25 March 2012

QWeekly - Bunch of happiness




OHHHHYEAAAAHHHH!!!!! Got giveaway tab to find out what's for giveaway this week!!!
See all the special episodes, and find out which items are bought from where! Also you may watch all of the episodes from the app if you'd like! COOL MUCH?

Thanks to Daniel and also the people at Clicknetwork for making this happen!!!!

What's next!!! We need a BongQiuQiu app! Lolol. In the app will be "What she ate for lunch/ dinner/ supper" and the answer will be Mcdonald's, McDonald's and Maggie mee. Lol.

If you have ideas/ intention of wanting your own app or just wanna get someone to start an app and see how it works out, drop Daniel an email!!! He'd be more than glad to talk with you about it ^.^
An episode to Yew Tee, Chao Chu Kang and Bukit Batok!
Episode to explore the CBD area! Bought some good stuff =D
- - - - - - -
Also went to fix the hay. Lol.
Thanks to Jeanette! I can has nice hair for Phuket! So far people say it's looking healthier! To make appointment at Hair Cuttour tel: 6284 4866 (Kovan)
- - - - - - - - -

I am really really falling behind a lot of things. Promise to catch up soon! I have two yacht rides coming and also one more post for Phuket!!! =DDD

For now, please let me spam Baby Yurou's pictures!!! She's so huge already O.O
After nomming on bread. Haha. She look so dirty with all the bread crumbs on her face!
"Sexy ma???"
"How do i look? Super good?"
"Dude, you kidding right! Haha" Look at the milo stain on her shirt =_=" My dad feeds her ANYTHING EVERYTHING. He say dirty eat dirty big.
"My cap cost $25.90!!! My favourite Ah Yi got it for me!" Yeah! That's me~ Lolol.

Okay ending off the post with Baby Yurou's HUGE face. 大脸妹 is 大脸妹.


Patti said...

oh no~ why does this app require ios5 T-T). i cannot use it, only have ios4 one.

Anonymous said...

I don't mean to be rude , qiu qiu Bt I reli think tt u shud shave ur head and re-grow ur hair... At this point I see ur hair it's beyond repairable?

Amy said...

Soo cute the baby! :)

Amy said...

Baby Yurou sooo cute! :)

Anonymous said...

baby yurou is sooooooo cute!! qiu you are so lucky to be the aunt!

Anonymous said...

android app? :'(

Alison said...

too many baby picture OMG!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, i also cant dwld bcoz if the ios.. How how?

Nigel said...

Happiness is a warm gun - bang bang shoot shoot. The Beatles

minz said...

omg yurou's last pic melted the remaining of my heart :D

Anonymous said...

omg baby yurou so cute <3 <3 everytime see her photo got the urge to carry her and sayang sayang her ^^ so kawaii

Anonymous said...

I love visiting your blog, have many awesome photos (^o*,)v