27 January 2012

A post i farted out, anyhow

First day of Chinese New Year!
"哈咯! 我有像我阿姨吗?" Lolol. "Hello! I got look like my auntie not?!" =D
MY FAVOURITE SHOT of Baby Yurou!!! =DDD I bought like 4 sets of clothes for her! But only get to see her wear one =( And she don't look nice in this dress! LOL. Cox she no hair one! =(
My family ❤ ❤ ❤ This is just 10 out of 16!
Me with Baby Yurou ^.^
"Ohh, i hope nobody sees me drool like this!"
"YO. Wassap. You lookin at ME?"
NiaoNiao. Wearing the world's ugliest top bejeweled in the auntie way. Lolol. Of course they say my rainbow colour tie-dye is shit too but what do they know. Lolol.
One more with Niao. And that's all the pictures i snapped on CNY O.O

I am majorly happy during Chinese New Year!!! It's like the only period where i get to spend one whole day with my family members and just do unimportant stuff and have lotsa fun.

Will be watching "We Not Naughty" with my family tomorrow i'm actually quite excited!!! Cox i LOVE to smuggle food into the cinema O.O And then have the whole family snack out.

BUT. I also love to buy drinks, popcorn, churros, nachos and hotdog buns from the candy bar =DDD

So it's not like i am not willing to spend on the snacks at the cinema. It's just their fault that they don't offer a wider variety. Like if they add in more kinds of tidbits, more kinds of food like.. Duck Rice, Long John, McDonald's, pizza, bento set etc. Those will be nice.. Until someone with butterfingers comes along.

Anyway i didn't really dress up during CNY cox it's like.. What for?

Last time (like 6/7 years ago) i still got dress up one. And then i think about it.. For fuck. Lol. One, i'm spending 95% of the time at my parents' or my sister's place. Two, i show face for 30minutes at my relatives place only. And i don't have to impress anybody. So like a bit no point to dress up. Lol.

Young that time still got cousins whom i thought were handsome to impress. LOL.

Now i live by one ideology, "LUM NUA". Lolol. Everything also must be fast, quick, simple and easy.

Anyway, here are some camwhore pictures that i snapped the other time but these were on my compact camera and i forgot to upload them and post with the previous post. Usually i'd just delete them all since i already showed you my hair but then i look at them again..

They look like they must at least be shown to the world to get some praises. Lol.
Dokay no more~ =D

I hope that those who are going back to work will.. Get MC and then enjoy the long weekend =D Lolol. Kidding~

So that's all. Here is one post i pieced together anyhowly. Lol. But at least got chubby baby pictures!!!

I'm SO looking forward to SOOOOO many stuff i can't wait to share!!!! Til then!!!


Lexie said...

i still can't get enough of your fabulous hair! <3

Anonymous said...

Baby Yoru is so cute!
And your hair is so perfec!

Aki No Yuutsu said...

I so love your dreamy look!!! (>w<)b

Anonymous said...

Awesome hair colour! But somehow i feel like yr fringe got something wrong, not i wanna insult or anything but last time it looks better :/

Anonymous said...

your hair is beautiful! i love your rainbow tie-dye shirt, where did you get em??

Anonymous said...

i LOVE your tie dye shirt!!!
whr / how much did you get it from?

Skinformulae said...

omg its funny how you say there is no more cousins to impress. I guess your reason for not dressing up totally make sense.

Amanda said...

Aww the baby is so cute!! *o*
and you look gorgeous!

QiuQiu said...

Lexie, THANK YOU! But yeah it does look dry!

Jade Love, YEAH~~~ When people praise baby yurou i feel proud. She should be my daughter!!! Lol.

Anon, yes my fringe really is fried! Unless i put Essential hair serum then it'd be good for like 3 days.

Anon, rainbow tie dye is from KL! 6 sgd!

Amandine, THANK YOU ^>^

CL said...

Hi QiuTing! I saw your boob job video and your post on why you wanted a boob job, and I was so touched by your honesty. You summed up my feelings over the past 23 years!! Esp how other people claim they're 'flat' when they are still A size. I've been flat as a board since.... forever... and recently have been contemplating Macrolane fillers as well. I read that the fillers will disappear after a year. How's it been for you so far? Thank you for being so open and courageous abt sharing what you've been through! :) <3

Daphne Tok said...

Love ur slim legs and I like your hearts over navy top.May i know whr u got it from?PLs tell me its in sg=x

Anonymous said...

I remembered you posting once that you wouldn't wear contacts no matter what right? omg, it looks like you have it on! o_o

Kristel said...

So fun watching you on budget barbie :D

Hellojay. said...

Hi Qiu! what eyelashes are you wearing in this post? Damn chio and natural! :)

Shu Hui said...

hello :D i'm from Malaysia :D first visit on your blog :D



QiuQiu said...

CL, the filler will be gone around 1.5 - 2 years max. Not much is left now =X It's been one year and 3 months.

Daphne Tok, it's from KL! RM15!

Anon, i never say i will never wear contacts, i say i don't know how to wear but i wanna try. And i STILL dont know how to wear. Lol. All the pictures are photoshopped with contacts.

Kristel, thank you ^.^

Ashley, i'm wearing lashes #99 from sglady.com $2.90 for a box of 10 pairs.

Shu Hui, thank you!!! Xie xie ni!!! =DDD Xin nian kuai le!!!

Anonymous said...

Qiu, you look so much like Park Kahi of After School. :>

JoleneSnow said...

I know this is random but you have a teeny weeny resemblance to Jamie Yeo!

QiuQiu said...

Anon and jolenesnow, I LOOK LIKE A LOT OF PEOPLE =OOO Lolol.

Anonymous said...

love your hair!! and your polka-hearts top - where'd you get it?