18 April 2012

How we can be friends ^.^

I've been told by a few people on formspring that they'd love to be my friends (really one, some i never approve only haha) and they'd ask how they can be friends with me. So i randomly thought of a few things that matters to me, not listing the obvious ones like "you cannot be a serial killer" or "Must not be a slut who ONLY date married man" etc. You know, you gotta be a okay person for a start!!!

And if ever the chance come, we cross path and if we don't have to try too hard to talk more..

Here's my checklist.

You gotta be positive!!!

Be happy. Or at least, WANT to be happy. I have to be friends with people who are positive! And together we can only make things good! And we can always make things happen =)

Your favourite colour has to be NOT orange.

The other day i was at some organiser/ notebook shop with Huiwen and there were lotsa pastel colour ones.. The usual ones that look nicest were the blue, pink, purple, green.. Even yellow ^.^ Cox they are all in pastel shades.

So i ask Huiwen CASUALLY, "So what is your favourite colour leh!"

And to my horror.. She said "Orange" ^.^

No really, she gave a smiley face after she say orange like it is nothing wrong.


I mean.. Favourite colour cannot joke one you know!!! It says a lot about you!!! Lolol. How can she tell me her favourite colour is orange?! To me all i hear is "My favorite colour is WE CANNOT BE FRIENDS ANYMORE" Haha.

Don't ask why i dislike orange as a colour.. Unless you're a monk you don't wear orange in a big piece. So you can be okay with orange and you can don't mind having orange as a component of your getup but you cannot say orange is your favourite colour lah! Lol. It's something i cannot.. I just cannot..

You must have your eyesight checked.

Bad eyesight will lead to bad judgement when you make friends. So if you're friends with gross people who spread negative vibes all around, then you guys have a great time ba! =D I'd never wanna share anything with someone who hangs out with a time-bomb. I know you, you know her, she'd know me.

Yes, friendly twitter replies with gross people also put into consideration. LOL.

Let me carry it.

I cannot stand my gfs carrying bulky stuff or hold big plastic bags so i'd always offer to carry. Actually i'd offer to carry stuff for my dad and my bf too so please! If you're a girl, let me carry that shit. I feel like i'm stronger (and usually taller LOL) so it's very gao wei to see you carry until yaosi yaohuo when i can carry it without effort. I'd offer a few times so if you keep turning me down i'd feel like you're being very uncooperative!!! o.O JUST PASS THAT SHIT TO ME THANKS *grab*

Appreciate me.

This is quite hard cox i cannot say until i very nice if not very bhb. LOL. I guess i'd just say i am a positive person so we can rub that off each other and be even more positive. Lolol. And and, i enjoy getting stuff for my friends and family and bf and doggies =DDD

Appreciate my jokes and appreciate jokes.

This is ultimate hardest. I don't even know how to explain. Haha. I laugh the hardest when i am hanging with my good friends. Becox they always crack jokes. And the joke is usually on me.. No like really, i am the joke o.O Not sure if it's a good thing. Still, can't beat Peixi, she's a natural. LOL.

Becox i hope my friends appreciate the jokes (usually unfunny) i crack, i am totally okay with all their jokes even if it's on me! BUT if someone i don't know say the same things "Flat chested, ugly hair, attention-seeking whore" to me, i will flare up like it's war time. Lol. So if you wanna criticize me, we better be friends first. LOL. Like this you say what i also 100% won't get angry. I'd even be very thankful i have friends like you =D "Go eat shit, you piece of shit!" Still friends. Lolol.

If you love KTV, we're on.

If you fit the above criteria we're good to be friends but if you love KTV we are 100% good to go!!! No wait wait, Chinese songs mainly okay?! =D Let's go!!!

So that's that. A short list i made and it makes me appreciate the friends i have now, even more!!! =))

Becox we somehow meet each other, like each other, and somehow choose to stay in touch more often than being just hi-bye friends and somehow manage to become friends and stay so ^.^

I am so lucky!!!

Random also, but i tried to do the nails Shuyin did and shared here. Decided to try it cox it looks like the effect hologram nail polish gives!!! And hologram nail polish is overpriced i feel.

But i fail terribly LOL. It's not really like sponge nail art but she got use sponge!!! But my result is like what i did before here =( Not say super awful but cannot get the hologram effect!!! So in the end i don't care liao lah, i draw some leopard prints over it with jelly pens and call it a day. Lolol.

There.. The mixture of colour i use totally doesn't look hologrammy. Lol.
Mei Guan Xi! Next time i try again =D

Anyway if you/ your company is looking for printing services solution, be it for namecard, company stamp (pre-inked or rubber stamp), brochure, customised company envelope or customised letterhead etc!!! Anything that you/ your company might need printed on, please contact emmy@rjgroup.com.sg

She will give you a good quote promptly! ^.^ Thinking of making a namecard for myself becox the only name card i ever had was when i was a property agent and the picture on the namecard was not chio. Lolol. This time round i want the whole name card to be my face!!! Lolol.

