18 March 2012

Botox is love

This is a scheduled post and when you're reading this, i'm still soaking in beach water and getting sunburnt under the lovely bright sun in Phuket, i think.

I'd be back tonight with lotsa camwhoring pictures cox all the vain bloggers will be there lol.

This week i got nothing else to share cox i have no chio camwhoring shots lol but one thing.


I didn't thought much of it and use to think it's for old people =X

And i watched Christmas with the Kranks before (trailer video here lol see 0:45 onwards), and that's about all the impression i had for botox.

But i was talking to friends about how i had to cut my fringe although my fringe will suck cox it'd be so puffy and dry and curly, i sitll have to cut it becox i wanna cover the lines on my forehead especially when i lift my brows for my eyes to look bigger to act cute in some pictures O.O Lol.

So they told me DO BOTOX LAH.

And so i when i was in thailand, i did botox!!! =DDD

Actually i could have done it in Singapore, i doubt it'd be hard to find a sponsor or get a one-off free trial or something lol. It'd cost about $600 per syringe and you might need more than one syringe depending on where you're gonna do lah.

Some count by per unit and you have to do like 20 (for forehead) - 48 units (for jawline) or something like this, and each unit will cost about $15 plus-minus. I have no idea how they count really. Do your own research if you wanna do in Singapore please don't ask me cox i won't know thank you!

So anyway!!!

I did for my forehead and jawline. And the doctor i went to used Allergan.

The price very standard one.

Forehead - 2500baht  ($109)

Area above and between brows - 2500baht ($109)

Jawline - 7500baht ($326)

Not sure if it's good or bad. Like if your jawline only need very little botox leh? Then you still have to pay the same price as someone who looks like spongebob.

I didn't do my brow and between becox i very scared i look like the video i show you above lah! Lolol. So i thought okay, try out forehead and jawline first. If anything happens, just use hair to cover. Lol.

In total the doctor opened and used 3 syringes for me. My forehead lines, he say.. "Very sereerd, it been like deed for a long time" So i think he meant "Very serious, it's been like this for a long time".

TROLLOLOLOL. Let me laugh here cox i couldn't laugh during consultation!!! Don't want him to get pissed then later anyhow do lolol.

You may say the lines on my forehead are really bad but please do not cross the line (lol) and say i'm ugly becox that'd be out of line (lolol). Hahaha. Learn from Cheesie one, being punny.

So back to botox. Yeah the doctor is not kidding i think. I ask my elder sister to do the raise eyebrow thing and i asked my gf to do, and yes they have lines but really not as bad as mine O≡O

I guess for all the years i try to act cute and look up into the camera, chin down, eyes open big big, this is a problem what i have to face now. Fair enough.

So i did! It was REALLY fast and the pain level is like.. No biggie. Given that i did acupotomy. I WAS SO SO SO SO SO happy when i was going through the whole botox procedure. I kept thinking to myself, "Bitch please, that's it? 我是见过世面的人" Lolol.

Here, results.

I raise my brows to open my eyes really wide and big. NO FUCKING LINES AT ALL.
STARE HARDER BIGGER. Still no lines. Freaking awesome.

And then it's the botox for jawline. In case you don't know what that's for, put your hand on the sides of your jaw, bite (clench your jaw together) hard, do you feel a muscle popping up when you bite?

Botox will relax that piece of muscle and it will not show up for a while until you firm it back with your daily usage of the jaw. So the doctor say to maintain, chew lesser nuts, don't chew gum, eat food that's easier to eat without having to chew too much.

The girl who do my facial for me before show me her pass picture before botox and i totally flipped. Becox she was spongebob i swear. She say after her friend told her about botox and understand why her jaw muscle make her face look so huge, she totally stop chewing gums (a habit she love, and she say it's Malaysia so gums are so easy to get everywhere) and only eat food like beehoon soup and hor fun/ porridge.

She NEVER go for botox. The muscle just weaken and became smaller over time. Defug. I don't know to believe her or not, that she didn't go for botox. But you can try. She say she use her knuckles to massage those jaw muscles everyday also.

And i did see on Taiwan beauty program where the beauty teacher taught the ladies to use knuckles to massage and apply a fair amount of pressure on the jaw muscles everyday. Like as often as you can, for 10minutes at least.

Good luck. But if you want quick fix. Botox ftw ^.^

No worst picture you can find of me. Lol. Kidding. There are worst. Picture of me clenching my jaw.

Me now, clenching my jaw.

I feel like my left side went down more than my right side. Right side still has this block of muscle that went down for sure, but not as much as the left side.

But the difference of before and after is only visible in pictures, WHEN I CLENCH MY JAW. In real life i look the same since i'm not constantly clenching. Lol. So the difference is not vast i feel. Didn't wow me as much as the forehead one.

You can go to any doctor who uses good botox brand locally or in Thailand okay. Do your own research ba! I also research a bit then decided to go to this doctor one.

I don't want to introduce to you all and if it doesn't do you good, later you look like kena stroke, you blame me. Lolol.

Good luck to you. Have fun researching, i just wanna show you the rough price and of course, to show off my forehead now.

So i paid $435 for 3 syringes (not sure if he used finished the last syringe but he don't use also wasted cox he can't use it for another patient anyway). And in Singapore i'd have to pay $1800 given that one syringe is $600.

