESERVING.. They will happen for you! It's only a matter of time! So be patient and be nice about it!

Because everyone loves a happy ending.. Only for the right people!

I'd be back soon! ^.^ With a lot more for you guys =)))

Stay.. Hopeful~


Hanna Lei said...

I had a fishing game like that when I was little -Hanna Lei

Anonymous said...

Love readng post on yurou!!!! She is too adorable! Hope to see more of her pictures...hehee