29 January 2011

Girl Power

You may choose to skip this whole post altogether. I just really need to voice this out. Cox everytime i hear stories like that, i get angry. Angry becox the women in almost every stories, appear to be weak.

I am SO SICK of reading/ hearing of cases about LOVE and SEX and how woman ALWAYS victimised themselves..


Girl broke up with boyfriend and playing the melodramatic victim, especially when the guy is currently seeing someone else, AFTER the breakup.

If you quietly still love the fella, nobody will diss you. Everyone has the right to love someone, anyone. But when you openly shows it to everyone around you, by..

-Blogging about it
-Facebooking it
-Tweeting it
-Sending text messages to the guy, and secretly wishing that it'd cause problems between him and the current gf so somehow, you still occupy a part of his life (ADMIT THIS)
-Sending text messages to the guy at the oddest hours, hoping that he'd feel bad for you that you are still awake at 5am, thinking about him..
-Messaging him on special days that used to mean something to you two and end with a "i know all these doesn't matter to you anymore, i understand why. Just hope we can still be friends" (DON'T BLUFF, LOSER SHIT)
-Buying something for him and asking if you could meet him to pass it to him (NO, THROW IT AWAY)
-mention on social platform that you're sad, you're drunk, you're fucked up, you're crying, you're lost, you wish that you can turn back time, you want to believe again, your heart still aches, you're still hanging on and for that you hate yourself........


On a side note, i really hate emo girls. IT'S ALWAYS ABOUT THEM. And it's not even in the cute, funny way. I am all about me as well, but it's positive stuff!!! Them, it's always negative, moody, sad, same story over and over again, to different people. Desperate for the world to hear their side of the story, and they expect people to, what? Sympathize with them? Agree with them that they are very poor thing? Or agree with them that the current gf of the ex bf is not as good as they are.

SURE, that's why they are current girlfriend, you are EX-Girlfriend -.-

You don't need to prove anything to anyone, during a healing process for your broken heart. You just need to prove to yourself that you can love and take care of yourself. 不要整天扮可怜.

Tie your hair up, wash your face, dress up nice, head out, work, buy a dildo, keep yourself occupied, don't, DON'T, DO NOT talk about your ex bf whole day when you're out with people. Honestly, nobody gives a shit, there's a reason why it's ex, meaning it's over. Time to? MOVE ON.

And don't go home after gathering to tweet/ Facebook shout emo shit like
"when the crowd is gone, lights are out, my heart bleeds.. Again.." or
"Surrounded by many but my life is empty.. Without you.." or
"I try to ask myself to let you go, forced a smile to everyone i meet, tell myself i'm happy, but inside, i'm still the girl you left behind"

EEEEEEeeeeee! I say already also erxin! Eh i never copy anywhere one hor, i made these up myself. HAHAHA! Sorry no, i was NEVER a irritating ex-girlfriend. In fact, i totally despise girls who try all ways to stay in the ex-boyfriends' lives.

In hokkien, we say "Pa Si Buay Zao" Lolol! It means, beat die also won't go away.

So, girl power, is to be able to stick and hang around, act all pitiful thus the guy you want can't bear to kick you out of his life?

Girls seeing married men getting all pissed and saddened when the guy is with the wife/ family. The only incident i think you can relate to would be Wendy Chong the psycho bitch.

I don't care if Jack Neo is a dick, or not, but that woman is a confirm psycho. Everyone gotta know where they stand. Wanna be mistress? GO AHEAD! Just stay kept, you know, there's a reason why mistress is a.k.a Kept Woman. Don't try to break into fame / come to light with your identity, NOTHING GLORIOUS about it. GROSS MUCH!!!!!!!! ARGH. See! Perfect example of not knowing where they stand.

I have nothing against girls seeing attached/ married guy. I mean who knows? The guy's marriage might really be in the most shitty situation, you happen to meet the guy, fall in love, decides to wait for him patiently while he settle shit with the wife. Maybe the wife is a major psycho, you can be his pillar and strength of support. Maybe the wife and the guy REALLY don't love each other no more, maybe you are the one for him, the one who will be with him til old, WHATEVER, but now, YOU ARE A MISTRESS, you behave like one.

