24 April 2012

The good things

I have no idea what to title this post except to name it the post of good things.

So April is almost over and we're moving on to May soon and as much as i had a super awesome March and April, May and June so far seem so promising, i'm not sure if i know how to breath and chill. Haha. It's TOO many good things happening!

May early, Cheesie should be coming to my place and bunk for one day (too short!!!) cox Wendy is shifting house right. And i am so excited!!! ^.^ I am heading out to get dilam (been wanting to get) from Seahorse now!!! Lol. Very kelian her, have to sleep on dilam. But at least it's Seahorse. Lol.

And May will be a pretty packed month so it's good!!! I LOVE BLOGGING

Actually i hope it gets even more packed than this ^.^

Also May got Wendy's house warming or maybe that's in June but still exciting!!! I went to looksee at her new place the other day and it's so huge! Compared to the newer HDB. And she got balcony i iz very very jelly. Lol. And her bathroom can see it's gonna be jellifying also =D

And then June is an awesome month itself cox i'm born in June lol. And Mich is born one day after me. So we can all celebrate our birthdays ^.^ I've been asking her what she wants so i can go hunt for it but this brandwhore keep saying she wants a Prada bag which cost $3k. Not that i don't love her but i don't agree to buying a bag for $3k. Okay maybe $1500 i buy for her. Lolol. That's the max i'd pay for a bag before it crosses my life principle. She's joking of course. But i'm super looking forward!!! Not to getting her the bag but to celebrate our birthday! I even booked cupcakes from Baked By Lace already! The yummiest cupcakes i've ever tried! Only the best for the best people! ^.^V

Oh if that's not good enough.. In June..


So happy and unbelievable i don't even.

Just super thankful for everything =))

Now i'm starting to collect clothes i can wear to Japan. Cannot throw face!!! Haha ^.^

Here are some outfits from Jipaban!

Simple gold mini dress. Perfect for work and night out. Yes i also know i is flat again. Lol.
Werk it.. Werk it..
Apple maxi dress ^.^ This one wear to Japan good hor?! =DDD
Flowy much.
*pout* Ke ai ma o.O
Victorian collar white top.
Perfect for work, right?!
Or maybe for Sunday brunch =D Get all of them at Jipaban!

Was at the press conference for Nat Ho's song release. Song title i bet most of you already know!

"UNLEASHED". It's a pretty catchy song!!! Sometimes i sing and boogie to it in the shower =X That's Nat doing one of the many many interview with the press and media that day.
Wendy and i at the lounge before the thing start. Yes i stole this picture from Wendy's blog. Lolol.
One with Nat!!! CONGRATS, Nat!!!!! ^.^
Look at them!!! Just like superstars!!!! =DD
Wendy's turn to share how she feel being in the MTV.

I was quite touched when Nat shared the process of getting here today, to fulfil his dream of being a singer and to answer to his passion for music. Dehell i couldn't believe he had to do so many stuff behind the scene!!! Even to chauffeuring the crew around to get things done. If i am as famous as him i am not sure if i can live it up!!! I cfm diva one, "Bring me my bird's nest yo! Chilled! NOW" Lolol.

And for all that he's gone through (one of it is to deplete his savings down to 2 digit) and come out of, still a nice, pleasant and positive person as he is today, he totally deserve everything great now!!!

And say really, his MTV is the most professionally done MTV ever produced in Singapore. Nat, this one is definitely yours!!! And your director's!!! =D

The album is gonna be out tomorrow so look out for it!!!

You can also buy the music online in iTunes or here.

Now watch the MTV and enjoy the music! And look out for Wendy hahaha. I always laugh (now i don't laugh already, i smile/ giggle only) when i see her. It's just surreal to see your friend in a MTV!
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cindy said...

hi qiu qiu. is it supposed to be MV( Music video) ? or MTV (as in the channel)? :D

Rozaland said...


Anonymous said...


This is the second time I'm commenting at your blog! The first time was your singing post! I started reading your blog last last year in dec after my A levels! I'm glad I chance upon your blog!! I think you're really beautiful! Pretty is an understatement! Beautiful I dont mean just your looks but your character and just the way you are!
You really teach people to be grateful and you constantly remind us! I'm thankful for your posts! Because you probably never know how much you bring to us readers, more than just entertainment!

Keep blogging okay!! I mean just keep doing what you love! (I think you're already doing it LOL)

I just wannna say thank you <3

Anonymous said...

there will more and more and more good things coming your way!!!!!!!!!
esp japan!!!!!! excited!!!!!

Unknown said...

You'll rock in Japan! Very nice dresses!
My BD will also be in June! on the 7th. I like June!

Patti said...

i really like your new makeup! it's perfect, and these photos are great. you're a really good model! :D

Kimberley said...

what will you be doing in japan? can i stalk you?

Fionism said...

Love the white top...u r pretty :)

かほう said...

Hey QiuQiu!

The green flowy dress is so pretty! Love it <3

You're so lucky to go to Japan! I want to go someday. Hope you have a great time there.

Lot's of fun plans coming up for you! ^_^

Jing Qi said...

haha Wendy is super funny inside the MV! especially the part where she lifts up the towel and gasps or something lollol.

Risse said...

I think you meant MV instead of MTV? LOL But either way what a nice experience! And your makeup looks great, your eyebrows look perfect haha hopefully no one hates on them now -_-

Man, jealous that you're going to Japan. Have fun!!! You're going to tower over everyone

BeKa said...

I love all of these outfits! I'm so jealous. Sigh.

Anonymous said...

Hi Qiu Qiu! I like your blog! It's very different from the rest coz you are very positive and that's great. Keep updating and hope you're having fun in Japan!

(PS> Don't really like the MTV though - think it sounds too commercialized! Juz my opinion! :) )

Anonymous said...

I hope I can be as optimistic as you.

Anonymous said...

Your eyebrows look the best this time!!! :)

CL said...

Yay perfect eyebrow so far! Hahaha my comment so bo liao sorry ah :|

Anonymous said...

i love your eyebrows!:D it's perfect! do a tutorial on it pls! :)

fern said...

your hair looks so much more healthy lately! be more diligent putting on hair products! Whee!!! :D

QiuQiu said...

Thank you guy ^.^ My eyebrows better hor?

Yes i'd have lotsa fun in Japan!!! And no you all cannot stalk me cox i also don't know where exactly i'm going! Hahaa.

Thanks for wishing best for me!!! <333

Kiwi said...

You look great in those photos!
Have fun in Japan

Anonymous said...

qq you very cute ! hahas MV leh not MTV but also can la hor, the point is there!! hee

Ruby on Rails Consultants said...

you looks beautiful in these dresses :) all pics are really awsum