25 January 2012



It's gonna be Chu San (3rd day of CNY) already and i'm pretty sure i didn't snap much pictures this time round cox i'm so engrossed in playing with Baby Yurou and.. Gambling. Lol.

I don't even know how much angbao money i have. I just chuck them in my bag, and only open them when i need loose change. Lololol. Like $2 notes to pay/ exchange while gambling.

And i realise the older we grow, the lesser angbao money we get. Which makes sense in one way, but doesn't in another.

See, if i'm young, make sense to gimmie more money cox i don't earn. Right? But since i don't earn, i don't need to pay any bills. So giving me more money is like giving me extra money to buy things that i don't need.

But if i'm older, it makes more sense to gimmie more money cox i need to pay for adult stuff and no adults are paying for me. So...

So i also don't know why my angbao becoming smaller and lesser as each year goes. Lol.

BUT. BEST PART about CNY is to be able to spend time, A LOT of time with my family =DDD

Pictures another time!

That day at the hair salon!
After the colouring was done (scroll down to see results on post below) it's treatment time! This time is a treatment to strengthen hair so as to REDUCE BREAKAGE.
It's a Three-Step procedure. First the treatment to feed the hair with lotsa protein!!! LOTS AND LOTS of protein. To keep it strong so that it won't break easily. Second step is a hair mask to boost the result. And lastly to add shine to the hair, with a serum!
While waiting for the masque to sit in. I snapped this picture and thought it looked like this derpina meme with shiok face. Lol.
About done! This is right before applying serum!
 And done!
The nice staff at Hair Cuttour. They super freaking happy that day!!! O.O Haha. Cox they gonna go on a loooong break! Til Chu9. They'd be back 1st Febuary!!! And by then i'd be there to do a SPECIAL PERM!!!!!!!!!!! Cannot wait!!!!
Tel: 6284 4866 (Kovan)
- - - - - - -

Sasa online website is based in Hong Kong one i think. Their shopping cart REALLY, really pushed me to the edge. I think it's my web browser's fault thou. I tried like 8 times to order but they kept clearing my shopping cart. That's not the worst part, worst part is their online customer service really pulled out another 20 strands of my hair, on top of the 71 strands i pulled out myself.

But Mich had no problem with it!!! =DDD So she helped me order, and i help her order the Shills candies. And the rest is ALL mine!!!!!

So you spot the stuff yourself okay!
Naris Brow Mascara (Brown and Light Brown) $6.60 each
Both also no good. Coverage is meh.

Twin Pit Firm eyelid glue/ eyelash glue $7.60
Worst ever. I don't even know why they dare call it FIRM. Can't do shit.

BN double sided eyelid tape $3.60 and $4.20
BOTH ALSO IS LOVE!!!!!!!!!! =DDD Their sizes are the same but i have no idea why they are packed differently so i bought both. Turn out both also good! =D Short enough for asian eyes like ours =D Here's the post where i show before and after using double-sided eyelid sticker!
This is how the eyelid sticker will look like after you put it on! Can't really see it except that you'd see a folding line at your eyelids. Love it cox the whole time it's holding up your eyelid while creating a more obvious double-eyelid. So.. Multifunctional it is! Lol.
Putting this pic again so that you don't have to scroll up to make reference.

DOT DOT crystal light loose powder $6.20
Not even half a day and it starts to wax out. I am not sure if it's cox my face might sometimes get a little oily.

Shills Miss Perfect Pores Hide $6.80
I realise it hides pores by cementing pores. So yes it does produce results. But i'm sure the side effect will be that.. It clogs your pore. Unless it's some really awesome technology mixed into this (which i doubt cox it's only $6.80 lol), i decided later that i'm not comfortable to use it.

Ume Softcream lipbalm $4.10
This one really not bad! After one or two hours, there will be soaked dead skin on my lips. And i should tell you all i remove them. But no, i eat them....... O.O LOL. Then afterwards it's as if i have major soft and new lips like that. Lol. Only downside of this product is that i thought it's Strawberry cream (judging from the packaging) but no leh, it smells a little bit like.. Plum.

PXE anti-blackhead beauty toner $7.60
Apparently it says that the blackhead will all be suck out and you just have to swipe it off later. But i haven't try it so i don't know yet!

Mai Doll BB Cream set (Two tubes in one box) $9.70
THIS ONE IS LOVE!!! The coverage is pretty good. That's one, and it doesn't feel thick and chalky. And it LAST ALL DAY. Don't need to touch up one. Don't need to add any powder or anything over it. You apply it, and within one minute or so, it's not sticky/ liquidy anymore. Oh oh, it also has hydrating effect!!! So your face won't turn dry and oily after a long day.
Wearing the BB Cream, heavy rotation eyebrow concealer, KissMe blusher and my eyeliner+mascara.
With flash. This Twitter tee cute not!!! Wendy got it! =DDD Says "I love to Tweet" at the bottom.

So how? The BB cream really not bad right?! It just gives a nude translucent layer to your own skin tone. Some more so cheap only. Two tubes inside one box. One box less than $10.

AND THEN!!!!!!!!!!

The first intention that i had, while shopping on Sasa online, was to buy the Biore marshmallow whip facial foam (BUT WITH OIL CONTROL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) from the site! Becox here only got the collagen one right, which i did an advert for, and have been using since then.