If you sign up for a relationship like this, to fill in the second place, then live with it. You can feel sad when he choose to leave halfway through a date to go home to his wife/ children, but you have no rights to be angry, no rights to demand for anything, no rights to feel betrayed even if the guy has pity-sex with the wife.

Why so unfair, you'd always asked. You are having fun with someone's husband, WHAT IS FAIR? *rolleyes*

So this is girl power? Part-occupying someone else's stuff and feeling all shitty it's not fully yours, when it rightfully belongs to someone else.

Girls who are especially drawn to guys who are taken and keep trying her luck to get closer to the guy. I've seen so many of such bitches doing shit to my girlfriends!!! Gross max!!! The only time these girls will feel good about themselves is when they manage to take something away from other girls. But you know, there's a saying, "If a guy can be snatched away, he's not the guy you wanna be with" TAKE LAH TAKE LAH, if you can!

So for this, i'm referring to cases when the guy OBVIOUSLY, ALREADY show signs that he DOES NOT want to be involved, DOES NOT want to lead on, this kind of guys, i respect. But if slutbags outside still keep trying her luck, that's when i totally hate.

Tell you how to spot signs okay, when these sluts start to text your bf/ husband things like "Have you eaten?" "How's your day!" "What you doing!!" GIRLS, watch out for text like this from other girls!!!

Right what! No reason why you keep asking somebody else's bf how is he, what he eat, has he shit, WHY YOU ASK SO MUCH?! Got check on your grandma not?! She's your kin, go check on her first! Slutbag! You got ask what your daddy doing now? GO ASK HIM! Maybe some china woman trying to break up your family like how you trying  to break up someone's relationship now.

So this is girl power? Thick-skin trying to barge into another couple's life and calling their actions a fight for their own happiness.


Girls getting rape when drunk specifically those that got drunk by own's choice. I don't know how horrible it is to be raped (thou i got molested several times when i was younger) and i DO THINK IT IS HORRIBLE but i'm saying about the got-drunk part. WHY DO YOU GET DRUNK?!

If somebody spiked your drink, use a baton to knock you unconscious, fire a tranquilizer jab on you or karate chop your neck and make you faint, then you get raped, i'd sympathise and this post is not referring to any of these cases.

It's about GETTING DRUNK ON YOUR OWN and get raped later on by some random horny guys.

Very simple logic, you choose to go out, have more fun than everyone else, drink more, get drunk, you didn't choose to get raped but you should have known that this is one of the possibilities.

Yet every single time, when some news talk about some girls who got raped, first thought that goes to most people, "THAT RAPIST IS A BASTARD".

Let's see how you see THIS.. About a girl who got drunk at a club, later follow a guy home (whom she's been dancing with at the club and kissing with in the cab) and then somehow later, she's claiming that she got raped by this guy.

The guy was horny, he needed a screw, he drank too much, he's needed a screw, he picked up a girl from the club, he needed a screw, he had the girl in his house, he needed a screw.


Not saying he's doing anything wrong/ right, he is not my concern, guys are guys. I don't care.

BUT THIS GIRL?!?! See HERE to see HOW DRUNK she was exactly.

Why did she get so drunk?! I mean it's not just her in particular, i don't get why girls get OVERLY drunk. Especially if you know you look decent, not ugly-until-got-immunity-to-horny-fuckers. Then why you get drunk?! Maybe most girls think their friends will take care of them. But why should anyone take care of them if they choose to be drunk and to be a liability for that night? People go drinking/ clubbing to enjoy, not to babysit drunk, attention-seeking and attention-needing girls.

Haiyah, morale of the story is, if you choose to get dead drunk, you're listing "KENA RAPED" as one of your next predicament.

This is why every time i see ST.com on twitter tweeting about this girl got raped, that girl got raped, i feel damn skeptical and cynical! I always think, "REALLY MEH.. She ownself not horny also meh.."

I never got drunk-drunk before but i'm sure when any lady got drunk and is the kind who goes round seducing guys for attention, i believe she enjoyed all the touching, groping, kissing etc. SO, SHE HORNY!!! Then when some unlucky guy got hooked to it, die die want to get it, got it, then later if the girl regret the sex or feel 'dirty', she'd automatically become the victim. Then simple, just go police station, shout rape.

