14 January 2011

no Label

CNY is coming! Let me bring you to a cosy little shop! Where you can find all your fix of wardrobe for CNY! =D Some of the outfits are self-designed and manufactured by..

no Label themselves.

I especially love this light peach/ dusty pink dress on display
but i was wearing a black bra that day =(( So i didn't get to try that!

This black bustier looks so sexy right! BUT..

It's a overall! So it's actually more chic and stylo than sexy!

If you like unique designs and cutting edge to stand out, this will be for you! Accentuates your body shape and i think it's perfect for work or party! Just pull a jacket over it for work!

If you like something simple consider this one-piece drape dress!

You may like to tie a belt over it =D

Something casual for a change?

This full-length maxi will help you stand out even if you wanted to dress casual!

For those who MUST wear red on CNY, lol, like it's a MUST-thing,
no Label has it covered for you!

Little details everywhere!

More red in store but i chose this!

Hahaha! It's like flower blossoming on my.. Chest. Hahah!

See this face, got good-girlfriend look or not?

no Label has this other side of the shop dedicated to men's wear!
From casual to a little bit more flashy. So guys can feel the love when we girls shop!

With Lionel, the designer cum one of the bosses! =D

If you'd like to drop by no Label, here's how you get there! I'm doing this direction-instruction becox it's not the easiest place to find in Bugis! Which shop is easy to find in Bugis anyway? I only know the sex shop is super prominent. Lol.

You know 我愛台妹 the Taiwan snack stall, or Little Red Dot.
Spot the entrance where the pink arrow is pointing at!

Zoooom in! Go up the staircase.

When you're up the stairs, turn right, walk, then turn left.

Which design do i look best in? I'm thinking the red one (surprisingly, cox i am not a major fan or red) or the navy maxi dress. Hahaha!
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Steff said...

omgosh! those dresses and clothes look so nice and looks good on you too.

Anonymous said...

u look abit like stephanie sun!!

Peggy Soh. said...

You like a Singaporean artist/ actor? :D Can't remember her name though. ):

Anonymous said...

Do you know any blogshop that sells authetic coach bags which is trustworth and reliable? thanks in advance :)

Anonymous said...

Hm, is there any non sleeveless dress In that shop?

Mints Koh said...

Aye, chio bu!

Anonymous said...

what camera u using? (:

Xtine said...

She look like Felicia Chin, and some say (or rather i say) Zoe Tay. Eh, i see boob boob joob joob :)