01 April 2012

QWeekly - Everyday

Trying my luck here by updating what i did everyday this week!
Cleaning the house with Darling ^.^ I'm very happy when he does housework with me! Cox when he does, he does most of it. Lolol. When he does not, he simply does not. Lol.

Wendy and Mike came over to our place and we went for dinner! Disgustingly, i'd like to say this is my bf's first 'couple date' with my friend O.O LOL. Although it was just a dinner lolol. I'd like to give him some credit becox he is recently quite keen on opening up himself to my friends. He even wanna go on a JB trip with me, Mich and Zhen ^.^ And also, i take it that Wendy 100% confirm chop that i'm not a psycho becox she dare 单枪匹马 come to my house lolol.

BEST DAY ^.^ Although it was kinda rush. I had to head down town for some advert and then it's super enjoyable cox Mich was helping me with it. And then the rest you saw on the post below already lah. I had to rush home to snap pictures with clothes and all. But now my beauty room so chio (thanks to bf =D) so i don't mind snapping more stuff in it! =D

Video editing and blogging day. That's all, pretty 'lax.

Went to Wah Lok @ Carlton Hotel for my dad's birthday lunch! Their service is like SUPER GOOD! I'm impressed! First they took the initiative to help us change to a larger table with a big space for us to put Baby Yurou's pram and then later they passed a toy (for free. Oh yeah~~~ Lol) to Baby Yurou and everyone is super attentive and friendly.

Service is fast and no mistakes from it, given that we ordered quite a fair bit and with all the add-ons etc, i'm happy they never mess up our order! =D Then never mind, the best part. My mum accidentally dropped her siew mai into her glass of water =.=" When the service staff realise, she immediately went to take a new glass of water for her.

THEN NEVERMIND, THE BESTEST PART. Later, my mum accidentally spill the whole glass of water on herself, the chair and the floor. Lolol. Simi sai luck she have that day, i don't know man.

The service staff (two of them), WITHIN a minute, in fact maybe just half a minute, BAM BAM BAM. One pass towel to my mum to dry up a bit, while the other go bring another chair, then one push the old chair away, one push in the new chair while the other one lay a fresh dry napkin on my mum's table space. BAM, less than 30 seconds, job done, we continue eating O.O Dafug just happened. Lolol.

I'm definitely going back again!!! Their dim sum is major yums with all the best ingredients used ^.^ The only down side is that the suckling pig i ordered didn't have much flavour. But for all the other good qualities they have, i wanna go back soon again ^.^

Went for Gentle Paws' 2nd Birthday! ^.^ It's been too long since i last saw MooMoo. I hope he can find a good family soon, people who can be patient with him. Same thing i wish for all the doggies at Gentle Paws shelter =) You can visit their blog and find out more about the stories of the doggies there. They got a bunch of puppies now, CUTE MAX ONE!!! One of them is super affectionate!
Almost everyone i think! =D
Birthday song time!
Now what?
Uncle Wee demand: CUT THE CUT, YOU, CUT THE CAKE! Lolol.
That's me. I stole all the pictures from Florence's facebook one haha.

Quite a number doggies at Gentle Paws have gone for home stay and got successfully adopted so i think it's been a great year (but it can always be better!!! =D) for them! If your family/ you are looking to get a doggy, do email Gentle Paws at farmwaylove@gmail.com to inform them you'd like to make a trip down. I wish for Gentle Paws to have their birthday wish come true! =))

Went for Tre (one of Budget Barbie's producers) farewell party with my bf. AHEM. See, people is trying lah =DDD Happy! Anyway I hope Tre will do super well wherever she's headed for! And Wendy did the most hilarious performance live that night. Some musical stuff. Laugh die me lolol.

As you are reading this, i'd be on a yacht i booked for my dad's birthday ^.^ With most of my family members along with Wendy, Mike, Sophie, Alaric, Huiwen, Jayne, Gem, Mich, Monkey, Zhen and Zack =) It's gonna be an awesome day, i already know.

Got all these from HERE to play with my niece and nephew! =D Best selling is their bento set and sushi set! But i personally love the look of the pinkish ones!!! The cakes, chewy candies and cookies! The un-pink looking ones will be great for boys!!! =D Kids will LOVE lor =D Even adults also love!
I only tried a few with them and the Sushi set is one of them! =D Just follow the instructions! Super easy one, see the drawing can understand liao.
CUTE NOT!!! ALL EDIBLE ONE!!!! =DDD End up my 3rd sister and 4th sister all wanna play also.
This is the cream series! Ice cream cone, cream tart, cream crispy wafer!
Look how cute the sprinkles are!!!!! ^.^ You can buy them from this site and email them for orders/ enquiries. All the Popin Cookin sets are edible! How cute is that!!! Have fun!!!


Anonymous said...

You should go check out rrcherrypie on youtube!!! He does all this stuff with the popin cookin and other stuff and hes damn good at it too

José Victor Karam said...

So cute!!! I want one! Where can I buy?

Anonymous said...

QQ got it from here: http://www.facebook.com/PopCookKracie