Side-tracking a little, i don't believe it's 100% rape unless the girl is unconscious UNWILLINGLY, or still has the strength and will to fight the guy off. I mean, you can always pretend to be willing, ask for a change of position and when the dick is hanging loose, GRAB THE FUCK OF IT AND REFUSE TO LET GO AND SQUASH IT WITH ALL YOUR MIGHT and kick it and kick it and palm-ball the guy's nose!!! This is how your fight it!!! Not screaming and crying and wasting your energy struggling to fight off the weight on you. Okay lah this is just what i'd do. I'd use trick + evilness + a hell lot of strength to murder his cao lj.

So this is girl power? Being able to shrug off any responsibilities towards yourself so long as you scream "raped", it doesn't even matter if you got drunk and landed yourself there to be raped in the first place. NISE!

Young girl who have intercourse / got pregnant and later some unlucky guy will kena canning and jail for making a underage pregnant. This one, nothing more to elaborate, the guy is fucking stupid (don't know condom?) and the girl is too young to be having sex for her own good.

But i do think the girl is just plain lucky in some way, simply for being a girl, if not why she don't need to go jail? She is partly responsible for this breach of law. No?

See THIS article. This young girl is hopeless. She IS a young little slut herself. If not why she have sex with 15 other guys? You tell me she got rape / forced to have sex, for 15 times? I don't believe. You tell me she is too young and is conned to have sex, for 15 times? i don't believe. You tell me she is a whore in-making, I BELIEVE. If she don't like it, don't enjoy it to choose to do it over and over again with several guys, why did she go meet them?!?!?!

SLUTBAG. Confirm. And she's spared becox? Young, girl, law. And this three is enough to cover up her being totally stupid, loose, undisciplined, shameless, whorish, dirty.

So this is girl power, able to get away for simply being a young girl! Sweeet!

ARGH. I am so angry i don't know why. You'd think i'm speaking up for men, NO, HELL NOT. A lot of men are bastards! But that's their business, i don't care, i have a great bf, and i just have to focus on this one guy. But what i'm talking about here is about GIRLS!!!

Becox a lot of guys cannot control their strength, their desire, their needs, the temptation thrown at them, all the more we girls have to know how to LOVE, PROTECT and VALUE ourselves!!!

Don't always make yourself up to be the victim. The loser. The unwanted. The weak. You are old enough to speak, to act, to think for yourself.

Haiyah, you want to see motivational quotes, go google. All i'm saying is, love yourself and you'd know you're worth a lot more to be doing/ allowing silly things onto yourself.

P/S: This is not about girls who unwillingly have horrible things happen to them.
P/P/S: I think men who sexually abuse the helpless kids, make unconscious girls to sexually abuse them, i think they deserve to be castrated, 100% totally, CASTRATION FTW.


Anonymous said...

this is the BEST post i've ever read, really. awesomeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!

Unknown said...

this post is P-O-W-E-R! (:

Whizzer's Rose said...

I know someone who is a mistress...I keep telling her to stop it but she's deluded in thinking that the guy really loves her when actually we knew that this married man is a philanderer and even sleeps with college girls in exchange for tuition fees. She tried to get away but the guy is blackmailing her with their sex videos. Now, she has no choice but to stick with him other than her children be shamed (if the video gets out) for what she did. I think that you should also add those women who agree to taking their videos and pictures in compromising situations especially if it's an illegal affair. Good Post. Keep it up.

Anonymous said...

i couldn't agree more qiuqiu! girls these days need to learn what's right and what's wrong.

Anonymous said...

Amazing post! i totally agree=) i love your honesty! hope to see more posts like this! great job....

GIRL. said...


QiuQiu said...

Whizzer's Rose, that guy is obviously out to screw.. Actually, can ask the girl to secretly go inform police, police will do a search when the bastard is off guard, he has no time to delete / spread yet. So tell your friend to smarten up. GO POLICE!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey....I've been reading Xiaxue's blog for years and I could instantly identify your style of writing is REALLY exactly like hers......and what's up with the ROLL EYES thingy and the THIS underline and link it to other website..........if you want to come up with a post with your own thoughts kindly write it with your own style DUHZ......

jw said...

