13 April 2012

Some pretty pictures

To fill in the blanks =D It's Friday!!! If you're at home, hi five, no life! Trollol.

Super lotsa stuff to update about but i'd leave that to Sunday! Everyday i'm on high, happy-high.

One good news after another, i don't even know how to calm down.

Share more again!!!

Like the title says, pretty pictures.

All outfits from Jipaban, available in various colours.
So i took you all de advice and draw my eyebrows darker. Lolol. How now?! I also didn't use the white liner to line my waterline anymore. Zen yang?! =DDD
"I'm a supermodel" pose. Lolol. Aka "Look at my armpit" pose. I actually really love this top and this skirt especially!!! Love how they are soft and stretchable and comfy ^.^
Deng (瞪). Lolol. Okay all too unfriendly liao.
Tadah~ =DDD Smile~
Blue cape dress from Jipaban as well =)

One shoulder-neck pain pose. Lolol.
If you love elegant dresses with flowy details, get this cape dress! They have it in different colours ^.^

Alright i leave you here! Promise promise i'd come back with something good for you guys ^.^ But anyway, not like pretty pictures are not good enough. Haha. At least i update every other day!!! =D


Ash said...

Looks much better, QQ! Love the blue cape dress. <3

Anonymous said...

QiuQiu I love your headband! Where did u get it from? :D

HitomiNeko said...

Nice pictures! I love the blue cap especially ^^

xoxo HitomiNeko xoox

Anonymous said...

these are beautifull pictures.

in some you look like the twins from by2

Meitzeu said...

Look much better now, rather than before. :)

Unknown said...

I love your style!!! The cape dress photos are my favourite.

The make-up is definitely better. c:

Anonymous said...

Oh....Dress is beautifull:)

QiuQiu said...

Ash, thank you! ^.^

Anon, headband grom Migo at JB. Very cheap only! Like maybe SGD $2.50 or lesser.

Anon, will meh!!!! They went for plastic surgeries like quite extensive ones and turn out looking better than they do before so okay i don't mind looking like them lol.

Meitzue, thank you~ =D

MissFeelo YAY~~

MissNekotka thank you ^.^

Rose said...

You look really nice with darker eyebrows :D Your photos are all so pretty too~

Patti said...

these photos looks really amazing and professional! :D

audrey said...

omg, how did you do the eye make up? i love it! <3

Maya said...


Jessica Ho said...

You look gorgeous in the blue cape dress!

かほう said...

Very pretty QiuQiu! Agree the makeup is better. I love the color block top! <3

Patsy said...

The first pose for the blue cape dress made you look like a hallyu star! Fab!:) How about a little darker brows? Somewhere near black brown? I think it will accentuate your face shape gorgeously!


Anonymous said...

QiuQiu! I think its the shape of your brows. You need to reshape it cause it looks a lil too squarish and not natural! It's like drawing a rectangle shape with color pencil! Try out Browhaus 's semi-eye brow embroidery or get sponsor? Hahaa! I think they will make your brows look great!

Anonymous said...

QiuQiu! I think its the shape of your brows. You need to reshape it cause it looks a lil too squarish and not natural! It's like drawing a rectangle shape with color pencil! Try out Browhaus 's semi-eye brow embroidery or get sponsor? Hahaa! I think they will make your brows look great!

Suetyi said...

qiuqiu!! you look like a japanese model!!! yep! drawing your eyebrows draker is really niceee :D

Belle Araby said...

You'll look even better if your hair was darker, other than that you are just fabulous! :D

jane said...

yay! the lack of eyebrows and the white eyeliner made you look ghastly! what's left is to make your eyebrows more natural looking. they look like stickers :p

PLUSSS hahaha i think your hair is quite dry and the light colour of your hair just makes it look...even more dry...like straw. you'd look much better with darker hair or just go for some super awesome hair treatment hahaha

hope you find this constructive hahaha! you look fab nonetheless despite my 2 paragraphs of critique :p

debby said...


QiuQiu said...

행복해요? Thank you!!!

Hongy thanks~~ It's the ringlight!!! ^.^

Audrey, just draw upwards wings! I anyhow also can!

Maya and Jess, thank you~~~ ^.^

かほう Thank you!!!!

Patsy I'd try the next time!!! =D

Anon, i already tried to arch it already. But still look like that in picture.

Suetyi thank you!!! =DD

Unknown, black hair very hard to photoshop =X

Debby thank you~~

You guys make me feel loved!!!! =DDD Thank you!!!!

Anonymous said...

You should start shaping your eyebrows and learning how to draw it the right way. You're really pretty and you'll look even prettier with better drawed brows.

You can try going to the brow shaping area at the brand Benefit inside sephora ion, very cheap and very good. I do my brows there and they even teach me how to shape my brows correctly.

Keep writing!

Anonymous said...

actually i think u still have double eyebrows. Just that u nv take close up pictures. If u were to zoom in, u can still see the two shades. I suggest u to dye ur eyebrows if u would want to have those japanese looking eyebrows. :)

Yu said...

Qiu Qiu, I really <3 to read your blog. Every time you sounds so happy and excited about your life...and constantly feel grateful and thankful for what you have..and those cheerful posts make my day too! <3

Anonymous said...

hi qiu qiu could you tell us the name of xx's slimming pills puhleaseee.

Anonymous said...

I agree with everyone's comments on your brows, the colour is good but the shape is very weird. too straight and thick, like manga (boys manga, not girls).

Unknown said...

wow! I like this new image and make up! You do look very special! And the blue dress is beautiful! Enjoyed the pics!!!

Dina said...

You are so pretty!
You really look like the Filipino model Charlene Almarvez :)

Anonymous said...

You look great..the colour of your brows are much nicer, however, I would suggest that you draw an arch shape such that it looks more natural, sexy and less artificial? its a little squarish now. Hmm, but I also find that the "brown" from the brows are v.contrasting with the black make-up fr your eyes. might want to make them look more similiar for a more natural effect.

Isabel said...

Can't please everyone with the brows hahahaha I think the problem is cos can see 'double eyebrow'

/////// le wild fake eyebrow above
/////// ori eyebrow

Sumore can see a clear line between your original eyebrow & the one you drew. The brow pencil colour doesn't match your eyebrow mascara or whatever so it doesn't blend in. Dun really know how to explain. Ask Cheesie bah xD