22 August 2012

Dozo Yoroshiku

So i just had my first Japanese language class lesson today.

Things i can still remember.

Anata - You
Anata Gata - You (plural form). I can explain this as "You all" lolol.

If i am in Japan and i dress up nicely and if got people ask me

Anata wa Nihonjin desu ka?
"Are you a Japanese?"

I am gonna reply

iie. Shingaporujin desu.
"No. Singaporean"

Hahaha. The first two words that the teacher taught was "Famous" and "Study". Lolol. How does she know i'm in her class? Lololol. Kidding lah. Nobody knows me there =/

It's really like back to school. Small chair that has a table attached to it. No space to move around much. Heng i smart, i sit in front of a pillar and that became my high back rest. Lolol.

So i bought two mechanical pencil cox i just have a feeling one of it will fail me in the middle of the class, and it did =DDD So i'm like, "Oh my! So zhun! Thank god i have another one prepared!"

I don't know why i didn't just buy the good one thou.

And then also, i bought one eraser. The kind that the dust will stick together one *smug face* it was a cool thing to have back in school okay. Haha. My time, i mean. Back in my time.

And one pink highlighter ^.^

And.. One box of pencil lead refill.

So next i need to get a new pencil case, and a nice cute clear file holder.

Things like that are almost the only exciting thing about going to class. New chio stationery.

I have no friend in class yet but i will make friends next week ^.^

Thank you for checking in here =) More updates and pictures soon okay.

Good night for now.


Winter said...

Hey QiuQiu,

It's so cool that you're learning Japanese. I've been learning for three years now. 日本語が大好きです!

As soon as you know kana, erase romaji out of your mind, or you'll end up using it as a clutch.

がんばってね! ^_^

Anonymous said...

hahaha you are sooo cute!!!!!!!
happy studying and happy buying happy stationeries!!!!!!!!!
pink highlighter!!!!!!!
Wish you be the best student and also make lots and lots of happy lovely friends!!!!!!!!

カサンドラ said...

Qiuqiu, if you have signed up earlier, i could have seen you cause my lesson was every Tuesday 8 to 10! But it has ended recently =_= Hehe if you were in my class I'll keep starting at you :x good luck in learning Japanese!

Aiko said...

So you are learning Japanese? Me too.
わたしはあいこです。 (^_^) Hihi.
In September begins my second semester.

You make sure friends!

QiuQiu said...

Winter, OKAY I WILL TRY!!! Really has to do a lot of self-study hor?!

Anon, thank you thank you ^.^ You sound more excited than me!

Sweet Surrender, thank you!!! You not going to next advance level meh?

Aiko, good luck to us both!!! ^.^

カサンドラ said...

Hehe, I'm continuing! But my Sensei say they aren't opening up new classes for advance until September, and it's either Friday or Sunday, so i can't see you!! LOL.

Anonymous said...

Hello Qiuting, I think you're in my class! I found you familiar cos my sister was a big fan of your budget Barbie videos and she showed me to your blog. Let's talk next week! (^ ^)

Anonymous said...

qiuqiu what foundation and concealer you currently using?