Email emmy@rjgroup.com.sg if you/ your company's looking for printing solution!


Anonymous said...

hahaha??! my favourite colour is ORANGE! I like it because this colour is super vibrant and lively. :)

smileypill said...

Interesting blog post for today!!! Thumbs up qiuqiu! :) I didn't know there's meaning of people who like oranges. So now I know the meaning....

Anonymous said...

U are very funny!! Lollll:-)

Jing Qi said...

haha I *think* I can be your friend. I'm very optimistic! yay.

Unknown said...

Ha, that's a funny post!
You know I'm reading your formspring and have read about your plan to buy a landhouse. I think it's a great idea! We've moved to my in-lows' house and that's nice. The best part you can sit or lay in the backyard with your laptop or read in there, have your meals with your family or BBQ and so. That's great! And of course you can nave smth like a special territory for dogs and also have plants and trees. SO I hope you'll have it, it do have lots of advantages :)

♥Forever the ugly duckling ♥ said...

I think your nails turned out lovely :) xo

FiSh said...

lol so you wouldnt even have a look at people who wear orange? well, i guess there aren't much orangy fans out there :)

Patti said...

haha qiuqiu, you're an interesting one! ^^)

vey said...

OH MY GOD I KNOW RIGHT HOW CAN ORANGE BE A FAVORITE COLOR?! brown also cannot cos brown is like mud, bark and dirt... so depressing! even yellow is somewhat acceptable only and only becos it means optimism.

i am very passionate about colors so better stop here... :D

Unknown said...

Well, guess I'm out of the friendship running. I obsessively love orange. lol
noooooo~~ haha

OTHERWISE entertaining post. ;D

Anonymous said...

please carry my stuff!!! please!! hahaha

kiwi said...

orange is my favourite colour!!! </3 and.. you look like cheesie in the last two shots!

Christabel said...

AHAHAHA!! I fit all of the description you've listed above^^
I enjoy gg fr KTV, my fave color is almost everything except orange, black and brown. I don't mind friends cracking jokes on me (dey do it all the time) but dun go overboard:), i'm a rather positive person and still becoming more positive, and blah blah blah!
Let's be friends then, quiqui!:D

Rolling Funbling Thug said...

This is super interesting! And yes, no time bomb! I always do wei4 things with my best friends during secondary. We actually walked in the Back Street Boys formation and sing loudly in the school compound! So, willingly to do wei4 things together is a must :D

Unknown said...

okay lah! can be friends liao.. :P

Unknown said...

QiuQiu! You are so right. I totally agree that you have to be positive in life. I also like to be happy and energetic. Your style is so cute!

Anonymous said...

super likeeeeeee everything!!!!!
loving the nails, the make up, the POST!!!!!!!!!!!
more happy friendsssss happy dayssss happy life!!!!!!!!!

Madeline said...

I love you confess your love for KTV (esp chinese songs) cause it's honestly pretty tough to find people who love to sing chinese songs.

Interesting to see what you look for in a friend. Would love to be as honest as you to myself/my friends because I haven't exactly had the best friendships ever since primary school.

Unknown said...

Sobs!! Can I totally be your friend???? I want someone go ktv with me in sg and it's soooooo hard!! (I just moved here btw)

Unknown said...

Sobs!! Can I totally be your friend???? I want someone go ktv with me in sg and it's soooooo hard!! (I just moved here btw)

QiuQiu said...

Gunila, yes i want a space like that!!! And invite all my loved ones over haha.

Okay i dont hate orange THAT Much! HAhaa. Just trying to be funny. But really, orange is.... Sigh.

Janice Fan said...

I love KTV!! Unfortunately, I have no friends to go with, so I sing mostly in the bathroom =.= Can I be your friend too!? As in real life, I'll be going to SG for a few day trip to Universal Studio, wonder if I could bump into you and Xiaxue, where's your favourite place you would hangout? And I went to singapore last yr and went to bugis and so on, and bought the papaya soap! I basically went to all the places u mentioned in budget barbie =P

Janice Fan said...

Can I be your friend too!? I went to all the places u mentioned in Budget Barbie and bought so many stuffs from Sg last year! I love KTV too, but I have no friends to go with, may u tell us where u hangout the most!? I will be going to Sg again this year, hopefully will get a chance to bump into you and take some pictures =P

<3 Janice, from Malaysia.

Janice Fan said...

OOPS, SORRY. i thought my first comment was unsuccessful. really sorry, im not spamming okay =/