06 November 2010

Food that f with your mind..

You know how it is when you fall in love with something, and then everything is perfect, and then the next moment, they are just not readily there for you anymore?

Good food does the same shit to me.

Talking about it, I spend most of my money on food =(( $5 clothes, i might not buy. But $17 food, i will eat anytime if it looks yum. I really really really think the only reason why i can hardly save is becox of food.

So anyway, CCs, NiaoNiao and i dropped by Around de World located at Liang Seah street (behind Bugis Junction) and those were great times. Food there and i fell in love. Next thing, now, it's 3am and i'm alone looking at the pictures we took together.. But Food there is no longer here!!! And there's no way i can have it now! Our love is just so.. Fragile.

I know, i'm just pretending to be emo. OKAY THEN! I'd stop it~ HAHAHA.

Actually i'm talking crap, at Around de World, from food to ambience to the service crew to the boss (who is also the chef cum service crew cum bangala), everything, is so chirpy, youthful and pleasant!

See! Happiness in the air made the waitress's ponytail stays in the air one!

Us pretending to look at the menu.

Hi~ We're all photoshopped! What's new?

Happy people do bo liao stuff ^.^V

Everyone try to act young, starting now! Just to fit in =DDD

I think i'm a little confused. Young does NOT equates to retarded.

YAY~ We're all so young now!!! I feel like i'm 16!!!


He's Dareius THE CEO, you bitch! Lol! Nothing, just trying to be like Mark.
There, Mark you don't know? Ah Mark lor, MARK Zuckerberg! Lol!

Dareius was telling us what are the creations and nashous and everyone was REALLY listening and making plans on which to order. Everyone but my babysis.

Lol! Remember how she go gaga over Yutaki HERE?
I think my sister should love guys less prettier than her =S

Snappy while waiting.

Can you see the white liner at my lower-inner eyelids? I tried drawing that after watching Xiaxue's Disney Princess video. Fail cox don't know why the white liner keep gor-ing to my lower eyelashes. Maybe the inner eyelid width is too small. Then super fail when i couldn't remove it at the end of the day. So i went to sleep with it and only until the next day i ask around on Twitter, then i could remove it. I am a failure in life, don't trust anything i say. HAHA. Kidding! You should trust me becox i'm cute, nice and talented =DDD

Okay maybe you really shouldn't trust me, becox i look like a loser in this picture,
"Everybody smile~" SNAP! and nobody cared to look NOR smile. LOL.
And niao niao is watching Dareius, i can vouch. HAHAH!

Drinks!!! Clockwise from the one with lemon slice:
Lemon lime bitters
Rootbeer float
Peach cow shaker
Blood orange sparks and
Mango sparks!

I must highlight Lemon Lime Bitters to those who wanna get high for 30mins!!!

I swear i got a little tipsy. I know becox i was laughing about everything! And i couldn't follow simple conversations like how to spell Dareius name correctly. LOL!!! Really LOL-ing now! Becox i didn't know this drink has alcoholic content!

So i ended up with 90% soberness, and 10% happiness-rush for 30 mins or so. NO, i didn't rape anybody, i just kept laughing and at the same time, i couldn't believe that i'm actually getting tipsy at a casual dinner. That's just so freaking uncool. HAHA! Sorry! I'm bad with alcohol, i really am.

I remember months ago i downed this quarter cup of strawberry wine with very minimal alcohol content, and it's only a party cup. Like the plastic disposable kind of cups, it's just really small and pathetic given that it was only quarter-cup filled! I downed the wine and next thing i know, i was hugging my sister, collecting coins from my pouch and dong-ing them into my piggy bank at 2am. And i was laughing and laughing. And through out, i had rashes all over my body!

COOL OR NOT?! I am so cool when i get tipsy. Don't even say drunk, i don't think i would ever wanna get drunk. Unless Jerry Yan/ Donnie Yen wants to spike my drink to get intimate with me without anyone (including me) knowing. LOL. I'd tell them to save the money and then i'd knock myself out like immediately. LOL.

Anyway it was towards the dessert part where the effect of Lemon Lime Bitters kicks in and we were at our second serving of drinks then.