And now i wanna try this lah!!! So i super Kiasu, i bought two bottles at $6.80 each!!!

And then.. Another product that totally made me go =OOOO is the Biore Makeup Remover.

It states that it could even remove heavy makeup/ waterproof mascara etc, AND at the same time hydrates and soothes the skin. And it uses some deep-into-pore formula etc..

But when i read "No double cleansing needed" I'm like..

So i bought it. And since it's only $8.30.. I honestly didn't expect much from it. BUT. IT IS SO FREAKING GOOD. Reunion dinner day, Chu Yi, Chu Er, all i got put mascara, waterproof kind.. And also got put eyebrow concealer etc. Which are all quite thick, right.

And this amazing makeup remover just removes all that shit. All of it. I was expecting to clear up my eye area one or two more times since that's what i always do cox the mascara just smudge all over especially to the undereye area. But no man, this thing removes all sort of shit. Lol.

And it does feel gentle afterwards. No tight feeling etc. AWESOME.

And the last item is the St Ives Mineral Clay firming mask ($7.40) I haven't tried it. I bought it cox Wendy tweeted saying it's good for pimples. But so far i haven't got a big threatening pimple since i got the parcel so i guess that's a good thing. Lol.

Alright that's all!!! Omg i actually love to show off. Lolol. It feels SO good to put down what i buy and what's good and what's not! Next time i shall never spend on something just cox it seems interesting.

Happy Lunar New Year to you!

How's your new year so far!!!!!!! =DDD


Unknown said...

I love your hair color! <3
i looks soo good.
Ans I'm really jealous of all your purchases :( xD


Anonymous said...

Haha the lipbalm tastes like plum because.....ume is Japanese for plum lol!
You sounded like you enjoyed CNY. Can't wait to see photos of baby Yurou~ ^^

Anonymous said...

Haha the lipbalm tastes like plum because.....ume is Japanese for plum lol!
You sounded like you enjoyed CNY. Can't wait to see photos of baby Yurou~ ^^

Anonymous said...

Haha the lipbalm tastes like plum because.....ume is Japanese for plum lol!
You sounded like you enjoyed CNY. Can't wait to see photos of baby Yurou~ ^^

M said...

Happy new year to you!

Anonymous said...

ume = plum :)

Mima said...

Ooooh awesome hair *O* i wanna be blondie too T_T Loved it honey!

Anonymous said...

Happy Lunar New Year!!
I love your blog!!

HUILING- said...

happy new year qiuqiu!
AND OMG!tht tht tht PXE anti-blackhead beauty toner tht thing..
try le let me know if it works can~
*desperate face*
i totally need it!!
thanks qiuqiu <3

Blogshopgirl said...

Love the new hair color! Happy CNY! =D

Jer said...

Hi there, just for your info.. It's a huge pity that St Ives mineral mask has been discontinued. It's really really a good buy, hopefully St Ives will come out with a better or somewhat same alternative.

Anonymous said...

Hi can pls share how much is the shipping fees???

Whizzer's Rose said...

Hi, just wondering if the eyebrow coloring stuff you bought is a permanent one or just the regular one you can use and wipe off??? I'm looking for an eyebrow color for my Dad 'coz he has dyed black hair to cover the graying ones but his eyebrows are starting to gray out too-hehehehe!

QiuQiu said...

=O I didn't know Ume = Plum!!! Now that i think of it, Umeshu = Plum juice/ wine right?!

Mima, my hair consider blondie meh! I doubt. More brown in real life.

Jer! YEAH LOR. That's why i was kinda happy when i saw it on the site! Wonder why it discontinue here!

Anon, shipping was free for me =O Expedite shipping some more. I got it within like 4 - 5 days. I think cox i buy above 70 USD. If not, the shipping is 15USD.

Whizzer Rose, got sell hair concealer! Black one, mainly for older people. Daiso selling for $2 only please!!!

QiuQiu said...

The eyebrow mascara is use liao just remove one! =D

Claire said...

I have been looking for St Ives clay mask for the longest time! :( Just went to the Sasa Hk site and they don't have it as well.. :(

Unknown said...

lol it seems like I can read or listen to anything you ar etalking about, even if it's product I can't buy here anyway lolol. But I've seen ST.Ives here in Watsons I think.
SO cute you are! lolol

Anonymous said...

I dont like so much your new hair color, but you are pretty anyway

skinformulae said...

Wow thats alot of makeup products! Happy lunar new year!

Whizzer's Rose said...

Daiso has??? WOw! gonna go look for it there-our version of Daiso always runs out of good stuff though :-( Dad tried expensive one from a beauty shop and it made him look like Shin-Chan lol and it smudge. Gonna go hunt for that. Thanks:-)

Lolli Goes PoP said...

How much would it cost to colour at hair cuttour? My hair length is like yours.

Lolli Goes PoP said...

How much would it cost to colour at hair cuttour? My hair length is like yours.

CoCoLinDa said...

Hihi qiu qiu :P May i knw what is Sasa online webbie. Isit Sasa.com?
Cos i went over there and see the stuff are not exactly cheap >.<
Thanks and Happy CNY ;P

Yan said...

Hi QQ. the BB is superb. What's brand? i wanna find it

Ling said...

which sasa website is that?

Ling said...

which SASA website is this?

Ling said...

which sasa website is that?