22 November 2010


Prom.. Sigh.. Brings back rather lousy memories. Whole night, just sit there, look like a loser who's never gonna make it in life. Really! Everyone else looked like a winner, to what i can remember. Especially the ones wearing big heavy long dresses. BUT REALLY, i still think they look bad. HAHAHA.

And i was the ONLY girl wearing pants. FUCK, MY, LIFE. I would expect at least Janice and Jocelyn to wear pants. And some other boyish girls in the other classes to wear pants also. NB ALL SO HIAO GO WEAR SKIRT or dress. Lolol!

Is your prom over yet? Please let go at prom okay. You don't wanna end up like me. Go there to be envious at people who know how to have fun.

Another thing i remember at prom was wanting to be nominated up the stage for the Prom Queen title =( I mean, why didn't anybody gave me credit for being special?


All of you, teachers, schoolmates, classmates, ALL, all of you are the cause of why i'm so loserish today. I sit home all day, refreshing my twitter, gmail and facebook, just like a loser. HAHA.

So anyway. Budget Barbie ep 8 is for PROM! ^.^ You have no idea how particular i was about it! I had to think, feel and see like a 16 yro. I even did my research on Twitter! I asked what do the girls look out for when they were 16, shopping for prom.

I think to myself, it's like a bitch on heat. HAHAHA.

And somehow, these are the things i picked out, for giveaway this ep!

This pink bag with a..

Shimmery side that i don't fancy.

EVERYTHING in this set

And 3 pcs of hair accessories for a more dramatic look.

And i even gave tips on how to be.. Noticed at prom. HAHA.

If that's not enough, Milly's gonna sponsor a prom nail and hairdo for the winner!
WTF?????? SO NICE!

And you get to see me at 16, in the video.
My shawl, pants and shoes were all borrowed =(
But now i have more clothes than prom queen can ever have! =D



♥Forever the ugly duckling ♥ said...

I already watched it and loved it :)

The outfits you put together were great esp the white dress.

I wish I could come to Singapore and get my nails done at Milly's :)

Marina xo

huayshan and marianne said...

aw that was a really sweet post. you seem nice and i think you're really pretty actually, and don't say you're a loser-i always believe that as long as you're happy doing what you do, you're a winner. (:

Anonymous said...

Please please can we see the result of your boob job? Have you upsize your bra? I am thinking about it too!

QiuQiu said...

Yes i will show! ^.^ Wait for it okay!

QiuQiu said...

Marina, YOU DIY nails also very nice! don't need to be here! Haha.

H&M, yeah i do think that if we're comfortable with what we do, and we're not violating any morale/ integrity values.. We're fine! It's just, sometimes i really have nothing to do, or just refuse to do anything. LOL, then i'd be like super loserish, keep refreshing twitter in hope that people will entertain me.

Whizzer's Rose said...

loved ur show- I never had fun during my prom in HS either. For me prom is a bit overrated- in highschool I felt like a loser after I flunked chemistry (for a quarter) just because I was so excited with prom and doodled and exchanged ideas on what to wear with my friends (ironically, they passed when they usually have lower grades than I do)It was a disaster-my curled hair didn't last 2 hours and I have to share my date with another girl because I ended up having my name raffled off thinking that by any chance my name would be paired with my crush. I think my first prom was a major flop.

QiuQiu said...

Whizzer Rose.. HAHAHA. Sorry! Yours sounds really quite bad.