19 November 2010


After the boob job i haven't worn anything that requires me to lift up my arms all the way. I just don't wanna work it too much. So i've been wearing button-on shirts / cardi. And the first day i head out after the op, i wore something from TheBlogShop! So yeah, i'm one of their sponsored-girls now and they're also one of my outfit sponsors =D Which girl don't like more clothes!!!


KayKay, the one in Black with pink polka dots.
Me, the one in blue and white.

And when i go pick up outfits from TheBlogShop, KayKay was also there! Okay not like it was a surprise, we realised on Twitter that both of us were heading there, on the same day. Twitter is my favourite son now - I REALLY LOVE IT! ^.^

Must grab picture don't care how i look like that day. Okay, to be honest with myself, i look like this any other day. It's just i have to say "that day" so that you know.. If anybody think, "Wah, she look damn bad beside KK", at least i have some justification for myself. But now that i come clean, i have no more cards.

TheBlogShop ATTRACTION is, TOO MANY DISTRACTIONS!!! Like ten thousands styles! I walked in and i ask myself, Who Do I Want To Be in Life? Fucking big question! But i just have to ask! Becox i head there telling myself, i'm about to have boobs, so i wanna pick all my clothes to be slutty and cute at the same time. But when i hit the shop, I WANNA BE EVERYTHING!

I can be a girl who wears maxi dress with a skinny belt and look stylish.
I can be the lady who dress up in a casual drape dress with a strong cardigan.
I can be the girl next door, with a cute heart-prints top and a high-waist pants.
I can be a glamorous lass with that flowy satin dress.

OMFG don't say already, i'm excited for my next trip back to TheBlogShop like NOW!!!

You all must have heard of them right?! If not, briefly, TheBlogShop carries A LOT of big blogshop names. Yes, all the best in one place for your convenience! And they design their own outfits too! Heard it's done by the talented Lao Ban Niang herself. You just need to know that if you're looking for WIDE range of styles at AFFORDABLE prices, you gotta go visit TheBlogShop. They carry outfits, bags and plenty of belts to go with!

This is the leopard prints cardi from The Blogshop that i wore on my first day out, WITH BOOBS! Lolol! Comfy and easy-matching!

You may find them at following places!
- 35 Haji Lane 63966170
- #03-93 Far East Plaza 68874956
- City Plaza #03-130 (only on Friday, Sat)

I don't have to blog about this one hor. I just REALLY like everything there and the people there are friendly and nice, so i'm blogging about this becox i want to share *beam noble smile* Haha!

 Lovema Cardi! ^.^ from TheBlogShop!

And my cute candy pink bag is from Milly Walker =D

Thank you TheBlogShop!


iamchibee said...

The love the cardi and the pink flipflops!

Anonymous said...

hi qiuting. how much are the clothes priced at. i'm a cheapskate when it comes to clothes:/

Anonymous said...

did you and kaykay hit off well? :D

QiuQiu said...

iamchibee, good match right! Lol! I LOVE TOOOOO!

Anon, got $10 onwards! ^.^

Anon, Lol.. I like her lah, don't know how well is well. Hahaha.

Anonymous said...

hey :) do you know what contact lens is kaykay wearing?

Anonymous said...

Hey do you happen to know where kaykay bought her top from? Thanks!

Anonymous said...

u n kk bff now? ur gross.

Anonymous said...

You had a boob job?

abc. said...

Nice clothes !
Maybe you should do the before & aft boob job thing cause I can't really see much diff. No offense, lol

Anonymous said...

may i know, where did you buy your pink bag? it look dam cute.

Anonymous said...

No difference after you've done boob job. Perhaps should make cup size much bigger. If you're gonna have it like that, might as well don't do it.

Anonymous said...

I like you but in some posts i feel like you're trying to be XIAXUE. She's the queen blogger. you? NO

QiuQiu said...

Yes i had a boob job one week ago.

No i don't know where KayKay got her stuff. Lol. You all can tweet her what!

Last anon, yeah, everyone who voices out is Xiaxue. Fuck off i don't need you to like me. I have plenty of likers =DDD Plus, YOU SO PRETENTIOUS. Say like people still put insult at the back. SIAM!

Anonymous said...

nice baggie you have there! oh ya, i remembered you got sponsored by some bags blog shop right? you twittered some cute taiwan bags from this blogshop. what url is that blog? do you remember? show us some of the bags from that blog, will ya? (:

jw said...

kaykay looks very different from the clicknetwork.tv videos leh. this one like more demure.. quite taken aback.. i thought another KK!