Seriously what’s wrong with blogging or facebooking about it if It helps one to get better? To you it might be that they’re attention seeking hoping someone will pity them but no, it’s not about showing it to the world man. If your friends or whoever doesn’t do that, then may god bless them, for she might be closing up to herself in her own world and vanished into the thin air. I admit I’m the emo kind but since there’re people like you who are so optimistic about life (which is good) there’s bound to have someone who’s totally different at the other end. You think they want to gain sympathy from the boyf? Think again, who doesn’t want to move on? Girls do have pride. Why would they want to go all the way to beg the guy hoping for him to stay? It’s because they can’t live without that guy. And if you’re with someone who you can live with and not without, then you just need a compatible companion. OR probably you’re just lonely.
And it’d be lying to yourself if try to make yourself feel better by dressing up nicely, tell yourself that u must be better than your ex and that you deserve better.
What I’m trying to say is everyone is different.
And what’s with the dildo issue which don’t make any sense :/
But then again, I do agree with the other cases.

Anonymous said...

I agree with you on the emo girl thing and girls that are drawn to guys that are taken. They always have these emo posts on twitter/facebook. And, the girls that are drawn to guys that are taken need to gtfo!

Anonymous said...

Hey qiuqiu, i love reading your blog but about the emo people tweeting and fb-ing about emo stuffs. I think it's mainly just because they feel better after writing it out?

~Zhenna~ said...

I muz say i agree w/this post so much :)

Cant stand ppl who keep whining in FB (is ok to rant out frustrations bt if u dun do smething, e prob wil stay thr)

The rest, as u hve mentioned.. POWER!

Crystal said...

Wah sei, why the Case No. 1 soooo like this girl I know huhhhhhhhhhhhh. HA. HAHA. HAHAHA.

Anonymous said...

Awesome post. I agree with it so so so much !

charmaiin said...

hahaha love this post qq! :) damn entertaining & I kept LOL-ing at ur self constructed emo fb posts.. keep it up! :)

Anonymous said...

Awesome post! Very well-written! Im so impressed!

Anonymous said...

Wow, from experience?

yx said...

you need to get dumped by your bf because you need to learn something worthwhile.

Anonymous said...

I'm just going to talk about the drunk = possibility of rape thing. You're completely victim-blaming and honestly I was shocked you would write something like that. I know you don't care what I think but if a girl is drunk, the guy sober and rapes her, it is NOT her fault for simply allowing herself to get drunk. The example you gave of two drunk people getting it on and one claiming rape is a rarity and although I think they'd both be to blame in that situation it's upsetting seeing you put the blame solely on the female. And.. guys are guys? Really? Let's excuse his actions because he is a guy? It's people like you thinking this way that makes it so difficult for girls to "shout" rape if they've been in that unfortunate situation.

Sherena said...

OMG TOTALLY AGREE! dont even have to be girls who want some drama after breaking up! also applies to those girls who post their personal problems in their pages like fb wall as well. damn attention seeking lor!

QiuQiu said...

Anon who say i'm only blaming the female, obviously you're not reading properly. A lot of guys out there are bastards, i said. But this post is mainly about how girls should learn to take care of themselves to start with, like not even giving a chance to the dickheads out there.

Anonymous said...

Not the world's most inspirational post in the world but it's so 'real' it kinda jolted me back to reality. For what's worth, thank you for this post. (: It really meant a lot to me.

Anonymous said...

Yeah china woman. One just stole my boyfriend from me.

GenevieveWijaya said...

Qiu I really enjoyed reading this post!!!!!

