13 November 2010

So i'm writing this with a heavy heart..

BLEAH~ Kidding! I don't have a heavy heart! I'm always light-hearted!

If there are things that bother you and i, it simply means that there are things to be done!
So do it!

One scorching sunny day (really, i swear, it was fucking hot that day), i was crossing the road with my sweaty armpit (just an extra piece of info you might be keen in, YEAH, I know, you thought i was perfect. MUAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA..), and i overheard two middle-age ladies talking.

Lady1 went "If the problem can be solved, WHY WORRY~?"

In the most chirpy tone.

Lady2 went, "If the problem cannot be solved, WHY WORRY~?"

And they strutted on, like two convincingly happy people.

And their voices ran through my head over and over again. Like on loop.. Okay that was crap, it was me saying it over and over again to my bf, mimicking their tone. Hahaha. That's why.

But strange enough, this makes a lot of sense to me!

I need to stop worrying. YOU, need to stop worrying. Especially for things that are beyond our control!

Worrying won't bring us anywhere! Even wishing upon stars makes more sense. Worrying keeps all the dirt in your mind. But wishing, praying, believing, you just throw everything to someone or something bigger and hope that you irritate them enough to do something for you =DDD

I know how it works! I make wishes EVERYDAY!!! Every single day! HAHAHA. The one up there wants to ignore me also cannot. LOL. Yeah, i'm the kind of irritating shit who's OBSESSED with nudge nudge and knock knock on msn. LOL! I LOVE TO IRRITATE people! It's fun! So same thing, i bug enough, i get it. Haha.

So having gone through the fuckedups, judgmental comments from strangers and being called names for that period of time, i think i deserve whatever i'm about to get. Noticed i have to put "for THAT period of time"? Becox i am so likable NOW! LOL. Yeah, who doesn't love Budget Barbie, it's good wife material. Trophy plus Thrifty, double win! HAHAHA.

So i'm not gonna worry about how this will turn out becox whatever that's within my control, is fully taken care of by professionals and the nice people in my life.

Been affected by it for too long.
Been waiting for good news.
Been for consultation a few times.
Been massaging myself for it.



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♥Forever the ugly duckling ♥ said...

You must be really unhappy with them which is a shame as all your fans think you have a great figure :)

I hope your surgery goes well and you are happy with the result ***luck*** for tomorrow :)

Marina xo


Moon said...

All The Best =)

Anonymous said...

JY Qiuqiu! looking forward to your next episode.

you're just so awesome.

Anonymous said...

Nothing wrong with going for a boob job but i really hope u dint go for it because u were too affected by the critics ! cos i kinda look up to u for being so optimistic and unaffected by comments/nasty things i cant imagine you going for it cos of stupid comments!

but good luck anw since u decided on it already ! (:

Anonymous said...

i liked you at first,for being very natural,unlike women these days that are so vain that they go for plastic surgery.i thought that you weren't going to be one of them but you are right now.you should have gone to a dermatologist instead of going for a boob job.you should have also done your teeth instead.look like pat mok.

cheers,you made a bad mistake

Anonymous said...

why would you want bigger boobs? they're a pain in the ass, seriously @_@ esp if they're done with "silicone" process, they're even more un-natural. It's just 2 lumps of silicones lying there...

Plus.. there are many implications from boobs surgery... many who have undergone once.. will sure undergo a 2x, or even 3x operations...
Think about it... this will affect your life and health in long run.

Anonymous said...

Just give her your morale support can?! She wants it, she do it. Its her life after all guys..

I hope you are feeling fine!

Anonymous said...

Hey babe! I think you're one brave soul who's willing to be frank about everything including this sensitive topic! :]

I saw in your tweet you said you're flat as in really flat with nothing. Then could I ask you what kinda strapless bras did you wear cos I'm flat too and I can't find the kind of bra which wont drop! :x And i always have to wear padded ones so it will look like I've boobs? But sometimes it's just so fake. I'm very flat too, like you said, nothing at all :[

Xin.P said...

All the best ! :D

QiuQiu said...

Kowaigirl! Thank you! I only have decent butt, no nice figure. Haha.

Thank you Rach! And thanks to all the rest!

If you're nice and kind, please hope that i recover faster so that i'd be in the mood to blog about it! =))


QiuQiu said...

Second last anon, if its strapless, i had the same problem of not being able to fill it too but instead of buying 34 wihci is my measurement, i'd get 32, so it'd be secured and wont drop.

Anonymous said...

people she just injected her boobs to make it big , not literally putting silicone into it .

Anonymous said...

How much will the boob job cost? Cause i want it to be done too.. answers please? :(