This was first round of drinks.
Everyone sipped a little bit of each and then vote to see who wants what.
If there's a same vote, then it'd be scissorspaperstone.
The fairest way to solve problems, in the whole wide world.

The next time i'm back to Around de World i'd still go for Lemon Lime Bitters! Althou the rest are pretty classic with the extra point that cow-shake was REALLY SMOOTH and thick! And bloody orange sparks will bitch-slap you awake if you need something refreshing.


Caesar salad - Bacon pieces in every bite!

And this is the heartless appertizer that broke my fragile heart.
THE Bolognaise fries =((

"Fries oh fries..
Fries ooh cheesy fries..
Sauce oh sauce..
Sauce oh meaty sauce.."

Evey night i look out my window, howl to the moon and sing this song that i composed.

But it's not gonna come back to me, unless i go find it. HAHA!

OMG!!! I can't stand it! I'm going there again!
I'm gonna confront the fries,

Crazy crispy drumlets!!! But so damn juicy on the inside!!!
With the sauce dip, it's tangy sweet and bursting with the juiciness and tenderness of the chix.
I can't breathe!!! Talking about it makes me hungry and grumpy!!!

Since Around de World is tagged with "A Pasta Affair" you know the above isn't just the deal yet. So brace yourself up, we're gonna have YUMMY PASTA galore!!!

Note to Fries: I think you ARE the deal. My deal. Love of my life. These pasta been trying to get my phone number, i think they wanna date me. But no, i'm yours =))

CHILI O' CRAB PASTA. With chunks and chunks of crab meat swirled inside.

You could choose your level of spiciness at Around de World. So i regret not asking for least spicy for the chili crab one. Not becox it's not yummy being spicy, it is yummy like the real chii crab sauce and all. BUT look below!!! I have so many more pasta to entertain!!! Need my taste buds to be fair to everyone!

THIS ONE!!! Terrifiyaki chicken and mushroom pasta!

This one goes out within minutes =(( Too delicious!!! I don't know what classes they send their chicken to, but they are doing it right! The chicken meat is succulent and totally absorbed the flavours! OML. I need to eat. So in real time, i'm popping lao hong popcorn in my mouth just to munch on something while i blog this post. Fuck i'm pathetic.

The house will never have something readily yummy and warm for me to eat. Why do i have to go to the kitchen to whip up something with great effort when i just want to EAT? Just, want, to, eat! And nothing else! Why do i have to walk to Punggol Plaza to buy food? Don't they know i'm hungry and grumpy and lazy altogether? *sulk*

They should send some food to me upon a call. Or better still, they should all follow me on Twitter. LOL. So when i tweet, HUNGRY~ Then everyone will reply with a tweet with their suggested menu and i'd choose =D

I need a chef at home. And a maid =DDD

Curry crayfish pasta - Fushion!!!

I would fall deeply in love with it if it's got more curry punch. But i'm guessing the chef practiced mercy with the curry powder he added in for us becox we had Carlynne who can't take spicy food! So we asked for everything to be less spicy. But the crayfish was fresh to the max already!!! I could taste the ocean in it. LOLOL.


I think this is the bestest fushion creation at Around de World, the rest are Yummy and Yummy, this one here is Yummy and Yummy plus Creative!

I don't know if it's chinese influenced or westernized anymore. Only thing i cared for was the sauce! It's heaven! But a teeny weeny bit more of white wine to taste, would really complete the job. HEHE. Okay maybe for general public and children, this pasta is as perfect as it is. But for a slowly turning tipsy lady like me, I WANT MORE WINE! LOLOL!!!

"小二! 給我再拿三瓶女兒紅來!"


Please just look at the prawns and get hungry.

For those who prefer a creamy base pasta, you have the classic Carbonara!

From the picture you can't see the rest of the bacon inside. But without the bacon, without anything, just the sauce is enough to buy you over. I swear! It's not jelat not too thick and not too creamy kind. Every aspect is taken care of deliberately! I really think it's a lot for a 24 yro BOSS, CHEF, SERVICE CREW, BANGALA to be doing lor.

It's like he dedicated his youth into perfecting good food for people. And then you get whiny unappreciative people like me who is not satisfied with just moderate flavouring and ask for "小二! 給我再拿三瓶女兒紅來!" to be added on to his creation. Haha.

