29 April 2012

QWeekly - There's always more to see

And do! You know i'm heading Japan in June right. And also i'm planning to head Bangkok in May and/ or June. Just to shop. And eat. And do cheap massage, haha.

Super curious how Bangkok is like now. The last time i was there was 6 years ago =/ And then since i'm on this craze, as what others call it, wanderlust, I also wanna visit Taiwan, China and Korea.

Like soon. Lol. But i doubt i can fit them all in this year. Maybe Taiwan, China and Korea for me can be in 2013 ^.^ MY dad can head China/ Taiwan this year thou. With a tour and my mum.

I am someone really bad for travelling. I travel, i head home, i feel.. Nothing. Hahaha. I'd be in this transition period for a really long time, like maybe even up to a week. I'd just feel nothing, do nothing much (unless i really have work to clear) and live with that bag of worn clothes and luggage for a while. The only things i'd pack out are gifts for people. The rest stays in there for as long as it takes.

After i get out of the transition then i'd really feel like "OMG THE TRIP WAS SO FUN!!!!!!!!" Hahaha. That's when i get down to blogging about it actually. So maybe i should just get down to blogging about things faster. Yeah, even faster than i do now.

I think right, you can say my soul was left in that country for extended holiday and then i only manage to call it back when i really need it. Lol. But despite the transition part, i LOVE travelling!!!

For various reasons. One, you can either dress up really casually and throw on a cap/ thick frame glasses and call it a day and still feel hot. Lolol. Really, like how superstars do.

Two, you can overdress and it's totally justifiable. Cox? You're a tourist!

Three, every country de snack also looks yummier ^.^

Four, for me, everything also seems more affordable overseas. Not that it's really cheaper sometimes. It's just i'm more willing to spend when i'm overseas. Somehow there's these slogans in me when overseas "Make the airfare worthwhile" along with "You can't find this in Singapore" hahaha.

So i am really really excited to spend ALL the money in Japan and Bangkok! =DDD

Haven't been doing much other stuff other than blogging at home, head out for shopping for Budget Barbie (this coming ep that i'm gonna film tomorrow, is gonna be the BEST ever!!!" and eat and eat.

No really, i eat so much. So much. But i'm 46.5kg and i think i know why. Cox i whole day keep obsessing about my bf's diet and cox he wanna lose weight, it affects my thoughts too. I also think about losing weight (for him not for myself). And then poof, from 50kg (which i blogged about here in February) to 47. I think everything i eat just evaporate somewhere. Like there's a incinerator in my body. OMG. Could i have fart it out cox i've been farting so much. Sooooo much i don't think it's funny anymore. Hmm. Maybe it's the fruits i take everyday. Bf and i have been taking fruits everyday for a week plus now. Okay i am so rambling already.


Raine Lee said...

I love how you update your blog so often. Even if you don't I will stalk your archives. You're an interesting & beautiful girl with sparkling personality. Love you Qiuqiu! ♥

Fionism said...

when u visit bangkok, go to Platinum Mall. cheap and pretty clothes and accessories. if u don't mind bearing the heat, you can go to China town, their accessories are darn cheap, but some of the shops may require you to buy a certain amount or else they won't wanna sell. Hope you have a great time travelling around <3

b said...

i thought you went bangkok this yr? :O

Anonymous said...

Please blog about your itinerary/plans for Bangkok! Heading there with my bf for the first time and I have no idea where to go for good bargains!

Looking forward to more awesome recommendations from you as usual :)