06 October 2014

Hong Kong Family Trip 2014


Went with my dad, mom, sister (Niao Niao) and Yurou to Hong Kong!!! And of course the highlight has to be hong Kong Disneyland for Yurou!!! Her first Disneyland visit =DDD

Actually it's also quite a highlight for everyone else cox it's their first time to Hong Kong haha.

I chose Hong Kong becox i am more familiar with it than anywhere else and cox i know my dad will love the food (he did!!!) there and Niao will loveeee the cheap shopping (she did!!!) and Yurou will love Hong Kong Disneyland (she did!!!) hahah! ^.^ So overall, awesome trip.

First stop we head for after yumcha and washing up was Crystal Lotus!!! My favourite Chinese restaurant with Disney-inspired characters for their dim sum! =DDD

I believe most of you would have read about it from my blogpost on my first visit and second visit.

This time i am super super thankful for Nuffnang and Hong Kong Disneyland and their PR Agency in Hong Kong for hosting me and my family for lunch and to check out their newest attraction, the night parade!!! Alright!!! HERE WE GO!

Me and Yurou both super excited!!! Hahah!
She saw that her cutlery, plate, bowl and cup is "PEH XIER" (special) and she was like "这个 peh xier 的是我的啊?!" Lolol. We told her yes the restaurant prepares it only for kids.
She damn happy hahaha!
And then proceed to talk about her items on the table. Lolol.
Always happy to dine here! Love the atmosphere, love the service and most of all.. LOVE THE FOOD!
My dad massive impressed with their service and the presentation of the food haha.
JUST THE WAY I LOVE IT~!!! Omg the curry Tasmania crab rice.. T.T I LOVE IT SO MUCH!!!
We did some Disney shopping before Crystal Lotus so she got this brush with Sleeping Beauty prints and then insist she wanna help me 梳美美 =_= Obviously 越梳越乱!!! Who brush hair upwards one!
Me and Niao Niao selfie~ With a Yurou fixing up her own hair..
With the Disney princess hairband she chose for herself lololol. Siao char bor lai liao loh.
After food she ran outside and saw this Mickey statue and ignore two other people waiting to snap a picture with it lolol and went ahead to pose like that. LOL. Major buay paiseh.
Got to the park and all the vain girls in the family got a pink Minnie bow each!!! LOVE IT!!! I am sooo happy Yurou so siao-on also hahaha. Btw, check out the photobomber. LOL.
SELFIE~~~ So good to have a little girl in the family who is also vain hahaha. Wonder what age i can teach her makeup O.O Soon. Lolol.
The sun was quite scorching so she told us she wanna buy an umbrella. HAHA. She picked this one with all the princesses and love it soooo much. Look how tiny she is with the umbrella =)))
HAHAHA silly girl don't know how to hold the umbrella properly so it keep knocking off her headband, she push it back like 4 -5 times. Push until she pekchek she pass the headband to me and say "我很讨厌这个了啦!!!! 它一直掉" Hahahahahahaha! Really laugh die me.
SHE WAS SO HAPPY TO FINALLY MEET MICKEY MOUSE!!!! =DDD Though while queuing it was tough and challenging to entertain her but we did it!!! =DDD And it was worth it!!!
Despite the crazy heat this Mickey Mouse is soooo patient and animated and cute!!! Yurou got so shy cox the Mickey Mouse just kissed her hahaha ^.^
Big hug for one more picture!! ^.^ We printed out both the tickets for Yurou cox she really massive love Mickey Mouse and she kept talking about it the whole trip even until she got home haha. Say Mickey Mouse is her 好朋友 (bestfriend), shook her hands and kissed her hahaha!

I guess to kids these are all really fascinating and magical ='))) Hope in the future i can bring her and my kid to more Disneyland trips all over the world!!! =DDD

And it's so precious that Yurou is such a good girl (mostly haha!) on this trip and her mum, Ah Pearl told Yurou to not ask me to carry her cox i got baby in my tummy. Hahaha.

