13 January 2012

Love, Bonito

Hello! Yes i'm here to parade some outfits from Love, Bonito!

When Love, Bonito offered to sponsor me some outfits particularly for Chinese New Year i'm like OKAY!!!!!!! Hahaha!

They are like the most established online retailer for fashion apparels in Singapore! And coincidentally, the outfit of my blog banner, the one with green background, is from Love, Bonito!!! =DDD I bought it in an episode of Budget Barbie thou. Lol.

Anyway, so here are some of the outfits from Love, Bonito. Some are more oriental-influenced while some will be great for CNY or casual occasions! Enjoy!!!

By the way, the lighting for these pictures, chio ma? LOL. I am so talented i'd give it to me.

Look at the back!!!!!!!! =DD And it comes with padding at the bust area i major love!!!! One, no need to wear bra, super comfy. Two, no need to wear bra still can look like have breast. Yeah i know not all of you girls can share my profound love for outfits with padding. Lol.
- - - - - - -
Major love this bustier top!!!
*whisper* Inside also got padding de! Lolol.
This is not ott CNY-ish! Love the subtle flora abstract prints.
One more becox in this one my eye makeup look nice. There, the two eyeliner wings.
- - - - - - - 
Ah this one is really CNY-ish. Lol. You might love it! The collar really adds a touch of elegance to this casual top!
- - - - - - -
THIS ROMPER IS MY FAVOURITE! =D Becox.. It's a romper. And during CNY we will all sit on the floor and play ban luck one O.O This one i can sit on the floor with ease no need to scared zao gng. LOL. And the colour's so striking but not bright red! It's a sharp orangey blushing hue. Love it!!!!
- - - - - - - -
If you prefer something more feminine, this one ba!
Long and so super flowy. This tone of red is not too loud also!
And YAY got free Love, Bonito red packets sleeves in the package.

Alright i leave you here! Go shop at Love, Bonito!!! Plenty of unique designs for your CNY chu-1 to chu-15, lolol.

Some of the items you see here are yet to be released on their site so remember to follow them on Twitter so that you can be informed first hand of new collection launches!!! Items go out fast so be prepared lol.

And follow them on Facebook for exciting updates!

I cannot wait for CNY to come cox it means.. Eat ALL the food!!!!!!!! =DDD


Unknown said...

Damn like the COVET ARIA CHEONGSAM ..it super nice !

FiSh said...

i love the first picture in front of the door! :) nice clothes from Bonito, hope you get tonnes of clothes sponsorship during this CNY :)

Unknown said...

The romper is it haven't release out? I can't find at love Bonito website.

Alye said...

Are u wearing XS for Aria Cheongsam & the bustier cos u're so skinny! And Yay, love the eye wings there! Super Chio!

elderflowertea said...

Not bad!

Unknown said...

wow! super nice! the outfits are so gorgeous! and you look just stunning!
I like the red long dress most of all!

Anonymous said...

You look stunning in all the pics!!

Anonymous said...

You look exactly like Goo Hara in the 5th photo.

wandering soul said...

the white dress is super nice! ^_^

Anonymous said...

They all look so nice on you! Not so much a fan of the red maxi though, but wow! Wish you'd wear more clothes like those; you've no idea how much prettier you look!

Aiko said...

Woooooah! (°o°) It's all looking so beautiful! Great job.

Anonymous said...

You look pretty with this make - up :)

kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk said...

wow, you have such a wounderful taste, all clothes is super-puper cool!:)

Anonymous said...

You look beautiful! And the make-up's lovely :)