13 January 2011

MooMoo is still awaiting good home!

So MooMoo is boarding at Gentle Paws as some of you might know. I am not going to say it's a like a mini paradise for doggies even thou there are people walking the doggies every now and then, well, at least once or twice a week. And the doggies gets to drink milk and eat nutritious food (good and it's home-cooked!) and have volunteers showering them every weekly, and they get to go to the beach once a month.

So i'm not going to say it's a paradise. Becox it's a shelter, it's not a home.

I was there for a few weekends and just last week, i get to know a few of the lovely doggies, they are SO gentle!!! And so manja (affectionate) and cuteee!

So long story cut short, GIVE THEM A CHANCE if your household wants to consider getting a doggy!

ALTERNATIVELY, if you wanna care for a dog, but can't keep one in your household, you can always join the Sponsor-A-Dog programme at Gentle Paws!

There is no minimum sponsor fee and you can choose which doggy to sponsor!


And MooMoo is the youngest puppy boy there!
8months old turning 9months soon! =D

I've been tweeting non-stop about MooMoo and his new-found girlfriends, Lady and Poker. It's complicated.

I'd bring you through it with pictures! =D

This is Handsome Moo =D

MooMoo: "Ahyi, i look smarter from the front. Thanks."

This, is Lady. Whom MooMoo fell in love with, at first sight.
Omg, Lady is soooooooo sweet, calm and relaxed!
That's if MooMoo don't try to go disturb her. Hahaha!
Lady doesn't like MooMoo that much.

 BUT, yohooo~ There's hope! Look who's MooMoo 背後的女人!

 I give you Poker! =DDD Her eyes so chio like got wear contacts -.-"
This picture doesn't do her justice! This one was taken after shower.
IN REAL LIFE, Poker side hair is like pantene hair shampoo ad when she runs.
It's flicks and flies~ SEXYYYY~ Hahahah!

And Poker used to like MooMoo, on his first day.
She even helped to bark off another dog for MooMoo.

And now MooMoo likes Poker back, but it's too late.

 The day i visit, MooMoo tried to drink Poker's milk and she's pissed!
And they both weren't quite cool with each other. Hahah!
Seriously, damn petty one, bark+whine at each other, then shut up after 10secs or so.

One with Handsome Moo!

Moo: NO~~~ I want POKERRrrrrrr!

 MooMoo relaxing after milk (his second serving -.-") and watching everyone else.

 "Adopt me?"

 "Seriously, adopt me? =D"

"Whatever, i'm gonna enjoy Poker's company for now!"

So i leave you here. Do check out the Sponsor a Dog programme! And help pass the word around, Gentle Paws is privately run by volunteers so EVERY HELP they get, is great stuff!

From food supply, to medical supply to cleaning supply to used play pen for doggies, to you physically being there to help, ANYTHING would be much appreciated! Of course, practical way would be to sponsor a dog, or bestestest of it all, find the doggies there, homes to call their own.

=)) Feeling kind today?


Anonymous said...

Isnt moomoo ur dog.. why can't you keep it at home a little longer, till someone adopt ur dog. moomoo is living like a mongrel now.

the dogs at this shelter are so skinny.


QiuQiu said...

MooMoo is my sister's dog. And i already have two dogs at my place, what do you know, SASSYCHIC?

Moomoo IS a mongrel and Poker (the skinny one) has digestive problem to start with, NO DOG IS STARVING at that Shelter. They might have starved before, but not when they are at the Shelter now.

Anonymous said...

I'm a dog lover too and I use to volunteer my time at a similar pet shelter.

It's true that the handlers are loving people but these dogs are still neglected. It's like a mother with 50 kids. It's not a place you would discard your family dog if you love him.

If your sister kept moomoo when it was a puppy. I am sure the house can accomodate 1 more pup a few months longer and tolerated your parent's objection a lil bit more.

A once domesticated dog, mongrel or not, would be sad that he is now abandoned and live like a stray.

it's irresponsible and this is nothing personal.

I hope you will visit your dog alot more until it finds a good home.


Shoes said...

Omg sassychic could you get anymore patronizing? Why don't you get off your high horse and do something that actually helps rather than judge and criticize since apparently it bothers you so much.

Shoes said...

Omg sassychic could you get anymore patronizing? Why don't you get off your high horse and do something that actually helps rather than judge and criticize since apparently it bothers you so much. It's worse when you try to disguise being mean as giving advice.