And Yurou really whole trip never ask me to carry though sometimes she forgot she'd be like "AH TENG AH YI AHHHH" with her hands out and then she'd be like "OH. 不可以 不可以 你有 baby"

HAHAH. Cute hor. Then she make me promise like soooo many times. That when my baby is out i will carry her again hahaha. YES YES I WILL. In fact i can carry her now!!! I don't think it matters but my family STRONGLY forbids =__=" See me no up ah. Lol.

Me and NiaoNiao waiting for the parade to start! This Yurou ah! Behind us drinking milk right. Then just 15 minutes before the parade started, she fell asleep! LOL. So she missed like the Jumbo and Mickey and Minnie one! But heng she woke up in time for the rest! AND SHE ENJOYED IT A LOT!!! Kept dancing even after the parade ended hahah.
Told myself i MUST bring them to try the hi-tea set i had at the Corner Cafe! And was pleasantly surprised they changed the menu =DDD Olaf says hi~ All the canapes were good but..
These truffle mushroom tartlets and these simple (but cute!) looking butter cookies stole the show!!! THEY WERE AWESOME TASTY!!!
Ordered so much food until we cannot finish hahaha. Bill came out alright! I'd tell everyone who is planning to visit Hong Kong Disneyland that you MUST MUST MUST try this!

Later we went for a few more attractions like the Lion King Festival which got Yurou screeching and cheering hahaha. And also the Mickey 4D show that.. Made her cry HAHAHA.

She damn petty lah!!! It was all okay and she was quite intrigued by the whole film but then when the water squirt on her she got angry HAHAHAHAH and say "它喷我水 ahhhh~" and started crying for 5 seconds until Little Mermaid came out. Hahaha. Mermaid is her ultimate dream now.

She say she don't wanna be a princess or a powerful witch anymore. She wanna be a mermaid =_="

Beautiful castle at night.. And when night falls.. It means..
I get to see the night parade for the first time!!!!! Lotsa people were anticipating it cox 1st Oct was the official launch date for the night parade show!!!
My heart was actually palpitating before the show cox of the whole light effect and the music omg.
The most beautiful Tinkerbell came out first..
I don't even know how they do it.. It's just so mesmerizing to watch!!!
Breathtaking and alluring lights..
Interesting ones.. The door opening parts really look quite real! Haha!
Beauty and the Beast..
The Little Mermaid.. De papa. Hahaha.
Cars! Didn't manage to capture everything becox i was too caught up with watching it and going =OOO Haha! There's something special and warm about watching lights this beautiful in the darkness.. It is quite touching O.O Me being able to be there to look at it with my family.. =)

So thank you again everyone who made this happen! ^.^ Hong Kong Disneyland yet again bring me so much joy and fond memories!!! ^.^ My whole family loved it! =D

Us taking the MTR back to the hotel haha. Got very nice wind blowing in our hair so much selfie.
Next day we saw a shop that sells only Hello Kitty apparels and accessories! So all three of us loved and picked the same necklace! It was on 70% discount omggg! So we got it at about $10 each!!! Told Yurou to selfie she went to put her huge face forward hahaha.
YAY~~~!!! Matchy three again~!!! ^.^
This is her scary face, you have to pretend to be scared when she does this =_=" Lol.

And then we went to the wax museum and usually people would be very excited to snap pictures with all the superstars but then my dad said no to pictures with all the superstars saying he's not keen.

So i got really worried becox i am afraid we made a wasted trip (it was A LOT of walking to get to the wax museum due to the protest going on) cox he seem bored. Lolol.

But then we got to the room with all these politicians and legendary figures of history..

