07 August 2012


So leh, the title is crap cox i'm not VERY hardworking but i try to keep my blog updated like every other day or every 3 days. Lol. So leh i thought i could post the NDP post today but maybe not!

So here's a post i fart out last minute! At least you're kept updated! Lol.

My wedding planner Clarice from Eternally Yours went with me to settle the menu for our wedding dinner. I'm paying for the food but that's okay cox everything else is already sponsored ^.^

Clarice and i with the manager. Super comfy bunny girl tee (which is kinda blocked lol) from Jipaban. I love it cox the material is super silky soft ^.^

One more.

And that's about all lol. But that would be too effortless and you'd be like "I don't ever wanna visit her blog again!" So i'm like LOOK! BABY PICTURES! Lol.

Not sure if you guys even like to see pictures of Baby Yurou but my sisters love to see and i love to see so. Lolol. The last time i put up her pictures most of the comments were nice and all but some were like "Can you stop posting baby pictures" Okay =( I'm gonna do it anyway now! Lol.
Oh hi! =D

I'm posing~

做 "美美". Lolol.

Yo wadew think of ma ride?

Like this smile a bit ugly. Lolol.

I know, i like my Hello Kitty shoes too. Bye!

So tell me, am i hardworking.

Or not. Lololol.


Irene Chan said...
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Irene Chan said...

Why cannot post the NDP one?? =A= It's super touching leh..

Anonymous said...

Yurou is really lucky to have you as her aunt leh. You buy her all the nice baby clothes. In the future when she looks at her pictures she'll be so proud to say she's fashionable, even as a baby :p

Anonymous said...

Don't like seeing her photos so boring....

Anonymous said...

qiu qiu! i have been a loyal fan of you and your blog and baby yurou is gorgeous :) but i dont know if its appropriate to post up her pictures because after all, she doesnt have a conscious choice as to whether she wants her baby pictures up on the net. she's rly adorable and cute, but perhaps spare a thought for her privacy in future? maybe not so many pictures? no hard feelings okay?
i still am your fan!!
<3 deb

QiuQiu said...

Irene, haven't vet yet i forgot! Lolol.

Anon, ^.^ Yeah i do hope so. Nobody took so many pictures of me last time!!!

Anon, boo.

Anon, eh i think it's fine lah.

Anonymous said...

This would be my last visit to ur blog, content nothing interesting.

QiuQiu said...

Anon, thank you for the hits cox i'm VERY super sure you'd come back =)

screwedqueen said...


please dont care bt the nonsensical comments. this is your blog, u can blog what you like. crap to whoever who said baby yurou needs her privacy. or its boring. my goodness its just decent pictures of an adorable girl posing and smiing, what's wrong w that. not as if she's unclothed. people can be that jealous to this extent.

waiting for your next post, i love your blog qiuqqiu ^^

Anonymous said...

No matter what,我还是爱你和你的博客。:)

MummyT2X said...

Qiuq Qiu isn't it hot for Yurou to put on that beanie? My daughter always throw it off the ground when I try to put on a hat on her head sobz~ Anyway Yurou is soooo cute and she seems to grow so fast :)

QiuQiu said...

Mummy2TX, she will wear it for a "limited time only" lololol!