So if you happen to head thailand for a holiday, you can consider doing if you think you need ba! =D

See you when i'm done with photoshopping our pictures from Phuket! ^.^


Anonymous said...

having no lines at all seem kind of freaky given that you raised your eyebrows so hard in the photos :O just my opinion though.

but other than botox you can try fillers too (: then you'll look more korean-ish 'cause koreans like to do fillers/implants on their foreheads to make it full and round

Anonymous said...

The picture after you did botox doesn't seem like you tried to raise your eyebrows at all.. Just look like you are staring harder, not opening your eyes bigger. So is it you really can't force your eyebrows to move upwards already or what?

coolingstar9 said...

Wow, We can see different look. It is ready interesing.

Anonymous said...

Can you share which clinic u did ?

Anonymous said...

why you have the fucking obsession of be perfect? your face is worst after botox. You are like a doll without emotions.

Simple Person said...

I heard tat there is lots of fake book in th....

Anonymous said...

hi dear, can you kindly share with us the clinic you go to? There are too many clinic stated in the web/forums. Hope you can really help me out with this! Would really appreciate it alot!

Btw, what is the pain tolerance? Are there any side effects, like feeling sour or anything?

Thanks in advance love!

Anonymous said...

Once you start Botox, you have to continue it for the rest of your life or your skin will start sagging....

Lynneth said...

Dont see any diffrence..But that's because you are so nat3urally preety!<3 *Jealous* ^_^

Anonymous said...

Hmmm...also realised that the pic with the obvious lines, you opened your eyes to the max till your eyebrows is like very straight. But the pic with no lines, don't seem that you have opened ur eyes to the max cos the eyebrows still not very straight as the 1st pic. So hard to compare. But like your courage and post on possible solution. =)

Kiwi said...

I think after botox, your face seems a little unnatural. There is zero wrinkles on the forehead, which is weird. And your expression seems to not show as well after botox.

Everyone gets wrinkles... I think you were okay the way you were before.

Ari said...

Hmm but in the after photo when you are raising your eyebrows is not the same way from the before photo. Cause in the before you are really raising your eyebrows, in the after you are just slightly making your eyes wider...unless the botox has made you unable to properly raise your eyebrows LOL. But anyway, good for you. :D

Anonymous said...

Cool! Excellent idea of doing it in Thai rather than SG!

Anonymous said...

You look different in the pic after you had botox. Your brows seem to stay in the same place though you have raised your brows. It looks unnatural. Can you go fix it again to make it look better? I love the original qiuqiu.

Anonymous said...

Please share which clinic it's from :( I did research for the past three hours, and emailed those clinics in thailand. Their rates are actually around SGD600++ one.

Julia said...

Hmmm, the difference it's obvious. I'm sure you went to a good clinic because your job looks very professional...and the price is not very high so congratulations for your choice.

When I first had botox Toronto it took me a while to realize the difference...I couldn't believe what botox was able to do for me.
Let's hope someone will find the solution to make botox last longer:P

Anonymous said...

for an alternative, you can use Peterthomasroth unwrinkle! i've been using it and it works exactly like botox!

Anonymous said...

Gotta say, awesome results!

Anonymous said...

Hi qiuqiu.i cant comment on the clicknetwork page, maby its a bigger chance for you to see it now hehe. I hope you can do an episode where you shop at plaza sing. i'm saying close to plaza singapura when im visiting singapore so i want to find some cheap stuff :P

Anonymous said...

how about sharper nose? Is there any ways to make nose sharper?
need advice

Anonymous said...

No, you look worse after your Botox treatment, unnatural expression as well. It don't look nice

Katie Hallison said...

I’m glad that you had a successful botox treatment. Looking at your pictures, it is apparent that there were remarkable improvements on your forehead and jaw. The lines were totally erased. I admire you for generously sharing your experience with your procedure. By showing the amazing results, I’m sure you can encourage many people to undergo botox treatment.

Chieko Brink said...

Wow, the wrinkles on your forehead totally disappeared, Qiuting. But you can actually earn more benefits from Botox, as it also weakens the muscles responsible for squinting and crinkling in the area around your eyes. Try looking at your before and after photos and inspect the skin near your eyes. It shows, right? By the way, your transformation is great!

Geoffrey Lelia said...

Actually, no one can say the wrinkle formation on your forehead is ugly. You wouldn’t form wrinkles if you’re not moving your muscles there too much. It only reflects the cheerful woman that you are. :) But you can still go along in that attitude without those creases. And you definitely look better! :D

Geoffrey Lelia said...

Actually, no one can say the wrinkle formation on your forehead is ugly. You wouldn’t form wrinkles if you’re not moving your muscles there too much. It only reflects the cheerful woman that you are. :) But you can still go along in that attitude without those creases. And you definitely look better! :D

Anonymous said...

hiya u look so much better without that buttock you put inside your face qiuqiu...i mean botox,sorry my bad...why do u call yourself a bitch? are all girls really bitches?? u look hot,sexy,nice naturally;) fuck that shit botox:))

Anonymous said...

Hey Qiu Qiu,

I read lots of stories and see many before/after photos about Botox as part of my work - I can definitely see that it worked for you esp at the forehead - awesome!

(I write for a site at Cosmerience, focused on reviews of cosmetic treatments in Asia.)

Would you mind if I share a few short excerpts from your blog post with our readers? I'd link back to your blog post of course.