01 November 2011

Olay Project 360 - Results

Yuzhen in a mint dress she bought specially for the event.

I told her to dress in mint or white cox it's the packaging colour of the Olay White Radiance series. LOL. Look at her! Even her nails are mint green! On bu on?! Lol.

 One with Wendy. She look extra good that night!!! Like prettier than usual-pretty. Can't put a finger to it, don't know if it's the hair or the dress. Or the eyes.

Wendy, Valerie (who is the winner!!! For White Radiance range!) and me =DDD We were all given a hand bouquet that evening =D

Valarie brought her ringlight along that night so we could all camwhore! How noble!!! I will not lug my ringlight out one lor!

The event was held at White Rabbit @ Dempsey and OMG. I LOVE the food there! We reach slightly earlier than most people so we decided to have dinner first. AND I LOVE IT. The ambience outdoor and indoor all super nice one! Great for chilling out and for dating please. Why my bf no bring me there on date =( I'd love to be there again soon!

The garden outdoor where the event was held is perfect please. Got some greenery path, lit with tiny tiny lights one. So magical. And got a few swings here and there. Oh why didn't i snap pictures!!!

I cut this shot out cox Valerie and i both making some weird faces and Wendy look really nice here so i don't wanna just dump this pic. Lol.

Alexa and i =D

Michelle who was SO HAPPY to meet XIAXUE for the first time lolol.

It's quite hard to have them come along to event with me cox they both work office hours. And nande this one is a night event, i ask them along and they are not exactly keen to attend any event until i told Mich "XIAXUE will be there you know?!" Mission accomplished. Then we discuss what to wear lol.

Zhen with Wendy. NOT SHY, take people's bouquet and pose. Those are Wendy's flowers!

So sad! They keep snapping with Wendy and no care me! Lolol.
Okay you know what's really sad? There's a few sad things actually.

One, i never take picture of the neck, hand, head, shoulder massage stations that night. IT WAS SO SHIOK.

Two, i never take picture of the surrounding =(( It's so beautiful!

Three, my friends didn't take any picture with me that doesn't turn out blur/ wayyy over-exposed.

The only picture that is not blur. They both say this is like my lorry photo when i pass away. Lol. What nice friends i have!

I also want one.

I cannot bear to trash this picture even thou Wendy has her hair tied up (for the neck massage).

Cox Michelle would be really sad. Cox she will probably use her pictures with Wendy as DP everywhere. Lol. So every picture matters to her.

It was such a fun and great night! Thank you Olay and Nuffnang!

Project 360 has been so fun! Can get to use good products raved overseas (especially taiwan! Xiao S raves about it like mad and those makeup laoshi all raving about it too!) and get better skin along the way! And the girls are so nice to hang out with! Especially enjoy the hanging out time between filming with Amanda, Daphne and Ting! =D

And to end this post.. I just wanna say.. Although i should thank Michelle for introducing Wendy's blog to me like ten thousand years ago.. And although Michelle always self-claim to be more senior than me in blogging cox she started blogging wayyyy earlier than me.. And although we both adore Wendy..

All i'm saying is all these aside..




Sammy said...

OMG WHY IS VALERIE SO TALLLLL! Hahah it's just so cute seeing her and xiaxue standing together.

Chenny said...

aiyo ~~ why no one want to take pic with you? nvm ~ I will take alot with you! XD

Anonymous said...

did you photoshop the contacts for mich? olive green looks soooooooo nice on her! =D

QiuQiu said...

Sammy, yeah she's REALLY Tall!!!

Chenny haha they are too awed to see Wendy.

ANon, yeah i did but mich looks pretty without olive eyes anyway. Hahaha.

Anonymous said...

May I know where you got your white dress for this event? Thanks!

Mio said...

Can I book you. I wanna have wonderful time with you

QiuQiu said...

Anon, the white dress is from E.X.U (Kandykayne shop at Bugis!)