May said...

do you understand what rape is? its not just a guy screwing a girl. its a woman being physically and emotionally violated. its feeling dirty and broken when it comes to sex, many years after being raped. its never trusting another man, and being unable to be intimate with a loved one for a long time.

there's a difference between being opinionated and being blatantly ignorant. im surprised at the degree in which you've written it in.

you say that people go out to have a fun time, yet girls shouldnt go out and get drunk because thats just asking for it.
its not their faults their friends are shitty, and don't care about what happens to them.
its not their faults that they aren't strong enough to fend off a man, who are factually twice as strong as women.
its not their faults that people like you exist to make them hide what's been done to them in order to not feel ashamed.

people hurt themselves, and people hurt others because things like this are kept inside. i know, because someone whom i love has been through it.

if you can still sit back and scoff, think seriously about someone you love being raped. your mother, your sister, your best friend. you. would you still say that the guy was just being a guy?

think twice before you write about something so serious so carelessly.

Anonymous said...

To May,

I think what she meant was that girls should not put themselves in compromising situations that will increase their risk of being harmed/hurt.

In fact, I do not think that she is excusing rape (if you'd read her post properly w/o letting your own emotions get the better of you, you would have already known).

But all that aside, I must say I completely agree with you post Qiu Qiu! What you posted sounds so much like what I would say! =X


Have a Happy Chinese New Year!


Anonymous said...

To May,

I think what she meant was that girls should not put themselves in compromising situations that will increase their risk of being harmed/hurt.

In fact, I do not think that she is excusing rape (if you'd read her post properly w/o letting your own emotions get the better of you, you would have already known).

But all that aside, I must say I completely agree with you post Qiu Qiu! What you posted sounds so much like what I would say! =X


Have a Happy Chinese New Year!


Anonymous said...

Emo girls aren't attention seeking. Emo people tend to use forms such as writing on facebook or even blogs to let their friends understand what they are going through. I don't really think it's for the guy to see, since he probably won't care, won't bother to read it even since he moved on. I think most youngsters, not just emo girls after a bad break-up, update every single thing about themselves on Facebook, twitter etc. regardless whether people are interested in it. It’s just a fad so let’s not get too judgmental on it.

I think everything has 2 sides to it and we shouldn’t just come to conclusion without knowing the full story. I think in most cases women always tend to be victimized. Maybe you lead a pretty good life, so it’s harder for you to understand the plight they could be stuck in.

Emma said...

your post on Girl Power is yet another sorry case of victim-blaming and slut-shaming. you are simply perpetuating the idea that a girl is always in a vulnerable position and hence has to moderate her behaviour at all times to 'protect' and 'love' herself.

rape is rape. full stop. guys can get drunk, but why do they not have to bother about 'protecting' themselves against women? a group of women can easily hold down a very drunk man and rape him. but why do we not see that happening?

instead when girls go out to have fun they are always cautioned. because we somehow can excuse men for their 'uncontrollable urges'. BULLSHIT I SAY. men are not inherently lustful. men are not animals either. we are HUMANS, living in society -- we should respect other people's space and privacy, no matter how drunk they are, no matter female or male.

the problem is that in such a male-dominated society we can somehow excuse men for being lecherous. on the other hand women have to carry pepper spray, feel uncomfortable as long as they wear something baring their legs, and always have to appear decent lest they be molested and raped. NONE OF THIS IS THE FEMALE'S FAULT should something happen to her. she is not "asking for it". she is living as she chooses, wearing what she wants to wear (within the limits of public decency of course), and drinking when she wants to drink.

if she gets raped or molested or made to feel uncomfortable as a result, she has the right to say NO, to ask the perpetrator to stop at any time, and she SHOULD have a personal space and privacy respected.

we need to educate young men, not slut-shame, victimize, or further belittle women. so your post............... *shakes head sadly*

eggtOfU said...

hey QT, this is the BEST POST ever man! I have met almost all the different types of girl you categorised, and you describe them perfectly! Some girls are 3-in-1 some more! OMG i LOVE this post!

Jaylin said...

OMG QIUQIU YOU'RE SO AWESOME. I totally agree with what you said in this post because my friend was someone like this too. I got quite pissed with her but I dare not told her off in the face, worrying that I might be too mean etc. This post is really everything that I feel and I wanna say. Love you!! <3 you should blog about topics like this more!! :)

Anonymous said...

I loved this post... Loved it so much that I bookmarked it lol.

skippytelly said...

HAHAH best post man 😊 love how honest and un-bias you are