01 August 2012

❤ June Babies celebration ❤

June babies celebrated in our birthday in July and i waited till August to blog about it. Yes i know, i am a badass blogger =) LOL. No lah! I want this post to stay on the top AS LONG AS POSSIBLE!

Cox.. One, i look pretty nice with the sunflower headband.

Two, i love this post cox got my gfs ^.^

On the cab. Pulled down my seat belt for like 30 seconds to snap a few pictures. I know, don't tell me. BADASS. Lolol. I am all about being a badass now. I wanna be late, i wanna be rebellious and i wanna be COOL *determined face*

It was supposed to be a fast-food trail today but we started with Long John and got utterly disappointed with the fries they were trying out =( Long John, i is love you one. Why you like this.

Mich and me while waiting for our soon-to-be high-flyer friend to serve us ^.^ Mich say it's training for her! Lolol. Mich make her stand up 5 times to get stuff. Pui cao nua kind of passenger, Mich is.

And then we went shopping ^.^ I bought a top from ZARA leh. Lolol. $10 or $11 only. Some turtle neck top. Lol. I believe i can werk it!!! We actually wanna buy a cardigan so we won't feel too cold when we go for KTV later!

And we end up buying it from Cotton On ^.^ Now it's our uniform cardigan. All same design one!

After dinner we went to this place that Mich highly raved about cox her bf brought her there for her birthday and we're all like FUCK FAST FOOD. Let's eat a good meal with class! Lolol.

Gem and Mich ^.^

Zhen and i ^.^

The menu at The CLAN Restaurant

Nicest ever icey apple thing.

It was so nice that i actually didn't bear to gulp it down! I sip it really slow ^.^

Oh yeah, free bread selection is love.

Salmon something cone, scallop with truffle foam, foie gras with some fruity berry sauce! I LOVE ALL except the foie gras one! The texture don't go very well!

Chawanmushi with FOIE GRAS. LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!

Cold Alaskan King crab =DDD This one hai hao. The king crab meat is not juicy enough cox it's over cooked i think. Like it become this spongey mass. Taste is great thou!

Yumsie mushroom soup, lobster bisque that Gem ordered that comes with this fritter that i very jealous i don't have lol. And Zhen de tuna tataki.

So i was like "Why your soup have the fritter thing. My mushroom soup don't have one" and the server walk pass and overheard and he brought three more to me O.O

OKAY I WILL DEFINITELY GO BACK!!! Lolol. Attentive and automatic staff are love!!!

Me and my FOC prawn fritter ^.^

Zhen Zhen acting atas.

While waiting for more food.

Act chio.

Both mine ^.^ Duck confit and some kind of salmon in broth dish i think. LOVE the salmon dish!!!!!! The duck confit can be better if the meat is not so dry.

Yummiest choco molten cake =OOO I WANT SOME NOWWWWW!!!!!

And then later leh, Zhen Zhen went home and then Mich, Gem and i went o buy bitter durian =DDD And then we went to Mich's place for durian and peeled longans and then we do nails and then..

I win the DIY nail art competition ^.^ Boo y'all.

Every time i get to hang out with them i get very happy!!! =DDD I am happy so long as i get to hang out with nice people =)) And i hope we can celebrate June babies' birthday and also Zhen Zhen de September 11th birthday for many many more decades =)))
Xi Wang Wo Men Chang Ming Bai Sui.


Us then..

❤ ❤ ❤ Us now ❤ ❤ ❤

You guys are a few of the nicest people in my life. Thank you =)) I will always wish for the best things for you all and myself ^.^ So fa da liao, bie wang le wo. Lolol.

 To as long as our friendship may last =) To the housewarming of my landed house. To Gem's first safe flight. To Zhen's Sentosa Cove. To Mich's celebration dinner for getting into MDRT.

Wo men ke yi de =D


Anonymous said...

what a super duper happy happy happy posts!!!!!!!!!!!!
everyone is super duper pretty and happyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!
love love love!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I want to say, Mich is the one among you guys that had barely changed! She looked cute back then and now too :).

Anonymous said...

Mich is the cutest :D

Anonymous said...

which airline is gem gg to?

Michelle said...

Awe!! what a happy and awesome post!! ^.^ Love!! Thank you so much Qiu for being a blogger and a role model. You made my day better once again! =D Oh wait! brand new dat! it is twelve am. oh haha

CT said...

Hello Qiu Qiu!I have always love the way how u do your eyebrows..can u do tutorial on it or any websites i can refer to coz i want to do for upcoming events too!.LOL.hope to hear from u soon!:)

Julian Levi said...

Tips- to make your dear ones happy...

how to be happy