His eyes were like *sparkle* LOL. And ask us to help him snap pictures and develop it cox he wanna show them to his friends O.O LOL. My dad is indeed a China man. Hahaha.
I don't know who is this gentleman here but my dad was super excited to take a picture with him. And then later at the end of the day when we're just having dinner and resting in the hotel he told me that he feel a bit intimidated when he was seated for the picture with this guy. I was like..... "WTF 那个是蜡像来的嘞 爸爸!!!" Hahah he say cox he is a respectable and honorable person o.O Whaaat.
Not sure if Jay Chou likes it that Niao is touching him all over lolol.
Yurou making friends with Spiderman!
And her favourite Hello Kitty!!! Haha ^.^
She is so happy to "meet" Hello Kitty! Haha!
"Okay let's go home.." Lolol excuse me Yurou, Hello Kitty still have to work. Lol.
Blur blur face with Doraemon! She also love Doraemon a lot! I guess a kid's love is boundless hahah!
Such a coincidence hahah. She can fulfill her dream to be a mermaid hahaha.
With Sun Wukong!

We had so much food and fun in Hong Kong =))) Every morning we went for yumcha and then go shop the morning market and then go back to the hotel to rest a little before we head out again.

It was quite relaxing but it was taxing becox of the walking we had to do cox vehicles are not allowed to go to many places where the protest are happening.

I truly hope their voices will be heard and more than that, will make a difference.

I think if one person stays strong, and everyone stay strong as one.. Miracle might happen.

That's what i sincerely hope for them, in good faith.

Stupid dad and Niao say it's exciting and dangerous to be in Mongkok at that time cox of the protest so they want a picture. LOL. Actually it's not dangerous leh. It's really very normal daily life.. Since we're only in the subway =___= But they still think it's damn havoc lol.
Next day i got a can of coke for my dad and we later realise there's "father" fonts on it hahaha. I didn't even see it when i bought it. He thought it was really special so he emptied it.. And then wash it.. AND BRING IT BACK TO SINGAPORE. LOLOL. Got more sua ku or not.

Anyway i had so much good food and fun on this trip really!!! And i cannot wait for the next time to be back in Hong Kong! =DDD Roasted goose and suckling pig.. OMG. Haha!

Even their congee is crazy yummy!!! =OOO

And the shopping is still sooooo crazy cheap!!! T.T Too bad i didn't buy anything cox.. I can't fit with this tummy T.T And mainly cox it's hard to keep eyes on my mother, father and Yurou and Niao all at the same time cox none of them got data / roaming service =___=" So cannot get lost. Lol.

I cannot believe i went with one almost empty luggage, two black duffel bags and one HUGE china bag (that's how much i usually shop back) and i only went back with 1/4 quarter luggage filled.

The rest of my luggage is filled with Yurou / Niao Niao stuff and my china bag and duffel bags are all used for my dad, mum and Niao Niao's shopping lolol. My dad didn't buy anything also lah except for all the snacks and wife biscuits for his friends.

So this is why i think travelling with a kid is not easy one, you need more people with communication tools. Cox if not you are constantly afraid to lose each other in the crowd so you cannot shop at all.

Next time i will bring walkie-talkie lolol.

Okay lah! I am going to rest dee. If not i will need to have my 7th meal of the day fml. Lol.

Good night you all!!! Have a nice week!


Sim yee siang said...

Haha that's not a mermaid, thats a serpent!

Anonymous said...

That guy is 习近平,中国最高领导人 haha

makumbo said...

Qiuqiu, may I ask where is the morning market? Is it where the cheap stuffs are?
Thanks a thousand!

Anonymous said...

that's China's president, advise you to read up on current affairs

Unknown said...

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dolledupqueen said...

Omg! I love your hair! ♥♥♥♥


dolledupqueen said...

Omg!!! I love your hair ! ♥ ♥ ♥


Anonymous said...

Hi! It's true, Don't carry heavy stuff. My mom used to carry me & my sis back when we were younger during her pregnancy.. and she had a miscarriage after that. The doctor said it was because she kept carrying us. Be careful! And congratulations for your baby! :)

Anonymous said...

Hello! Can you share on the cheap places to shop at in Hongkong? :)

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