No lah, actually we were all very happy with and appreciative for the yummy food!

Every one in action..

Niao Niao ask me to take a shot of her as if she's shocked to be snapped.
So i did, but her expression fail. Her expression is more like,
"Hey look! I'm a selfish bitch! I'm gonna attack the crayfish alone!"

Angelababy and NiaoNiao snapping while waiting for dessert..


 Sweet sweet heaven

The banana-choco cake was crazy. It squirts when you try to fork it.
The sponge cake is soaked with some sweet juice.
Chocolate ganache layer gives a semi-sweet bitterness to the after taste.
Custard and fresh bananas are bestfriends.
Everyone love each other in this harmonious creation.

If you're into timeless treats like good'o cheesecake, butterscotch ice cream or a crispy-top-moist-and-chewy brownie, Around de World takes your feeling into consideration too! ^.^

It's gonna get me engined on the poetic side of me again.

Tetra oh tetra~
Misu oh misu~
What is life without you OH what is life without you~

Before we carry on, excuse me.. I need to do something to myself..



My secret lover, better than my husband the Bolognaise fries.
More excitement. HAHA.

You might think why is it a Tetramisu when it obviously looks like a Tiramisu. Difference is unlike tiramisu (which has only 2 types of layers i.e sponge cake and mascarpone cheese, and commonly added with rum), Tetramisu has 3 layers!!!

Oreo cookie base, the lightest smoothest ever mascarpone cheese with a rich taste and sponge cake soaked with CRAZY kahlua (coffee liquer). I think this Tetramisu contributed to my Tipsy over Casual Dinner episode also!!! It won't do you all any harm, it happens to me becox i'm just useless. Lol.

If that's not good enough, Around de World Tetramisu, there's another element within which is the kahlua coffee jelly bits.

So it one cupful of smoothness from the mascarpone, crispiness thanks to the Oreo bits, bursting wet kahlua flavour from the soaked sponge cake and the jelly releases the full flavor of the kahlua.
I think i wanna marry the Tetramisu too =((

But since we can't marry food technically, haha, you single ladies might wanna consider marrying the mind and hands behind it all..

I might delete this picture if i'm having a bad day. Why?
Becox i'm a jealous girl. And he's too much a pretty boy.

So we left Around de World happy, tipsy (only me) and satisfied people.

My camera only likes Carlynne.

If you're visiting Around de World, these are the GREAT DEALS and addons you must know!

 If you don't take the Bolognaise fries, we are not friends.

12 Liang Seah Street
Tel : 63365519

Opening Hours
Monday - Thurs : 12pm to 10pm
Fri - Sun : 12pm to 11pm

 I'd see you around, at Around de World! Thank god it's located conveniently near to my parents' place. Behind Bugis Junction only! When i go for filming at Munkysuperstar's office or when i go visit my parents, i can have Bolognaise fries!!! Life can't get any better, can it?

*SOLD to Around de World*
Click to visit website


♥Forever the ugly duckling ♥ said...

Okay now im hungry!

That looks like a great place to eat.....pity im 100,00,000 miles away! :P


Girl In The Mask said...

omg i wanna join u guys:D

Anonymous said...

HAHA! I SWEAR YOU ARE SO FREAKING FUNNY!! love budget barbie show, love your blog even more! maybe you should have a "i like it" button at the end of every post, im sure you will have a lot of likes!

Coco Tai said...

You say "paper scissors stone" in Singapore? We say "rock paper scissors".


QiuQiu said...

Eh i went back there again. HAHAHA. Can't help it! Miss the fries and tetramisu a lot =D

I'm going back there again on the 19th!!!

See I love Around de World!!!

QiuQiu said...

Coco Tai, i means ZERO, FIVE and TWO anyways, right? Hahaha. ZERO, one, two, FIVE are the signs Jap girls pose with also! HAHA.

Coco Tai said...

haha true! never thought of rock paper scissors in that way hahaha.


Anonymous said...

In your photo with Dareius(He was wearing a chef clothes or something), you look like 范玮琪!

Unknown said...

I like you pink cap! Suits you!